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What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a game inspired by the Defense of the Ancients map for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows.

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NEW NOTICE ABOUT INFORMATION: due to me being busy with other crap, i cant surf gaia as much as i want to. Please send me a private message with your info, and if you want to broadcast it to others, feel free to post it here as well.
If i've missed other people who have posted and are not listed here, please message me your info again, Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!

Everyone will be assumed US unless you state otherwise when you post!
Please send me a PM if you want any of this information changed, like if you gain levels or something~

[color=blue][b]Gaia Name:[/b] name [/color]
[color=red][b]LoL Name:[/b] ign [/color]
[b]Summoner Level:[/b]
[b]Mains:[/b] fill out
[b]Anything else?[/b] fill out

US Server:

Gaia Name: Lost
LoL Name: apble
Mains: Anivia, Shaco, Twisted Fate
Anything else? I try to play everyone ap atleast once

Gaia Name:Kwagamon
LoL Name:Akouma
Mains: Ryze, Cho'Gath (if tanking), Evelynn, Tryndamere
Anything else? While I'm not awful, I'm also not that good. Don't invite me if you're looking to cash in your First Win bonus.

Gaia Name: Apollo Sun Knight
LoL Name: Wiigar
Mains: Pantheon, Caitlynn and Trundle

Gaia Name: Forget4me
LoL Name: ViolentSymphony
Mains: Swain, Malphite, and Blitzcrank
Anything else? : Lazerchicken, for the win!

Gaia Name: Prince_Roan
LoL Name: powahless
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: If I had to main someone, atm it would be Swain but it always changes. A better question for me would be 'Who have you mastered?' I really play what is needed or whatever I feel like playing.
Anything else? I've taken the liberty of looking up everyone's account on LoL because everyone has a little stalker in them :] . I'd like to play with anyone that has a will to win. I use ventrilo so if you do too, I can give you some info and we can coordinate things better in-game or we can just talk or something : P . Really looking forward to playing Renekton he seems interesting.

Gaia Name: iWishhh (Call me Wishhhie)
LoL Name: Ezelus
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: I don't really 'main'. I play whatever my team needs. My favorites are Sivir, Udyr, Teemo
Anything else? I play a lot. I'm kind of addicted. And I love, love, LOOOOVE buying skins. D: I'm gonna be broke soon. -.-

Gaia Name:Monique Smiling
Monique Smiling: ign
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Sivir, Teemo, Sona, Ashe
Anything else? I'm on the european server :3

Gaia Name: nikasaur!
LoL Name: nikasaur! Amazing how that works.
Summoner Level: 30. ish.
Mains: Kog'Maw, Sona, Poppy.
Anything else? I don't accept a lot of friend requests unless your name is familiar to me. Sorry but just... they come from everywhere.

Gaia Name: Menstrual Cramps
LoL Name: Nacrissa, Super Qtpi (Smurf)
Summoner Level: 30
Support: Sona, Janna, Soraka, and Morgana
Tanks: Amumu and Rammus
Anything else?
Captain Teemo, reportin' for duty!
I try to play with coordinated teams, but sometimes I can be looking for a 5th to keep that pug out.
I do use ventrillo when I play, so feel free to add me if you do the same. c:

Gaia Name: tbroflaro
LoL Name: tbroflaro
Summoner Level: 24
Mains: Ashe, tristana
Anything else? Not very good but I am not a quitter

Gaia Name: Edward E!ric
LoL Name: Nenaki
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: none

Gaia Name: Shadzy DaemonMane
LoL Name: Shadzeh
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Kog'Maw, Renekton, Poppy, Twitch, Rammus, Cho'Gath, Warwick, Nidalee.Anything else? I'm probably forgetting the rest of the champions I use, but oh well? I'm generally more of a if I can save you I will, even if I can't I might try but I can't promise anything. I can tank, but I'm not a fan of it. In matches, expect me to get focused a looot. It just happens. XD

