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The Orange Thread

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A Half-Life, Portal, Team Fortress 2, and Valve Loving Community.

Welcome! This thread was created as a hangout for all TF2, Half-Life, Portal, and Valve games loving people to meet and discuss. Here you can meet people to play TF2 with, discuss Portal/Half-Life/Valve games, and get tips on how to play these games. So come on in!

4/28/11 - Has it really been over a year since the last news update!? A lot can happen in a year. I hope everyone has been enjoying the recently released Portal 2 and the recent Hatless Update for TF2. I regret to say the server we would main in the past has been closed so we are currently looking for a new one if anyone has any ideas.

- So out of my boredom and for your enjoyment, I made some fun little custom TF2 achievements! If you scroll down a bit you should find them. They're nothing really that challenging and there is no reward for getting them all. Just have fun and try to get them. If you would like to create your own and submit them to me please use this link.

2/3/10 - Looking to complete that already amazing Medic cosplay you have going? Well how about you take a look at this exquisite Medic Bonesaw for your avatar! It seems Gaia's design team has a few TF2 fans (Which we welcome here to post anytime)! Note the nice shine of the bonesaw! Note the lack of blood! Note the obvious TF2 quote in the description! Truly beautiful! So pick one up today to complete that Medic cosplay of yours! Everyone's got one!


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                        "I don't hate you"

                        Follow the TOS in this thread.

                        No Spamming/Trolling in this thread.

                        No Advertising in this thread.

                        No quoting of the first page in this thread.

                        Please respect all members in this thread. Fighting of any sort will not be tolerated in this thread.

                        REMEMBER, this is for discussing all Orange Box games and other Valve created games so talk about that. Make sure to stay on topic in this thread.

                        Don't be afraid to post or ask questions. People are here to help you and we don't bite in this thread.

                        If you don't like the games then don't post in this thread. Although for the sake of discussion you can voice your opinion on why you don't enjoy them to start up a nice debate in this thread.

                        If you see anyone breaking any of these rules feel free to report them to me so that I can terminate ban them. I won't be assigning moderators and will rely on everyone to help in the stopping of rule breakers in this thread.

                        You are not required to read the information about the games. It's just there for the curious people who've never heard of these games. Also, please keep spoilers to a minimum in this thread.


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User ImageTeam Fortress 2 Information

✖Nine mercenaries have come together for a job. It's the middle-ish part of a century a lot like the one we just had. A simpler time. There are three TV stations, one phone company, and two holding corporations that secretly control every government on the planet. Each corporation administers its half of the world with a multi-disciplined army of paper pushers. For any problem lacking an obvious bureaucratic solution, mercenaries like these are contracted to address the situation through a massive application of force.

✖Team Fortress 2 is a team-based first-person shooter multiplayer video game developed by Valve Corporation. A sequel to Valve's previous Team Fortress Classic, it was first released as part of the video game compilation The Orange Box on October 10, 2007 for Windows and the Xbox 360. A PlayStation 3 version then followed on November 22, 2007. The game was later released as a standalone package for Windows on April 9, 2008. Team Fortress 2 was distributed online through the Steam system, while retail distribution was handled by Electronic Arts. The development of Team Fortress 2 was led by John Cook and Robin Walker, the designers who originally created the Team Fortress modification for Quake in 1996.

✖Team Fortress 2 is focused around two opposing teams competing for an objective. These teams, Reliable Excavation & Demolition (RED) and Builders League United (BLU), are meant to represent two holding corporations that secretly control every government on the planet. Players can choose to play as one of nine classes in these teams, each with his own unique strengths and weaknesses.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia and the Official Site.


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Portal Information

◉ In Portal, the player controls the protagonist, Chell, from a first person perspective as she is challenged to navigate through a series of rooms using the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device ("portal gun" or "ASHPD" ) . The portal gun can create two distinct portal ends, orange and blue. The portals create a visual and physical connection between two different locations in three-dimensional space. Neither end is specifically an entrance or exit; all objects that travel through one portal will exit through the other. An important aspect of the game's physics is "momentum redirection." Objects retain their speed as they pass through the portals, but their direction will be altered depending on the orientation of the portals and the object. This allows the player to launch objects or Chell herself over great distances, both vertically and horizontally, a maneuver referred to as "flinging" by Valve. As GLaDOS puts it, "In layman's terms: speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out." If portal ends are not on parallel planes, the character passing through is reoriented to be upright with respect to gravity after leaving a portal end.

