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The ******** gnome killed me again. Stepped on it while I was shooting zombies.
A Greeter caught me moving and zapped me.


AHHH!!! I haven't played this game in SO long!
Smushed by the Greater Daemon in Rune Factory.
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Magnus the Nomad
Tried getting a soul but ended up missing a ledge and fell to my death crying .. happened 2 minutes ago lol.

Dang... What game?

Demon's Souls lol.

Damn, I still haven't got this game. Is it really good?

It's pretty good, but not really recommended for everyone especially when you've just played the game with little patience on dying so many times that you'll end up having the pleasure of doing horrible things to it (e.g. throwing it on a 4 story bulding and dropping a piano at it to the most obscene of burning it to death, or trading it for credit in Gamestop). Since the game is punishing from beginning to end. But, it's mostly for memorization and a lot of patience, because, yes, you will die often, but dying is pretty much a way to learn the game (or in which in my case.. I don't learn and dying often till I get the picture pretty much gets the idea on how stupid I am lol).
In Super Mario Galaxy 2, I always die from falling down a big gaping gap, hole, or cliff... i hate those black holes!!!
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Got eaten by a giant fish, spit out, the repeated it over and over. All while being eaten by smaller ones.
I got nuked.
Got killed by flamlurker in demon's souls...I'm not sure if the game is fun or was just made to aggravate me.
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The shaman didn't anchor the bridge right and I died, with most of the other players, when it fell into the pit. ;_;
LEt me see here...Last thing I remember before getting off MW2 was on Sub Base, got RPG'd randomly. Almost raged quit. Luckily I had friends there.

Another important detail about quick-scoping that is not a spoiler: Stand still with Steady Aim. Makes for great quick scoping action! biggrin 360'd my friend who beats me most of the time with Intervention. I freaked out after that XD
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I jumped off a ledge and totally forgot to use my Icarus Wings. I fell into oblivion.
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I was eaten by a grue...
Wiegraf's damn Hallowed Bolt, Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions.

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