Gaia Name: UVladBro
LoL Name: Onikiri
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: all
Anything else: played since beta, own all champions, now to runes and skins biggrin

Gaia Name: Airuko
LoL Name: duetlol
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Malz and Vlad are my go-to AP, Xin is my go-to AD. I also play other champs depending on team comp.
Anything else? I'm not on as often as before. :[

Gaia Name: Omni216
LoL Name: Omni216
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Lux, Lux and Lux. Others: Sona, Caitlyn and Galio
Anything else? Teamwork is important to winning any game. There are no such things as KS's imo as long as the opponent is dead and we are alive.

Gaia Name: Riko Miyoko
LoL Name: Riko Miyoko
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Dr. Mundo, Blitzcrank, Singed, Cho'Gath, Kog'Maw
Anything else? Corporate Mundo was well worth 20$

Gaia Name:Symphonic Tirade
LoL Name: Hytamo
Summoner Level: 28
Mains: Aura Sona, Jungle Irelia, Nidalee when an AP champ is needed
Anything else? Should be 30 within a week, probably less. :'3 So add me and let's play some games! I -love- supporting a solid tank, btw. :'3

Gaia Name: Kaelwin
LoL Name: Vaelruhn
Summoner Level: 17
Mains: Ashe, LeBlanc, Sona
Anything else? I usually don't play more than 2-3 rounds a day

Gaia Name: sup fresh its r turn bby
LoL Name: CtrAltElite
Summoner Level: 20
Mains: Jann, Nocturne, Teemo
Anything else? School's out for summer!

Gaia Name: Suki_Daiyo4
LoL Name: eikyuni
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Nidalee, Rammus, Ashe, Kayle
Anything else? herpderp lost told me to post >_>

Gaia Name: Zeke Ikado
LoL Name: Pallyaladin
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: hmmmm, I've been playing everyone that I'm interested in, but I like Maokai, Malzahar, Mundo, and Ryze and Twitch
Anything else? Ummm, I have all the skins, (YAY for being related to a riot employee!) all the characters, and yeah. I like to play different people a lot. but never play 5v5s with me unless I'm Malz, and never a 3v3 unless I'm Mundo, Twitch, or Maokai

Gaia Name: Remembered As Yannie
LoL Name: King Kamina
Summoner Level:20
Mains: Fiddlesticks, Maokai, Dr. Mundo, Teemo, Blitzcrank.
Anything else? Not that I can think of.

Gaia Name: The Malice Within
LoL Name: iTzBludgeoned
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: None, though who I've played the most (250 games or so) is Shaco.
Anything else? Vent and Skype are both viable, ask for my Skype name if you want to play and talk, I'm on at any point between 4 PM EST and 11:30 PM EST most days, later on the weekends.

Gaia Name: Shiko`
LoL Name: rheiyel
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Uh... I usually just play whatever is needed (s**t like SHEN cus people won't f***ing play tanks)
Anything else? * v*

Gaia Name: RejectSoul
LoL Name: RejectSoul
Summoner Level: 12 but going for 30
Mains: I try and use a mix of champs depending on what the team needs.
Anything else? I'm still learning but i'm aiming for the top

Gaia Name:Wolfsblitzkrieg
LoL Name:Slayerpmh
Summoner Level:6
Mains: Ashe and Swain(haven't tried to many champions really)
Anything else? Honestly not that good but I am getting better xd

Gaia Name:BoredFTW
LoL Name:Mittenkiss
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Ashe so far..
Anything else? SHY My boyfriend kinda of got me into the game awhile back, but I sucked and was really disappointed when he didn't help too much (he was focused on a game he played with me on his smurf) and now I just got into it and I'm starting to understand the game a little more. >w< && It'd be nice to play with you all too and I would appreciate getting help along the way.

Gaia Name: Magaras
LoL Name: Magaras
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Malzahar, Mordekaiser, Janna, Jarvan IV
Anything else? Always farm never die.

