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In my game I'm trying to create an introduction where the person creates the gender,name and creating what their character looks like. I got the name and gender down, HOWEVER I have no idea how/where to look in order to let them create their characters appearance. Like in character generator where you can randomly make a character whenever you want, I want that to happen, but at the very beginning of the game after they put their name and gender in. If anyone could please help me by sending me a link or explaining how to do it, that would be awesome; thanks!
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My roommate use that system, you can achieve the product by using a series of if statements, similar to how you get your character look in animal crossing, but to have the player create their own you going have to find a certain script.
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I'm not familiar with VX Ace, but a quick Google search shows that there's a community dedicated to that particular version of RPG Maker. You might get quicker/better help from there.

Thanks for the help smile
Whelp, if you want to do that you're either going to need to get really creative with the Show Choice commands, or you're going to need to code in a custom menu, either with a script, or through map events.

It isn't very hard, so all you'll need is a very basic understanding of how the program works, and some trial and error.

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