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Shadow of the Colossus Thread!
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What is this "Shadow of the Colossus"?
It's an upcoming game from the developers of the critically acclaimed, but highly unknown, Ico. Previously called Wanda and the Colossus, this game stars a nameless young boy, who seeks out the 16 Colossi in order to reclaim his love's soul.

Why should I care?
Only if you want to deprive yourself of a game as innovative and breathtaking as any of Nintendo's top tier games, then you need not concern yourself. This game is a breath of fresh air, and for anyone to tell you otherwise, have not seen or heard of this game. Ico was just the beginning for this team, now they're taken it to the next level with this game.

Sounds captivating, but I'd like more info
And that's what you're gonna get. This game has been in 2 E3's now, and this year, it will be released. So information isn't scarce. I'll give you links to videos and images that will convince you that this is going to be something to write home about.

Shadow of the Colossus (Date: 10/18/05) | Excited? |
Behind the Team

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Fumito Ueda, Director and Lead Artist of SotC, Rap Sheet and Interview with Play Magazine

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Kenji Kaido, Producer of SotC, Rap Sheet and Interview with Kikizo Game

Planning & Game Script
Junichi Hosono, Masahi Kudo, Takashi Izutani
Planning & Camera Setting
Takeshi Asano
Planning & Sound Setting
Makoto Yamaguchi

Reviews and Fan reaction

Fan Reaction on the Demo featured in Oct issue of OPM

The demo is amazing, it made me seriously reconsider my video game budget for the next few months. The game is just simply stunning.

Soma, I just played the Demo today. Wow, I was really impressed by it.

Oi, newcomer to the thread here! I've been looking for an SotC thread for days, once it crossed my mind that there might be one on Gaia. surprised

My hands on account:

I heard about the game in May from this year's E3. I didn't pay it too much mind until I saw a video of it on TV, then I was captivated. I picked up a copy of the October OPM yesterday, and the demo has me blown away, despite the expected prerelease quirks (the frame rate, glitches, etc.). Those quirks only accentuate just how massive this game is. I spent a good hour at least just roaming around and taking in the gorgeous environment, only to realize that there were several accessible or partially accessible locales I hadn't yet come anywhere near. Quite the contrast to ICO, this game sure is going to be "colossal".

And I believe I have heard it reported that the frame rate and glitches have indeed been cleaned up in more recent industry demos. (DEMO QUIRK SPOILER, not a spoiler of the actual game: We'll assume they got that headless polygon model of a girl in a dress off of the temple roof. I haven't seen that yet myself, but I've heard multiple accounts of it. Makes me laugh, that sort of thing.)

As far as Gaia promotion goes...I'm going to be making a new signature graphic for SotC, but I've been trying and failing to come up with any SotC-related avatars we could all put together. Y'know, "people that look like this support SotC" or something. Maybe there's some sort of uncommon unisex item we could all wear? I'll be checking the item list to look for something of that nature.

Anyway, this game is SO going to be in my PS2 come mid-October.

pre-ordered the game (finally xp ) and played the demo that i got with my preorder (!?!). I have to say, even when it was still just a demo, it was a beautiful game..and now thats it's all complete, its hard to think of how great it could look now..
the gameplay was pretty fun..riding around on the horse was enjoyable, but the game really shines when your fighting the colossis. the scale of it is pretty insane..your just running around, following this hulking giant, when all of a sudden you get the urge to shoot at it with an arrow.."no problem," you think,"I'm way out of range of that thing." so then you take a couple shots at it...it turns around, and it's not looking happy. all of a sudden, you see it begin to take that giant mallot thing that it's been carrying around and begin to get ready to smash it on you. "there's no possible way it's gonna..." in that moment, it went from looking so far away to almost crushing you in one blow...seriously, you won't underestimate it again...and that's what makes this game awesome. right there. and seriously, that was one of the small one's...some of the later one's...you'll think the climb to the top will never end razz
big PS- for anyone still wondering whether or not to get this game, stop wondering and just say you'll get it..you won't be regretting it anytime soon 3nodding
have a good night then xd

Possibilities are:

Tips and hints
Ico VS Nameless
Fanart (Nets you 1000g to 5000g)
Gaian review (nets you 100g to 500g)

http://tinyurl.com/b5ay6 - Shadow of the Colossus/ICO connections

http://tinyurl.com/ayred - Name of the Colossus
Is it on your wishlist?