Gaia Name: Flibbie
LoL Name: Visia
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Miss Fortune, Ashe, Kog Maw, Teemo

Gaia Name: Epitaph of the Twilight
LoL Name: ForgottenEpic
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Amumu, Akali, Udyr, and Corki
Anything else? I stream often, so you sometimes might be in one of my streams! Don't worry though. No one watches it anyways. >.<

Gaia Name: Streakerfag
LoL Name: Bellicus
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Anivia, Blitzcrank, Tryndamere, Kassadin
Anything else? I am friggin amazing at skillshots.

Gaia Name:Fantastic Dan
LoL Name:Fantazee
Summoner Level:17
Mains: I don't have any mains at the moment.
Anything else? I'm fairly decent player.

Gaia Name: Renektons
LoL Name: Puudgeyy
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: I just play whatever the team needs. But if I had to choose it would be Jax, Renekton, and Mordekaiser
Anything else? Add Me if you want! I play a lot

Gaia Name: Monsieur Jabberwocky
LoL Name: BlackEis
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Sion, Singed, Twisted Fate and Veigar.
Anything else? Veteran of over 1,000 matches with a 50/50 (50 something / 40 something in truth, don't know real percents). I buy new champs and make builds for the community on League Craft and Mobafire. No I won't tell you my name on either. But I did make the first viable Attack Damage TF build when they made stacked deck and consolidated gate and destiny (and removed the slow /fist shake)

Gaia Name:Cinnistar
LoL Name:Cinnister
Summoner Level:30
Mains:Kat and Teemo
Anything else? I feel like I am one of the few chicks that play this game. Lol.

Gaia Name: BaronVonTokkenTakker
LoL Name: TurianSoldier-Account Name (TurianSniper-IGN)
Summoner Level: 10
Mains: Ashe, Malphite and Nocturne
Anything else? : I'm slowly learning how to properly use Nocturne and currently, I play alot of Co-Op vs AI, its just I dont feel I'm ready to do ranked matches quite yet and I hope to play with you guys sometime.

Gaia Name: YamikoReedman
LoL Name: Normajeane
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Nidalee, Janna, Ezreal, Annie, Teemo, Lux.
Anything else? Really love playing support & I like to think I'm relatively good at League. Also love love Nidalee, bought all her skins cept the snow bunny because it was released before I started playing.

Gaia Name: Puella Magi Mira
LoL Name: Mimira
Summoner Level: 11
Mains: Leblanc and Annie. (I really need to learn more lol.)
Anything else? I like pie.

Gaia Name: Prog Drummer
LoL Name: CyBeat
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Everything and anything. I change champs like once a week. I have the most fun with ap or tank, though. Lately I've been noming people with Anivia.
Anything else? I think this form should have a field for number of games. It says experience more than level does. ALSO, I like newbies in the game so if anyone is starting out/needs help or advice, let me know. I have a lot of smurfs to play with lower levels/elo

Gaia Name: butterfly-kissies
LoL Name: Stefanee
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Lux, Teemo, Karma
Anything else? Consider this s**t defended.

Gaia Name: Kyoto Tushoni
LoL Name: Dorotheus
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Rammus (Jung or Lane), Galio (Support/AP), Karma (Support/AP), Rumble (Support/AP/Tank)
Skins: Molten Rammus, Rumble in the Jungle, Nurse Akali
Anything else? Rammus is not broken, Galio and Karma need some lovin' and Rumble (as of 5/15/11) is broke.

Gaia Name: Therren
LoL Name: Jinxrah Zumbae
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Lee Sin, Sion, Vayne, Mordekaiser, Nunu, Cho'gath, Morgana, Lux, Malzahar, Rammus, Nidalee, Xin Zhao. Occasionally Caitlyn, Olaf, Warwick, Brand, Jax, Fiddlesticks, and Katarina.
Anything else? I usually play with a pretty tight group of friends, but we're always willing to let others join in with us, so long as you don't have sensitive ears that is.

