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Which Race will you be?

Human 0.19083969465649 19.1% [ 25 ]
Newman 0.19847328244275 19.8% [ 26 ]
Cast 0.18320610687023 18.3% [ 24 ]
One of each 0.11450381679389 11.5% [ 15 ]
Don't know yet 0.15267175572519 15.3% [ 20 ]
Where did the Beasts go? 0.16030534351145 16.0% [ 21 ]
Total Votes:[ 131 ]
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Dat score. o///o
queen quma's avatar

Dangerous Lunatic

im jealous.
I have to run mine on the second lowest settings for my computer. :c

User Image

And here's one on the absolute lowest setting just for the heck of it.

User Image



Vivid Spider
im jealous.
I have to run mine on the second lowest settings for my computer. :c
Same haha.
I have to run mine on the absolute minimum of settings, and I still am barely able to play the game. ^^' But, the game is so good that it doesn't matter as long as I am able to play. I cannot wait until we get that new computer ninja
Knight Nin's avatar

Malevolent Phantom

So, the game rates your computer on it's ability to play?

Is it better to have a high score or a low score?
Higher, Mr. Toshiro.
Higher is better.
Knight Nin's avatar

Malevolent Phantom

I figured based on the context of the posts, but I wanted to be sure.
mine was barely above 400...x3'
Wow dude. xD 800ish here D:
Yeah x3

Looking forward to that new comp...=p
I didn't think to check if there was a topic here during the CBT, kind of regret missing it. I had a ton of fun, can't wait for the Open Beta so that everyone can play.

Here's a random screenshot I had, liked how this one came out.

Click image to View

User Image
Good pic! Turned out really good.

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