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Interesting Shapeshifter

[Make sure you click the green thumbs upUser Imageif you support this game]:.
I think this the first attempt in the making of a fan game online Pokemon mystery dungeon game.just though I show you guys.It's free but it still needs some work but I think it alright so far...
User Image
Pokemon Mystery Universe

~If the original download link is down
Pokemon Mystery Universe Unofficial Mirror Installer

User ImageRules: http://pmuniverse.co.cc/rules.php
User ImageWebsite: http://pmuniverse.co.cc/
User ImageForums http://pmuniverse.co.cc/forums/index.php
User ImageGame Download: http://pmuniverse.co.cc/download.phpUser Image
User Image Chat: http://pmu.chatango.com/
User ImageGuide: http://pmuniverse.co.cc/guide.php

[Note: Currently working on a new GUI. That's why some things look off.]

Whats this game about? You play as a Pokemon and explore every corner of the region! There are many dungeons to explore, items to collect and enemies to battle! As you progress through the game, you unlock new dungeons, new moves, and even new characters! Enjoy!User Image

User ImageWe have a relatively active community, so it shouldn't get boring!

Feedback would be appreciated!

Technical Information

  • Hundreds of maps
  • Built up from TE 1.0. Source code is modified to add additional features, and fix bugs.
    User Image
  • Client and Server ported to VB.NETUser Image

  • Hundreds of maps
  • Built-in patcher
  • Stable scrollable map systemUser Image
  • Client side swear filter
    User Image
  • Guild Blocks
  • Information about players in your party
  • News received before login
  • Easy to use Server Select instead of IP Config
  • HMs. You can use them to surf on water, cut down trees, etc...
  • Timestamps in chat. Can be enabled/disabled from options menu.
    User Image
  • World map to see an overview of the PMU world. Use the /showmap command
  • Map specific weather
  • Enable/disable walking through players. Use the /solid command.
  • Working House Editor
  • Stacking buffs/debuffs
  • PMD style recruitment system
  • Fully multithreaded server
  • PMD Menu. Use Esc to open/close the menu, arrow keys to navigate, enter to select, and backspace to return to previous menu
    User Image
  • Capture The Flag
  • Evolution
  • Missions
  • Buy able Home for you to design[feature closed for now]
  • Events
  • Rare/Even/Uncommon Item Auctions on Weekends
  • Purchasable Guilds and bases
  • Shiny Pokemon(usually obtainable during events)
  • PMD and other pokemon music included
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • IQ Skills
    User Image

    [Note:you will be able to switch into recruited pokemon as soon as you aquire them]










    [Have any media you wish to share as a user in PMU feel free to pm me your screenshots or video maybe]

    Videos Provided By Pedro sa

    [<Click> Video Playlist]


    Screenshot One
    Screenshot Three
    Screenshot Three
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cool 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding
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Interesting Shapeshifter

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Magical Businessman

Looks like the Fanmade Earthbound MMO i used to play called Father Online, They probably trashed the project over a year ago stare (it was fun though, i enjoyed it)
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Interesting Shapeshifter

Let your Golden Sun burn bright,
I downloaded it but it said it couldn't run cause there was an error. sad
for it shall guide you even through the darkest night.
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Interesting Shapeshifter

I may be of service,error a slightly common depending on your computer.
Looks interesting
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Interesting Shapeshifter

Hope it is to your liking ^.^

User Image

User Image
I shall join.
User Image
User Image
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Interesting Shapeshifter

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