Gaia Name: tmms
LoL Name: tmms (Yes they're the same), 3lue Sky (smurf account)
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Hmm... Soraka, Amumu (when tanking, I don't jungle yet), Ashe, Teemo, etc.
Anything else? I don't really play 3v3s, nor do I play ranked. I also have some smurf accounts so I'm willing to play with lower level summoners.

Gaia Name: Infernal Ruin
LoL Name: InfernalRuin
Summoner Level: 18
Mains: Viegar, Miss Fortune, Lux, somewhat Eve (Still trying to get used to her) and working on Caitlyn
Anything else? I'm not the best player in the world, but i don't consider myself the worst. I do have a lot of little mistakes that i see and i try to get out of that habit.

Gaia Name: Diurne
LoL Name: Suppuration
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Hmm I really love to play amumu (tank) Malzahar(AP) Teemo(harassing) or Jax. I'll try to fill out the roles missing in my team but I hate playing the same thing twice in a row ;-S
Anything else?I find the game to be awesome, if you have valuable teammates to match up with... If you're NOT a troll and want to have some fun with a decent player add me to your friends smile See ya!

Gaia Name: Flarreon
LoL Name: Dolces
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Xin Zhao, Malphite, Malzahar.
Anything else? I mainly play Malphite and Xin Zhao. I'm not very impressed with a lot of other champs.

Gaia Name: Mister Danneskjold
LoL Name: MrDanneskjold
Summoner Level: 21
Mains: Vladmir, (i got 6300 IP off of Jax and wanted a new champ at level 12. i've been facerolling ever since.) Teemo, Jax, Gangplank
Anything else? 5v5, can go on VOIP but have no mic myself. i tend to rage at people who i meet anonymously through solo queue. i am very sorry. willing to try 3v3 though.

Gaia Name: weep little lion man
LoL Name: Orog Roko
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Udyr, Olaf, Trundle
Anything else? Jungling almost every game. Almost always positives too.

Gaia Name: Gorry Manslaughter
LoL Name: Digitalized01
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Lux(ap), Ezreal(ad), Amumu(Jungler), Singed(punkbitch tank), Karma(Support)
Anything else? I try my best to be able to play at least 1 character from each role to get a balanced team. I like trying fun team builds, if anyone is interested(have skype/vent) I'd love to get a fun team game going.

Gaia Name: Yilanti Midnight
LoL Name: Yinello
Summoner Level: 18
Mains: Caitlyn
Anything else? Ooh I never knew there was a LoL thread. Hi everyone!

Gaia Name: Gikaru ;
LoL Name: Gikaru
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Lux; Orianna; Shen
Anything else?: I wish Lux had a legendary skin. D:

Gaia Name: Rxbbit
LoL Name: mustachebear
Summoner Level: 26
Mains: Teemo, Lux, Evelynn, Akali
Anything else? oh my god im so awful at tanking and jungling please dont make me

Gaia Name: Fly Swag
LoL Name: Snoose
Summoner Level: 7
Mains: I'm still new, enjoying Nunu and Master Yi.
Anything else? I would enjoy playing with anyone, or suggestions for cheap champions you enjoy playing. c:

Gaia Name: Jareno789
LoL Name: Jareno Onerage
Summoner Level: 17
Mains: Brand, Fiddlesticks, Rumble
Anything else? I can only seem to play champs that are a sort of Mage, but I can play them pretty decently. ^^

Gaia Name: ocd_emo
LoL Name: Ninja Cheetah
Summoner Level: Almost 30
Main: Teemo, Amumu, Singed, Rammus, Veigar

Plays for fun not competitive...yet

Gaia Name: Yorisan
LoL Name: Yori444
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Maokai, Jax
Anything else? Although Maokai and Jax are both my mains, i still play other champions too, Karma, Lee Sin, Malzahar, and sometimes jungle Trundle.