◉ Chell proceeds through the empty Enrichment Center, only interacting with GLaDOS. Over the course of the game, GLaDOS's motives are hinted to be more sinister than her helpful demeanor suggests. Although she is designed to appear helpful and encouraging, GLaDOS's actions and speech suggest insincerity and callous disregard for the safety and well-being of the test subjects. The test chambers become increasingly dangerous as Chell proceeds, and GLaDOS even directs Chell through "a live-fire course designed for military androids" due to the usual test chamber being "under repair." In another chamber, GLaDOS boasts about the fidelity and importance of the "Weighted Companion Cube," a waist-high crate with a single large pink heart on each face, for helping Chell to complete the chamber. However, GLaDOS then declares that it "unfortunately must be euthanized" in an "emergency intelligence incinerator" before Chell can continue. Some of the later chambers include automated turrets with child-like voices that fire at Chell, only to sympathize with her after being disabled.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia


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User ImageHalf-Life 2 Information

☪ Half-Life 2 takes place in a dystopian world in which the events of Half-Life have fully come to bear on human society, which has been enslaved by the extraterrestrial civilization known as the Combine. The game takes place in and around the fictional City 17 and follows the adventures of scientist Gordon Freeman. Freeman must fight against increasingly unfavorable odds in order to survive.

☪ Half-Life 2 is a science fiction first-person shooter computer game and the sequel to the highly acclaimed Half-Life. It was developed by Valve Corporation and was released on November 16, 2004, following a protracted five-year, $40 million development cycle during which the game’s source code was leaked to the Internet. The game uses the Source game engine, which includes a heavily modified version of the Havok physics engine. Originally available only for Windows-based personal computers, the game has since been ported to the Xbox, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 video game consoles.

☪ Half-Life 2 garnered near-unanimous positive reviews and received critical acclaim, winning over 35 PC Game of the Year awards for 2004. The game has been critically praised for its advances in computer animation, sound, narration, computer graphics, artificial intelligence (AI), and physics.

☪ In Half-Life 2, the story resumes an indeterminate number of years after the Black Mesa incident, with the G-Man taking Freeman out of stasis and inserting him into a train en route to City 17. Half-Life 2: Episode One's website puts this intermission as "nearly two decades". One of the characters Freeman encounters, Alyx Vance is seen in a picture as a child at Black Mesa but appears to be in her early twenties by the time Gordon reappears. The game is set on Earth which has been conquered by the extraterrestrial civilization known as the Combine. This information is not directly relayed to the player; in fact, the friendly characters that Freeman encounters appear unaware of the stasis he was put in and assume that he has full knowledge of everything that went on since Half-Life.

Information courtesy of Wikipedia


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User ImageConversation Starters

⇨ Have you ever gone to a thread and weren't exactly sure how to introduce yourself? Maybe you weren't sure how to jump into the conversation. Hopefully some of these conversation starters will be helpful to anyone who needs them. You do not need to answer these when you arrive, a simple hello can also work just as effectively. These are questions directed at you.

⇨ Hello there.
⇨ How has your day been going?
⇨ Anything new with your life?
⇨ Any plans for today?
⇨ Have you ever heard of the Orange Box or Valve?
⇨ What system do you have the game on?
⇨ Aside from these three games, do you enjoy any other Valve games?

Team Fortress 2
⇨ Look for friends to add and get them to play a few matches with you.
⇨ Have you played this game before?
⇨ Did you enjoy playing this game? Or did you not enjoy it? Why?
⇨ What class do you enjoy playing the most? Why?
⇨ What class do you dislike playing the most? Why?
⇨ What game mode do you like playing? Why?
⇨ What map is your favorite? Why?

⇨ Have you played this game?
⇨ Did you enjoy playing it? Or did you not enjoy it? Why?
⇨ Need any help with the puzzles?
⇨ What did you think of the general story?
⇨ Do you need any advice on the challenge maps? Are you capable of giving advice?
⇨ Most difficult part of the game for you?

⇨ Have you played this game?
⇨ Did you enjoy playing it? Or did you not enjoy it? Why?
⇨ What did you think of some of the weapons?
⇨ No Multiplayer online play on the Orange Box version, your thoughts?
⇨ What did you think of the overall story and setting?
⇨ Did you like the new additions they made?

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Black List

None terminated banned so far. I hope to keep it this way.

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Orange List

Regulars will be placed on this list. No one on this list is better then anyone else, it just means they contributed more.

Edward E!ric: Thank you for making our first banner.
H y p n o t i c Fox: For allowing us access to his server.


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Thank you Edward E!ric.


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Team Fortress 2
At the moment there is no offical Orange Thread server for TF2. Anyone offering to create/show one would be met with much appreciation.

Half-Life 2 Deathmatch

Server Admins: Captainbaconman


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News Archives

First Post
12/17/09 - Well everyone, looks like the war is finally coming to an end. With it we are given three new weapons for the Demoman AND three for the Soldier along with achievements. They should be able to be obtained sometime today.

12/11/09 - THE WAR IS ON, MAGGOTS! We can't have friendship on our battlefields! Valve has created some healthy competition. For the next week we will be experiencing the greatness that is the Demoman and Soldier Update. Along with this update we have a secret SEVENTH unlockable weapon that will go to either the Demoman or the Soldier. Who will get it you ask? Why whichever class does the most slaughtering to the other! So get out there, pick a side, and blast people into little gibs!

