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Are you going to get Metal Gear Rising?

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lol. Does anyone have any detailed info on the ''Les Enfants Terrible'' Project? It occured in 1972..I saw it at the ending of MGS3(Yeah I beat it!)

I wanna know more on the births of Solid and Liquid Snake...

There were a total of eight clones (IIRC) made from Big Boss' DNA. The fates of most of them is unknown. All we know is that Solid and Liquid were supposedly used to make one clone with all dominant genes and one with all recessive. Solidus (that means complete in latin btw) was a straight clone of Big Boss, other than he was aged at a faster rate.
call me crazy but i still don't understand the whole Patriots thing...i'm so confused gonk crying
I kinda get it. Did you watch after the credits? With the big Ocelot talk thing? o.o; Doesnt he always talk after the ******** credits?! On every game? Why him?! > <
In Metal Gear Solid 2 he doesn't. That's Snake and Otacon.
Well if it isnt the fear =o Nice shirt btw ^o^

I heard Twin Snakes is SO much better than the original
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I bought this game before the Christmas Holidays and had it beaten during the Christmas Holidays. This game is really amazing. Those who don't have it yet should get it. I bought a magazine yesterday too which had a walkthrough and code of MGS3, and it even had an interview with the director of it. One thing he said you can do in this game, although some might already know this, is take the handerchief, wave it around the enemy and they are knocked out, but wave it around too much and you can put yourself to sleep.

There's lots of other stuff you can do in this game too.
I accidentaly learned that.. =/.=

It sucked =o
You haven't seen MGS until youve faced the Fear , Sorrow , Pain , End , and Fury !!
The End is an awesome battle imo at least. 3nodding
I hate the battle with the Sorrow. I think my favorite "boss" fight would be with the um.. Shagahod. Or however its spelt. ^o^ It was fun.
Not out in the UK for awhile yet....Looks abit of a let down to me sad
Any of you know how to get The End to drop his camo? I know you have to hold him up, but both times I've done it he wouldn't drop it. He just said something like "How did you...?" and lay down
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call me crazy but i still don't understand the whole Patriots thing...i'm so confused gonk crying
ok... this is gonna be a while...

If you really want to understand who the Patriots truly are, then forget about everything in MGS2, and concentrate where it all started. This is what Kojima wants us to do, thus having the game take place in the sixties.

Okay. Let's look at what we know right now. The Patriots first started off as the Philosophers and the Philosophers were started after WWI. Three world superpowers, Soviet Union (S.U) United States (U.S.) and the Republic of China (RoC) came together to raise money to handle political and war situations in the 20th century. They gathered a large payload of money, enough to fight WWII five times over. The meeting established there on would be known as the Wiseman's Committee. These people were real politicians. The people that were looked up at for handling their countries problems. Thus they were called Wisemen, and the whole meeting was a committee of sorts to plan. One of the members was The Boss' father, who told the Boss all of this.

To gain power, the Philosophers set up a money laundering business. Meaning they sent money to different countries, and in for exchange for this free money, the countries gave up their independence to the Philosophers. Publicly, these nations ran on their own, making it seem like nothing was controlling them. But over time, as more and more countries sufficed to the money laundering put forth by the Philosophers, the Philosophers gained power of these countries giving them an agenda that they would have to follow.

Around 1930, before WWII, the original members of the Philosophers, and the participants in the Wiseman's Committee began to die. Slowly one by one they became deceased, also proving that they were real people. The Philosophers began to unravel as a whole because of these deaths, because how can you have a group named the Philosophers, if the actual wiseman were dead, it's simple you can't.

After WWII, the orginal Philosopher members were no longer alive, so a strong consequence was suffered by the entire world, because once your guidance is dead you have nothing to follow. This was the world in general since the Philosophers controlled a lot of the world's political situations. When the members died, the world no longer had a group to rely on to keep the world on track to a certain goal. So because of this, the Cold War began, and the world was torn apart, thus the setting of Metal Gear Solid 3, two sides: EAST and WEST.

Operation Snake Eater was given to Naked Snake, and his mission was to prove America's innocense, by killing the Boss, Volgin, and destroying the Shagohod. But this was only the tip of the iceberg.