Gaia Name: Ritsuka Sawajiri
LoL Name: Vogue Girl
Summoner Level: 1
Mains: None, which ever champion I prefer during champion rotation.
Anything else? I just started playing

Gaia Name: iSpicyHot
LoL Name: TKO Evious
Summoner Level:30
Mains: Irealia, Cho'gath, Ashe, Malzahar, Amumu , Tryndamere, Caitlyn , Blitzcrank.
Anything else? Well I play with High ELO players in custom games only because my ELO got ******** up thanks to my sister and after season 2 elo reset ima work till my proper ELO 1700+

Gaia Name: Nabios
LoL Name: Konichi
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Ezreal, Karma, Gragas. Occasionally play as Rumble, Ashe, Sivir.
Anything else?: I pretty much play for fun, don't touch ranked. I tend to avoid trash talkers or ragers.

Gaia Name: xlX izzykitty Xlx
LoL Name: izzykitty
Summoner Level: 30
Mains:Sona, Teemo, Rammus, MF
Anything else?I think this is as good as I'm going to get lol CARRY ME PLOX!!! Also I'm a very bad troll and it's funny to see

Gaia Name: Raiueh
LoL Name: 3xel
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Warwick, Nocturne, Brolaf, Lee Sin, Ori, Viegar, and Brand.
Anything else? Just chillin' always lookin' for new friends to play with.

Gaia Name: christian bloodrose
LoL Name: bloodyroses
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Anivia(caster), Warwick(jungle), Pantheon(melee/metatank), Rammus(tank)
Anything else? Always willing to mess around and goof off with random champions

-MrVizard-: name
Summoner lvl: 30:
Mains: Gangplank, Vayne, Xin, Ashe, Shen, WW, I PLAY A LOT
Anything else? I hop around a lot, also looking for a permanent 5v5 team to play with, that doesn't suck.

Gaia Name:TastesLikeMaliciousIntent
LoL Name:Keldra
Summoner Level:30
Mains:Morgana, Sona, Singed (occasionally Sivir and Vayne)
Anything else? Including the ones listed above, I fail so hard with AD champs. I generally do better with support/AP (Sona currently being my best champion).

Gaia Name: Innocently Yours
LoL Name: Dyrulian
Summoner Level: 16
Mains: Sona

Gaia Name: Edacity
LoL Name: Miraculeux
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Lux, Caitlyn, Cho'Gath, Katarina, Malzahar, Amumu, Orianna, Nidalee, Akali, Janna
Anything else? I get pissed when people have no common sense in this game. D:

Gaia Name: Dark Lord Speed
LoL Name: Powermagnet
Summoner Level:15 and counting
Mains: Twisted Fate Jax(Best) Shaco and Master Yi fill out
Anything else? I use an attack speed oriented style of gameplay so anywhere before the 10 minute mark I might not be good

Gaia Name: Wolxie
LoL Name: Castylance
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Caitlyn, Singed, Xin Zhao, Swain, Amumu, Alistar, Nidalee
Anything else? If you hear me on vent, then you'll know I mess around too much. Haha.

Gaia Name: Koi no Shizuku
LoL Name: Xhart
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Annie, Veigar, Malzahar, Ryze, Rammus, Nasus, Malphite, Sona, Soraka, Miss Fortune, Ashe, Gangplank
Anything else? I try to play nearly every role in the game so I can be an asset to any team. I buy a lot of Wards, rarely build glass-canon, and enjoy Co-op games for testing new/alternative builds.

