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Mass Effect 3
Does this mean I get to try to bang a Geth now?
I dont know how, but I'll make it work
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DynaSuarez Wrecks
did you get the catuar that evolves intp a catuar(gigantic cactuar i think)its the one that you have to wait by not fighting it til it transforms)have you fought that hydra thing in oerba on the beach yet?
I have fought those three giant cactuars. Are those the ones you're talking about? And no, I don't think I've fought a hydra on the Oerba beach. Anyway, I'm pretty much going down the list in the main menu to get checked off for all the monsters I've found. Then after that I'll probably cross-reference with a guide to find the ones I haven't even encountered yet. I know there are at least a handful. I have yet to come across Tonberry, for instance.
goback and face the cactuar that is small.it willget a lil bit bigger when you dont attack it readand this is the hydra thing o0
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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, hmm..I'll start with small things like Kelbi and Gaugua and hopefully work my way up to bigger game, without getting killed of course.
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Frederik Lionheart
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD, hmm..I'll start with small things like Kelbi and Gaugua and hopefully work my way up to bigger game, without getting killed of course.
that would be a scary world to live in
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Darksiders. I'm dead, along with the rest of humanity.

??? neutral ???
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fallout (2) as i travel selling random crap i gather from killing geckos and raider and making some cash to then open up a nice 'escort' shop in new reno and sit back and do ocasional hits on aholes around town and get yelled at by the brotherhood of steel for haveing a working pc with a chess game on it. ............. where my talking deathclaw and awsome supermutant to help me then build my own town called the new washington republic to go agaist the ncr
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Sengoku BASARA.

I'm going to ******** die.
The last game that I played was Pokemon White. I really liked some of the new features that they added to the game, like the ability to reuse TMs. I acutally think that it would be a cool universe to live in.
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lets see...Pc it was Minecraft, and Xbox it was Tales of Vesperia ^_^ either way nice.
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Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3
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Terraria. Really ... xd
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Free Birds in the Sky...!
Please Give us the Truth..!
Is there Humanity on Mother Earth?!

League of Legends...

If you keep on holding,
Holding dying flowers..!
A soft answer turns away the Wrath!!

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SC2, the only game I play. e_e
Grand Fantasia. I could live with that. smile

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