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Seriously, this game series is my favorite ever. Hands down. And I only own tri.
Any other Hunters out there in the VGD?
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Invisible Hunter

I've been playing since the PS2 with the original Monster Hunter. Currently my favorite is MH: Freedom Unite for the PSP as I found it to be the most accessible while still retaining the awesome challenge level (once you reach G-Rank) of the original.
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Freedom unite is the best currently
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I find Portable 3rd to be the easiest one of the lot, but my favorite for now, shall remain with Freedom Unite.
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I've never played one but I plan to get 3 Ultimate for the 3DS.
Still slogging though Freedom Unite on PSP. I'm so bad at this game but I still love it.

Had Tri for the Wii but lost interest in that. :T I think it works better as a hand-held.

Curious as to what the 3DS incarnation would be.

Slightly OT, I got a MH Airou kigurumi recently and gosh it's the softest, warmest thing ever. heart
im going to get ultimate tri for the wii U sense the 3ds version wont have online ( i have heard rumors they might add it later as a DLC do ) .

THANK GOD that monster hunter 4 for the 3DS WILL have online confirmed . and an awesome new staff weapon added razz cant wait to try that new weapon XD
does someone knows if capcom is bringing monster hunter portable 3 to canada or us on psvita
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Can't wait for Tri Ultimate to come out. I haven't played a Monster Hunter game since the first PSP one (borrowing the PSP and game from a friend). Still my favorite series. Going to end up buying both 3DS and Wii U versions. =P
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I have been playing Monster Hunter 3rd Portable on the ps3 (Japanese with english patch). I'm looking forward to the new MH with the option to jump on monsters and hacking them while you are clinging to their back.

Monster Hunter Online.

Hahaha, no.

That game blows. It's like Monster Hunter, but without anything resembling a soul.
No OG Ps2 players? sad. :c
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Heroic Pornstar
No OG Ps2 players? sad. :c

I played the original.
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Started with the original, stopped after Tri

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