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In a relationship with Canucks_1988

Witty Senshi

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Black Ops 2
Bioshock Infinite
Borderlands 2
Edit: Assassins Creed III and Darksiders 2. Totally forgot about those two. xd
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The Last Story (English release)
Lollipop Chainsaw
Dragons Dogma
Luigi's Mansion 2
Pokemon Black/White 2
New Super Mario Bros. 2

That's about it. All the others don't appeal to me (until I find more).
Max Payne 3

Bioshock: Infinite

Far Cry 3

annnnnnd that's pretty much it.
Dishonored I really like the games Bethesda makes, so really looking forward to this

Yeah, they're not making the game. You should probably try and learn the difference between a publisher and a developer.
Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition
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~Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
~Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
~Persona 4 Arena
~Tekken Tag Tournament 2
~Resident Evil 6
~Assassin's Creed III
~Bioshock Infinite

I have TTT2 and P4:A on preorder, the rest shall be eventually preordered. :'D
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Blessed Nerd

Guild Wars 2 3nodding
absolutely NOTHING... there are games i will buy and im sure i will like but there is nothing im excited about/ really looking forward to

so much looks like crap and so much is gonna end up being crap

the only thing i was keeping an eye on was ghost recon future soldier but after playing the beta it just killed so much of my interest
what the heck was ubisoft doing the past 3 plus years
Sadly, I can't think of a whole lot of games that I'm looking forward too. The few that come to mind are:

Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Borderlands 2
Crysis 3
Gundam: Battle Operations
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There are a few games that have caught my attention and have my pre-order.

-Assassins Creed III
-Borderlands 2
-Darksiders 2
-Medal of Honor Warfighter
-Metro Last Light
-The Last Story
-Crysis 3

I know I'm forgetting something, but this is what I remember off the top of my head.
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Anarchy Reigns, Lollipop Chainsaw and Darksiders II, mostly.
Also Black Knight Sword, whenever that happens.

I'm keeping an eye out on DmC though, because it looks batshit.
Resident Evil 6
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Hygienic Bloodsucker

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~PiIkmin 3
~Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance
~Luigi's Mansion 2
~New Super Mario Bros. 3D
~Pokemon B/W 2
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Only Lollipop chainsaw which is in June

Bioshock Infinite also.

Oh yeah,Jet grind radio HD heart
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Wii U
Wii U's Launch Games
Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
Halo 4
Fire Emblem Awakening
Heroes of Ruin
The Last Story
Far Cry 3
Assassins Creed 3 (Wii U Version)
Killer Freaks From Outer Space
Ghost Recon Online (Wii U Version)
Aliens Colonial Marines (Wii U Version)
Metro Last Light (Wii U Version)
Batman Arkham City (Wii U Version)
Animal Crossing 3D
Paper Mario 3D
Luigi's Mansion 2
Virtue's Last Reward

Alot more actually but too lazy to list. >.>

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