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I think it'll be awesome.
I have it on pre-order but im going to take it off and buy BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2: Extend.

Lollipop Chainsaw will drop in no time.
If a game is a fighting game, shooter, or something MEGA popular it'll drop in price.

I'll pick it up for 20-30 bucks eventually.
This game reminds me of Onechanbara, but it this looks 1000x better.

From looking at the trailer, Suda51 looks like he did another fantastic job with the comedy aspect of the game. Can't wait to try this out and get a few laughs from what they have to offer.
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After I watched some trailer for it....can say I have zero interest in this game and I'm a big time zombie person.
Maybe if it was a chainsaw killing zombies with lollipops id buy it xp
Maybe if it was a chainsaw killing zombies with lollipops id buy it xp

Wait, is it a chainsaw using lollipops to kill zombies or chainsaws killing zombies that have lollipops?
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I found out about the game through MSI doing some of the soundtrack, I'm hoping to get the game :3
The demo was okay at PAX, and I'm hoping it's improved since then. I dig stuff like the Onechanbara series anyway, so this should be up my alley.
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*Looks at your signature... zooms in on... the Virtual Boy*
I'm jealous.
Awesome collection, and I want that extra SNES (and a lot of the other repeated systems like the Gamboy series, which I see... I lost count).

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