Gaia Name: devomon
LoL Name: BarbieGirl852963
Summoner Level: 2
Mains: Characters? I enjoy supports like Karma, Sona and Zilean (aggro),
as well as mediocre push/AP/supports such as Morgana, Teemo, Lux.
And part-carries such as Caitlin, MF, Shaco. I cannot tank sweatdrop
Anything else? My IGN is an obvious tag-troll for the lols.
LoL is my first RTS and I still need lots of practice with it, so if anyone would like to play with me and show me how things are done wink (That account is a smurf, my friends sometimes play on my accounts so I don't exactly have a main).
Additionally, i enjoy talking to anyone that plays a game with me on MIC through msn/yahoo etc. Just PM me.

Gaia Name: Insane Lycan
LoL Name: partridge1024
Summoner Level: 15
Mains: Lanewick, Katarina, Evelynn
Anything else? I'm very versatile with WW. i'm usually a Carry, Tank, or Support.and on rare occasion crit attack speed ww.

Gaia Name: Zeffy Reborn
LoL Name: Zeffiroth
Summoner Level: 16
Mains: Lux, Ashe
Anything else? I have periods of doing awful, followed by periods of making everyone my b***h.

Gaia Name: TastesLikePuddi
LoL Name: TastesLikePuddi
Summoner Level: 20
Mains: Annie (Frostfire skin); Brand
Anything else? I sometimes play Master Yi, Jarvan IV if I need a change of pace. I do PvP matches or BOT matches. I used to play Shen when he wasn't so horrifically nerf'd and I stoped playing as Garen a while ago. I'm not horrible, but I'm not the best out there. I know what to do to stay alive for as long as I possibly can. I am a pretty big pain in the a** with Annie. I know the item sets to purchase for her, ect. Brand is a work in progress for me. Add me on LoL or Gaia. I also have Skype and Vent. Please add me and run a few matches on LoL first if you would like my Skype information.

Gaia Name:RainbowPandaSteph-chan
LoL Name:StephieChu
Summoner Level:30
Mains: Lux, Ezreal, and possibly Garen and Taric. xD I like to mess around with a lot of characters.
Anything else? I'm very good at staying alive as my lux. And I'll always do my best to keep you alive with that shield of mine~
And As Ezzy...my ult tends to wail people in the back when they're running. xD

Gaia Name: Sinnto
LoL Name: Sinnto
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Ashe&Annie
Anything else? I can't land my ashe arrows to save my life. Seriously. I'm hilarious when it comes to ashe arrows, until we lose a team fight because it shot 180degrees from the direction I was suppose to shoot it in. QQ

Gaia Name: Animebaum
LoL Name: Thebaum
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Ezreal, Wukong, Skarner, Sion, Kog'maw
Anything else? Am seeking team for Season 2 if anyone is interested biggrin

Gaia Name: xhogyokux
LoL Name: hogyoku
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Sona, Teemo, Soraka, Cass, and others
Anything else? I go by Yoku on both Gaia and LoL. : p I'm mainly a support caster so if you ever need some support feel free to call me up. I have a big group a friends I play with so I barely ever solo que, if you want a group to play with check in with me and I can hook you up. We also all use skype for ease. : D Oh, and I love ARAMs! xD <3

Gaia Name: Darde
LoL Name: Sp1teface
Summoner Level: 15
Mains: Mordekaiser for melee, Cho' Gath for a tank, Gangplank for melee/support and Fiddlesticks for ranged.
Anything else? It said not to PM this so I'll just stick it here. 3nodding

Gaia Name: Harle Lunaire
LoL Name: P4nc4k3s
Summoner Level:20 (I level at least once a day)
Mains: Janna, Morgana, Caitlyn.
Anything else? Currently trying out new characters and reading tons of guides. n.n
I'm a nice person to play with, I'm not a terrible player, I constantly learn and I never give up.

Gaia Name: Bad Moo Cow
LoL Name: Sirenes
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: AP Teemo, Akali, Caitlyn, AP Kogmaw, and Leona
Anything else? I play with anybody. Add me if you want to play.

