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Only the "Do what the ******** I want for the fun of it" kinds...

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Oh wow, lots of different opinions... heart I am glad to see that at least people here are honest (this is my first time in Gaming discussions seriously)

Although I do agree with most of what is said. I must say though, that a good portion of what everyone is saying baffles me a bit just because there does seem to be some popularity in people who do LPs, but I think I'm understanding it's not necessarily the gameplay itself, but more of the actual person and their engaging personality/wit and other stuff.

I've personally picked up LPing as a hobby... which was the main reason why I'm curious.
I'm a bit OCD when it comes to playing games of a series in order, but sometimes it's pretty much impossible to track down or play the early entries into the series for one reason or another. So Let's Play videos tend to help with learning the plot and characters of a series before I get the latest game from that series.
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I just watch it to find out how to get through a certain part. Unless they're explaining how to do it, they outta shut their trap and just play. emotion_donotwant Oh and don't use some crappy 5-minute intro with some obnoxiously loud song either.
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if I want to seriously watch the game for the story, then no I don't want a peep out of the recorder. If they want to make side comments its more appropriate to make it one of those notes, now if I want to watch, for example amnesia and I want a good laugh, I'll sure as heck watch someone scream and make jokes, funny as hell but not when I want to read story on some game I prob will never buy or I just want to see a different ending to a game with multiple endings

^^^^^^^ funny as heck

hahahahaha this is so effing funny, i kinda want to play this game now, reminds me of my reactions when im playing fatal frame. im kinda like him but alot less dramatic.

that being said i love "Lets Plays" i like to see other peoples reactions to games that i think are amazing, or have amazing parts in them. i only watch them if ive played and finished the game myself though
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The whole point of watching a Let's Play is the commentary. That's why it's called a LET'S Play.
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they can be pretty funny, though just watching somebody play an game is kinda boring.
I think the Let's Play community is just about dead at this point... when you got people like slowbeef dedicating themselves to making fun of bad quality Lets Plays and then you got people who just... play the game.

Let me explain something, when you Let's Play...... Ninja Gaiden for example, and you keep dying to ghost fish.... and it takes like an episode and a half just to get past them. You're boring me. And most people don't seem to understand that these need to be edited.

I really like the LPs of Romhacks or game challenges like Megaman Zero, using the sword only, or Castlevania No Deaths, Silver Surfer no deaths.

All LP's I've watched.
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They're ok to watch

Only one's I watch are Chugga,GhostRobo and Mediacows.
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User ImageWee yea ra enne ar sar. Wee yea ra enne ar dor
Wee yea ra enne ar ciel. Rrha yea ra ieeya en near

I enjoy watching Jesse Cox of OMFGCata do LP's, but that's about it.

I usually just play it in the background while I play Skyrim though.
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    It depends. If it's a game I've played, I'll watch them for the commentary. If it's one I might want to play, I'll watch a little bit of a LP to check it out.

    That said, I mostly only watch stuff from certain commentators now (any of the Creatures, and Jeriicho even though he doesn't really do full LPs).
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ℜinny says: I hate videos with commentary so I don't like let's plays.
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The only LPers I watch are Crab and HC. They don't over use Memes in order to be funny.

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