The double side to the mission was the retrieval of the Philosophers Legacy. The Philosophers Legacy was a list that showed where all the money was laundered too, all the countries, banks, EVERYWHERE. Snake though wasn't given the mission of retrieving the Philosophers Legacy, somebody else was. Adamska, the general of the Ocelot unit of Spetsnaz was given the mission of retrieving the Philosophers Legacy. Adamska though wasn't the leader of the Ocelot unit of Spetsnaz, that was his alias. Adamska truly worked for the CIA, which was a newly formed Intellegnce group for the United States.

So after operation Snake Eater was a success, the U.S. alone recieved half of the Philosophers Legacy money. The other half was still in the Soviet Union, but was retrieved shortly thereafter in the 70's. Meaning by the middle of the 1970's the U.S. had all of the Philosophers Legacy. Every cent that was laundered out back in the early 20th century. Now the U.S. had the money to begin to control the world. With this money, the Philosophers were revived, not the actual people, but their plan for complete world control. Since the Philosophers Legacy was strictly in control by the U.S., they changed their name to the Patriots, thus beginning it all. Now the Patriots continued off from where the Philosophers left off before the Cold War.

The Patriots had complete control of the world's political and war time affairs before the end of the 20th century. The Patriots don't operate in a building or office like any normal organization. Simply, the world is the Patriots, because the world relies on the Patriots agenda of how the world is going to run. Even though the Patriots originate from the U.S., money bought power for them. So now the world is dancing to the Patriots' tune.

As time passed, the Patriots sought out more power. Now that they had the power of controlling the worlds affairs, one thing remained, controlling human will and conciousness.

"Selection for Societal Sanity" - S3 was the next item on the Patriots agenda. S3 is basically a way of controlling how human's think, act, and live. This is where MGS2 comes in, the first game in the series to introduce the Patriots.

The Patriots knew before they unleashed something like S3 to the U.S. (because that's where they would use it on first, their home country) they knew they had to test it thoroughly. What better way that using the legendary Solid Snake as the main backdrop.

First, Raiden was sent in as a rookie to your normal terriorist plot. Ransom demands, the threat of nukes, and honor. Raiden was used to show how people can be manipulated and controlled given the right circumstance. Using the same circumstances that made Shadow Moses from MGS1 so famous, the Patriots S3 program was able to single-handedly fool everyone during the Plant mission in MGS2.

Raiden was slowly during the mission molded into the likeness of Solid Snake. Without even knowing it. Raiden took orders blindly and followed his objective unbeknowest that he was doing the same actions that Solid Snake did before him in MGS1. That was the first part of S3, being able to control human decision. But to make Raiden continue to follow blind orders, circumstance is needed. Circumstance is basically the world around us.

"Given the right circumstance, anyone can be shaped into Solid Snake."
-Revolver Ocelot.

This quote is strong in what the Patriots' true purpose was during MGS2, and the S3 plan. A computer disc that mimics FoxDie from MGS1, Ames and the Presidents death being similiar to the Darpa Chief and Kenneth Bakers death from MGS1, the ninja making a reapearance, a group of lunatic madmen (Dead Cell) acting like the next generation special forces from MGS1. This was all circumstance. Since everything in MGS2 was happening similiar to the events in MGS1, Raiden acted in the same way Solid Snake did. Raiden WAS Solid Snake in MGS2. MGS2 showed that the S3 plan was a huge success as they were able to manipulate Raiden's thinking by talking to A.I., and by acting accordingly to cirmustance.

With the digital age, the Patriots now can control how us human's act. That's their next step, since they control the world's affairs, controlling human will and conciousness is the next and only step to complete control. This is who the Patriots are, a formless orginization. They cannot be destroyed, as the world's balance relies on them. Their power though can be diminished before they began to control humans, and that reponsiblity relies on Solid Snake. But this task might prove impossible for even him because how do you plan to take out all the worlds governments. The Patriots are a orginization that must exist, wether we like it or not.

This also explains why Big Boss started Outer Heaven to rid the world of governments. His motive, having his mentor The Boss betrayed by the U.S. and for being used for retrieving the Philosophers Legacy. Even though that wasn't his mission, he helped in having Adamska completing his.
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Mystic Gash
Any of you know how to get The End to drop his camo? I know you have to hold him up, but both times I've done it he wouldn't drop it. He just said something like "How did you...?" and lay down
you actually dont have to hold him up... that's just the hard way to do it... I got the camo by taking him down by tranq
I think I'm okay at MGS3. I only played it for ten minutes, but I got to the bridge without changing camo. The only guy that caught me was the guy I shot in the back, and then he fell asleep.

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