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uh so yea
Sega says reboot
i just hope it goes well, as with almost everyone decision Sega has made after the fantastic fan reaction for shadow, fans are concerned.
and when i say fan i don't mean people who liked the old school games and down all the new ones,

since about i dunno.... around 2000 beyond you didn't count, shadow the hedgehog is fan cocaine, and is more popular than anything you desire

-shrugs- it is what is , funny thing is a shadow hater told me that
and that brings me to my next point, a common point being made is if they ditch characters, or pay less attention they will loose more fans than gain

sega keeps polling japan and america about character favorites

thinking maybe new results will come up

same results
(btw you can look this up, surprised me too , i like knuckie didn't know people like him that much)


of course sonic is going to be in the new games but these four are concerning me
Sega has said themselves shadows inclusion in games sells more , he doesn't even have to be playable
im a Sega fan through and through, but i gotta say i hope they don't get rid of much
from what i read from interviews key characters are going to stay and some back stories are going to change and designs
so my hope for older tails is still possible

on the other hand they i feel like they finny got back to an sa2b mechanic system where the 3d realm was actually working and people liked it and then bam! reboot, of everything

Sega makes plans like team rocket

so im concerned as far as game-play as well,
but all i can do is wait and see, i just hope they don't change much, or this will end quicker than the knight rider reboot

your opinions or flaming troll poos that people like to through so much

( if this news is even true that is )