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Mission Statement: Due to the fact that Ico (A diamond in the rough) was such a bomb at retail, I'm truly trying to get other people excited about this game. Therefore, if you can just let it be known here if you'll be getting the game (don't rent it, support this awesome team and buy it), then I'll add you here. Thanks.

Downside Up+
Lord Fausto
Johnny Crash
Heratio *
Ren Hikara
Jeffry Naiom
Dash Myoku

Who's got the game?


A Tribute to ICO

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Every generation, a boy is born with a set of horns. Under the assumption that he is demon spawn, the inhabitants of the horned boy's village sacrifice him by locking him in a nearby castle and leaving him for dead. This generation's horned kid is named Ico.

That's the backdrop of ICO. This young boy was unfortune enough to be the one born with horns. But this isn't the end of our unlikely hero, for with this misfortune, he's fortunate enough to come across a beautiful, yet mysterious girl, by the name of Yorda. There meeting wasn't the most pleasant, to say the least. It so happened that Yorda was locked away by the Queen. After he rescues her, in Ico's own strangely silent way, he swears to protect her from harm and escape together.

The game plays like a puzzle-based platform, with the unique "escorting" feature that is vital to Ico and Yorda's survival. Along the way you'll encounter shadow creatures sent by the Queen. There objective isn't Ico, but Yorda and it's your duty to keep her from them. You should also note that there are no boss battles. ICO does away with the "mid-bosses" in opt to have you work your way to a climatic end.

The graphics are subtle and beautiful. It's been described as an "Art work come to life." The animation is top notch, making the characters seem lifelike. ICO makes use of subtlety in everything. From the sound of the wind, to the footsteps on stone ground, you'll be taken into the world of ICO like few other games have.


ICO's ratings have been fairly smooth. It's has garnered critical-acclaim from the media. At the Video Game Choice Awards, Fumito Ueda and team were nominated in 5 categories (Game of the Year, Original Game Character, Game Design, Level Design, and Visual Art) and walked away with 2 awards (Visual Arts, Level Design) all because of the gem they created.

09-26-2001 Gamespot 8.5 / 10
10-02-2001 Gamespy 95 / 100
09-25-2001 IGN 9.4 / 10
09-28-2001 GamePro 4 / 5
03-30-2002 Eurogamer 10 / 10
03-05-2002 Gaming Age A
11-06-2001 Game Zone 8.5 / 10
10-26-2001 Game Rankings 92 / 100
10-10-2001 Avault 5 / 5


Wandering around sites talking about Shadow of the Colossus, I came across one of the best explaination of why ICO is LOVED by few, ignored by many.

Kelegacy of Evil Avatar Forum

I think it's a different breed of gamer that gets this type of game. Not everyone loved it initially, thus the lackluster sales. It became a cult classic, and it was actually the first PS2 game I bought (along with Dark Cloud). ICO played to the sort of things I was into: an interesting story and world where most everything didnt need to be communicated with words or long cutscenes, but you still understood most of what was going on. The main character playing hero to protect the waif like girl played on my emotions as a gamer, making me feel like it was truly me fighting for and defending her. The game was short, but it was like the most beautiful sunset you've ever seen...it's quickly over but while it lasts you are at ease with the world and you can truly savor the experience.

There was nothing I didnt like about ICO. It didnt rely on bleeding edge graphics or a wicked arsenal of weaponry. It relied on things that don't come along as often as they should in this age of gaming. But it has heart and it has it in spades.

A note to some. The game was sceduled for a September release, but has been ppushed back to October. That's always a good thing. More time, equals more ironing out.
I thought wanda was a girl ?
Eternal Knightmare
I thought wanda was a girl ?

Wanda is a girl. The girl he's saving.
This game is going to be onre of the best games ever made. The game looks great and I just wowowowowowow I WANT IT NOW!
kudos kudos kudos on the thread!!
Downside Up
kudos kudos kudos on the thread!!

Thank you *bows*
your damn right Imma buy it! it's my most awaited game of the year! Imma get it the day it goes into stores.
Soma Holiday
Eternal Knightmare
I thought wanda was a girl ?

Wanda is a girl. The girl he's saving.

Thought you played as wanda

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