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Which Race will you be?

Human 0.19083969465649 19.1% [ 25 ]
Newman 0.19847328244275 19.8% [ 26 ]
Cast 0.18320610687023 18.3% [ 24 ]
One of each 0.11450381679389 11.5% [ 15 ]
Don't know yet 0.15267175572519 15.3% [ 20 ]
Where did the Beasts go? 0.16030534351145 16.0% [ 21 ]
Total Votes:[ 131 ]
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Lily-livered Cutesmasher

Oh I see. Was the game fun? o ,o
Quite fun, in fact it was amazing.
woo, got a new laptop, and now I can play again!

Forgot that you couldn't play.

Miss ya B, had some Wendy's and thought of you. D;
Miss ya too, we should go to Wendys and have a party or something.
lol moons over my hammy for everyone! and we can all bring laptops and play pso2!
euuunggg haha
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What ship are you guys on? I'm on Ship 2, Block 20 where most of the English players play. =P
I've been holding off until the english one comes out.

Played quite a bit of the JP one though.
New info just arrived in my mailbox.

[1] Class Weapon Update

, "The Fighter" "Gunner" "Tekuta" as a class of three different New!

These will raise the level Hunter, Ranger, Force,
We will meet the criteria can be selected by each.

○ "Fighter"
You can equip knuckle, twin dagger, double saber, slash cancer.
Indecision on the enemy, it is recommended to those who want to fight to move quickly.

○ "Gunner"
You can be equipped with twin machine gun, assault rifle, slash cancer.
Recommended for those who avoid the attack of enemy splendidly, I want to fight with style.

○ "Tekuta"
You can equip wand, Thalys, slash cancer.
I recommend to people who are making full use of normal attack techniques and want to fight at the front.

Some people got cut up to raise the level of this class, please enjoy new weapons, new photon arts, new techniques in the new class means.

[2] field update

○ "awakening giant machine-Kap" underground tunnel Quest • Add emergency,
· "Guerrilla warfare volcano cave cave" volcano

○ Added new client order, the new interrupt event

○ Please visit the site because it is published in Player's image by adding two new items each knuckle, twin dagger, double saber, twin machine gun, from the wand.

[5] AC purchase campaign

To all who have purchased a total of more than 2,000 AC during the campaign presents a "rare item drop rate +50%"!
Who have purchased a total of more than 5,000 AC presents also "strengthen +20% success rate" and more!

■ Campaign period
September 12, three days (Wed) May 10 from 11:00 until 16:00 (Wed)

■ delivery time Item Code
Scheduled for late October 2012

▼ buy AC campaign
Wish I could play Phantasy Star Online 2 at school.
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Friendly Friend

What ship are you guys on? I'm on Ship 2, Block 20 where most of the English players play. =P

I just started a character on that ship. I'm only lvl 7;;;
I can't wait for the American version ; w ;
Stoked to see you all on the US servers~
I can't wait for this to come stateside, and I get a more powerful computer to actually play it.

My soloing HUmar will be revived.

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