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Wheezing Lunatic

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Fallout: New Vegas. I finally bought and played last night.
Not sold on it yet.
I LOVE fallout 3 so I'm going to give it time.
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Interesting Codger

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League of Legends...

Could be alright, I guess. Could totally suck. Not really sure. @.@
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I live in the world of Dark Souls? Well... I'm ok. I can always invade other worlds now.
Persona 4 Arena
I'm okay with this
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Ice-Cold Nymph

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Fallout 3, got all the extra content now. biggrin
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Hygienic Bloodsucker

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I live on some island in the Great Sea from LoZ Wind Waker. I never liked sailing, so can I get myself a Kayak?
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Adored Sweetheart

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Persona 4 Arena, and loving it ^^ Completed everyone's story, used everyone in Arcade mode. But I can't beat round 1 in Score mode! ><;
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Fashionable Millionaire

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The World Ends With You was the last one I played. Does that mean I'm dead?
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dead rising 2 off the record
I played Skyrim last. Oh crap, Skyrim isn't exactly the safest place to be. sad I'd probably wouldn't step foot outside any of the cities!
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Eloquent Streaker

Spore. Considering Earth is suspiciously absent of life in that game, I'm probably dead.
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Hardened Hunter

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User Image
Pokemon Conquest... I'm fine with that ninja
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O.G. Elder

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Tekken 6..
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Magical Prophet

I'd love to live in the Fallout:New Vegas world. I'd hide in a shack, and whenever someone walked by, I'd stalk them until I had followed them all the way home. After that, I'd attempt to live with that person. Long story short, they'd pay me to leave.


I'd pretend to be one of the mighty securitrons. You can be the judge of where that'll go.
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Distinct Consumer

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Silent Hill Homecoming. Greattttt...

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