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Are you going to get Metal Gear Rising?

Awww yeh. 0.13846153846154 13.8% [ 9 ]
Hells no. 0.12307692307692 12.3% [ 8 ]
Already own it. 0.43076923076923 43.1% [ 28 ]
Waiting for it to get cheaper. 0.30769230769231 30.8% [ 20 ]
Total Votes:[ 65 ]
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Seriously can't wait for Rising. That picture is so beautiful. <3
Played it at PAX, and its pretty ******** good.
That's good to hear. I'm tired of hearing those people that say it's going to suck when the people who've actually played it say it's really good.
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People who say that clearly haven't played a Platinum game.
Story-wise? It could blow donkey balls.

But gameplay is good. And thats all that ********' matters to me. xD

Ok im no newb to mgs. Im playing peacewalker (second time all together, first time on the HD collection) So while im finished with the story line and all i have are Extra Ops, i realized amanda hasnt healed yet which by this point i believe she should be healed, Anyone have any idea on how to heal this b***h?
if i remember correctly isnt amanda suppose to be automatically healed after like main mission 24 or 26?
What was the last mission you completed? I went and checked if Amanda was still in the Sickbay, but she's not there and is in my Intel team as healthy as ever. But I also completed the story a long time ago, so I don't know when she becomes healthy again.

Maybe there is an extra ops mission you haven't completed yet?
i've seen the trailer for Ground Zeros.
it looks promising but too realistic for my taste. gonk
"It looks too good"

You heard it first here folks.
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The actual game isn't going to look like the trailer so.... I wouldn't worry about it looking too realistic I guess?
or perhaps Kojima/Konami has unleashed some of the ps3's hidden potential.
Taking off the PS3's limiter. D;

(Not a nerd I swear)

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