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Dragonborn DLC

AWESOME 0.35135135135135 35.1% [ 13 ]
RAD 0.10810810810811 10.8% [ 4 ]
LAME 0.027027027027027 2.7% [ 1 ]
potato chips... 0.13513513513514 13.5% [ 5 ]
It's okay... 0.027027027027027 2.7% [ 1 ]
Stupid 0.027027027027027 2.7% [ 1 ]
DON'T HAVE ANY DLC YET 0.32432432432432 32.4% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 37 ]
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There is always as Ice Troll on the way up there, so you know.

Never met one before, also the first time I climbed the mountain I used glitch climbing and wound up at the second ''wind'' door only to look at my map carefully and notice the Greybeards were only halfway up the mountain...cue a long and careful climb back down, also I think I'm going to try that dragon launching
Well, you know giants clubs and how they can launch you in the air? There is a giants club that your follower can use. Hilarity ensues.

I was fighting a dragon and all of a sudden it just flies up in the air. And when I say fly, I don't mean as in using its wings, but just got launched up. And even better, it flies of a fawking cliff. I clud just stare down the cliff amazed and shocked for a moment going like: "...you okay?" to the dragon. rofl

After that I turn around and sees my follower running towards me, giants club raised, with a content smile on their face. This is why I love my follower.
Decapitating people with maces.. I didn't even know that was possible

Don't even get me STARTED on decapitating people with warhammers...
Hmmm funniest moment ...

My solution for hiding dead bodies so they won't be found quickly: One time, I killed a man and a woman in their house, and I stripped off their clothes, dragged their dead bodies into the bed, so it looked like they were sleeping together.

I do that a lot actually. I drag people's dead bodies into funny places.

I like doing that too. I make it look like they died doing something weird. I killed someone and dragged him up against a wall, and he was in a sitting position (well, kinda) and i put a bucket on his head, left a cheese wheel next to his hand, and put a bowl of soup on his lap/crotch area

Lol. Now you reminded meof that time when I killed a bunch of people, stripped them of their clothes and proceeded with throwing tons of wine bottles around them. lol
Walked out of a cave, dragon falls out of the sky dead.
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Riding on a horse. Found it in a middle of nowhere and hop on it.
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welllllll i have mods so just about everything is cool, my moon was a troll face at one point as well
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Bounty hunter came to get me. I took him out. Loot his entire set and wore it and then took a skyrim skyrim selfish photo with the mountain behind me.
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I think the coolest thing was become a werewolf.

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