11/26/09 - HAPPY THANKSGIVING! For those of you with TF2 on the PC, feel free to join our server tonight [IP Address in lower post] for fun and merry-making to be thankful that we own such a fun game!

11/17/09 - Left 4 Dead 2 is now out! Go out there and slay some zombies!

10/17/09 - The time is upon us! Today is the 9 vs. 9 event so I expect everyone to be there! As a reminder it starts at 5:30 EST located on our server ( The password to our server will be PMed to you or messaged to you on Steam at a later time. Team information is now available in the "Servers" post.

10/06/09 - For those of you expressing interest in the 9 vs. 9 event there has been a bit of changes. We have moved the date to October 17th. We are also hoping to start the event around 5:30 EST. If you have any problems with the date or time please PM me. There is also some changes in terms of team assignment. Please see the "Servers" post below for more information.

9/21/09 - Sign up will begin on the 9 vs. 9 event. If you would like to participate PM me what class you would like to play and what color team you would like to be on. This sign up will be on a first come, first serve basis so the sooner you sign up the bigger chance you'll have of getting the class you want. The event begins on 10/9/09 so if you can't make it that night don't bother signing up. Upon the day of the event a lock will be placed on the server and the pasword sent to those participating. Back ups will be assigned in case of no-shows. For information on who is what class, please see the "Servers" post farther down.

9/4/09 - FUN FRIDAY! FUN FRIDAY! FUN FRIDAY! Today is Fun Friday as you may know. I encourage everyone to come down to our server to make friends and just have a good time to celebrate the weekend! It will last all night so feel free to show up at anytime. See the "Events" section of the first page for sever information.

- Hurry TF2 PC Players! Rush to your inventory! Valve has started cracking down on idlers and in response to those who have not idled they've graced your inventories with the mythical hat! For those who have idled, for shame.

August 29 - DUN DUN DAAAAH! Thanks to the generosity of H y p n o t i c Fox we now have our very own TF2 Server for the PC! I encourage all to just check it out and be ready for many events to come.
Please add: if you would like to take part and see the server.

August 13 - Day 3 of the big TF2 Update. This day promises a whole lot of content in so little time. King of the Hill is now being released along with new maps. Please refer to here for the complete list of changes. It's a lot.

August 12 - Day 2 of the big TF2 update. This day brings us a new mode! King of the Hill. Have fun.

August 11 - TF2 Update! Part one of this nine day update reveals that there will be 18 new hats being released. Along with that is an update for the Pyro who will be receiving a jet pack allowing him to double jump like a Scout.

August 6 - It seems a beta for TF2 is being conducted containing rumored updates.
Today a few of those rumors have been confirmed. For more information on these possible updates see here

July 28 - Hooray! We've reached 100 Pages. Thanks to all who've helped us get to triple digits. ^_^

July 22 - A console update was released for TF2 that allows you to remove critical hits and limit classes.

July 16 - Left 4 Dead update released. This update will include a Lobby Browser.

July 14 - Left 4 Dead 2 will be shown and playable at the upcoming Comic Can in San Diego, CA.
TF2 Update released fixing minor problems.

June 29 - The thread is now open. ^_^
We now have a banner thanks to Edward E!ric. Feel free to place it in your sig or on your profile.
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TF2 Mentoring Program

Hello there! Are you new to the TF2 scene or have you been playing for a bit and still can't quite get the hang of it? Are you bombarded by skilled players and words that make you feel bad? Well cry no longer, for we here at the Orange Thread would like to present the TF2 Mentoring Program! Below, you will see a list of names of people who regular the thread or play on our server quite often and have volunteered to help YOU get better at TF2! If you click their name you will be taken to their Steam profile and from there you may proceed to friend them or ask if they would like to mentor you. If a mentor already has a name next to them please find someone else to help you, due to their being a current limit of one mentor per person. This limit may go away if the need for those to be mentored increases. Mentors, please message me on Steam or on Gaia on who you are mentoring so there are no problems.

Long story short: If you need help or are new to TF2 find someone below who isn't mentoring another and friend them using the link to their Steam profile by clicking their name.


[G R E E D] > ______
H y p n o t i c Fox > sazhat na kol
Aries_LT > Jemiini
Lt Jean Havoc > Blood Epidemic
CaptainBaconMan > _____

Please PM me if you would like to be a mentor!

Custom TF2 Achievements!

Achievements are always fun to get! Here we have a few fun little achievements you can strive to get! If you get them feel free to message me and I'll give you the "unlocked" version of the achievement! There's no reward for getting all of them, there is no reward for just getting one. They're just fun little achievements that shouldn't challenge you too much, but you should have some fun getting! When you get them feel free to put them in your signature or profile! If you have any ideas, feel free to message me too and if it's good enough we'll put it on!

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User Image
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