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So what's the better starting pokemon? Bulbasaur is my personal favorite but that's not based on fact. What are your opinions and why?
Squirtle squirtle!

Because giant turtles with water cannons are
Squirtle. Turtles are awesome, giant turtles are even better. Plus, water is my favourite type and I hate grass. I'm indifferent to fire. o.o
Would they evolve? If not I would chose bulbasaur. But Blastoise is my favorite if they were all to evolve.
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Bulbasaur. I always like the grass starters best, and I personally found them more useful than the others. :3
Which is more powerful: Charizard, Blastoise, or Venosaur?
charmander. My mini pyro pet razz
I would normally choose Bulbasaur because of all three Badges.
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charmander. heart

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Charmander, the earliest fire type in the game; it's final evolution, Charizard, is an awesome kick @$$ fire breathing dragon (who wouldn't love that?).
Charmander all the way, i love fire pokemon 3nodding
I would normally choose Bulbasaur because of all three Badges.
but I like Charmander better
Squirtle, mainly because Blastoise is a more solid Pokemon in his respective class then Charizard and Venusaur.

I'm not 100% positive on Venusaur and Charizards movesets, but I'm pretty sure a Blastoise could take them both out fairly easily. An Ice beam/Blizzard to Venusaur and a surf/hydro pump to charizard.
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IF they aren't going to Evolve; Squirtle.
IF they are; Squirtle.

Almost every pokemon game I've ever gotten, Water/Ice always get my favorites with few exceptions. (Like Machamp etc)

Blastoise is my favorite Of all of these new weird ones coming out.

Every time I'd do some big a** Cannon move, I'd yell from being an Ironman user on the MvsC game, "PROTONNNNNNN, CAAAAAAANON!" xd

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