Gaia Name: Le Peu
LoL Name: Ashketchummmm
Summoner Level:6ish
Mains: Orianna, want to master before I move on to any others.
Anything else? Played warcraft version for a while. Still not great. About average at the moment. Playing for leisure and point, no real want for anything more competitive yet. I like playing difficult characters and getting good with them. Ummm....

Gaia Name: Amandelie
LoL Name: asixyearoldgirl & Princess Amanda
Summoner Level: 18 & new
Mains: Lux, Cait, Annie (want to learn: Trist, Nidalee)
Anything else? I usually play most at night or randomly in the morning before work.

Gaia Name: Silenced Chatter
LoL Name: MrPentwist
Summoner Level: 24
Mains: Akali, Dr. Mundo.
Anything else? I like playing different characters, but my favorite to play is my main Akali.
I like playing different champion's but I only have a rune page for my tanks and poppy...

Gaia Name: Not That Awesome
LoL Name: Enviously
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Depends on the free week. I like trying new champs.
Anything else? よろしくね~

Gaia Name: byuuka
LoL Name: Strikerii
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Akali, Yi, Malzahar, Soraka
Anything else? Send me invites ;D I love to play with other people so even if i don't know you send me one anyways and we can play. Premade is more fun than just solo queuing. I love playing any role, my least favorite is jungle/tank. I play a lot of different champions, even ones that I didn't list on my Mains lol

Gaia Name: SonAltesse bLeu DeLancret
LoL Name: bleu de lancret
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Janna/ Cass
Anything else? I play Support/ AP mainly <3

Gaia Name: Zelthra
LoL Name: Zelthra
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: They change constantly, but some champions I'm confident I'll always be accustomed to are Kassadin, Jarvan IV, Kennen, and Rumble.
Anything else? 75% Of champions I play are considered tanky AP, but I can fill almost any role. Just don't ask me to play support or ranged AD. I play to win, but I don't rage or troll (unless asked to wink ).

Gaia Name: Chiharu Hitomi
LoL Name: Piyobit
Summoner Level: 24
Mains: Caitlyn, Miss Fortune, Kenne, Anivia, Teemo and whatever ranged character there is haha
Anything else? I'm still learning so if yu want to play with me, please don't get angry for mistakes XD

Gaia Name: Boobooboota
LoL Name: DireGeist
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Fiddlesticks, Xerath, Amumu, Leona, Renekton, Nasus, Wukong
Anything else? Despite being lvl 30, I don't participate in Ranked Games very often. Send me invites, I love to play, can only play on the weekends for now though.

Gaia Name: Zendarus
LoL Name: Gawdeeyumitzjon
Summoner Level: 30
Anything else? Rising Pub Star

Gaia Name: ultra-magicaldani13
LoL Name: Auralitia
Summoner Level:21
Mains: Karma, Mordekaiser, Orianna, Xerath
Anything else? I'm an experimental summoner, so I spend alot of my time testing out different champion builds and designs against AI.

Gaia Name: Disputable
LoL Name:Eamic
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Cho'gath,Pantheon Malzahar (Tanks/'Hybrids)
Anything else? I play ranked alot. I've had over 500 matches in it.

Gaia Name: Arcane Arlunix
LoL Name: Dahliee
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Miss Fortune, Morgana, Katarina, and Annie. (Urgot RIP). [Currently learning Fiddle.]
Anything else? I play less lately due to college and work. Roughly 1-3 rounds a day.[

color=blue]Gaia Name: RavePanda101
LoL Name: SexyPanda101
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Brand and just about any other mage and ranged champions
Anything else? Still learning ^_^

Gaia Name: WhySoOrgasmatic
LoL Name: Yunadori
Summoner Level:30
Mains: Sona, Janna, Cait, or any character I choose to derp with.
Anything else? I like cupcakes emotion_awesome

Gaia Name: EmoPandaBoy
LoL Name: GeniusPanda
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Sivir, Taric
Anything else? I'm an amazing bottom lane support player, and a pretty good sivir player. Working hard to get up to 1500+ elo

Gaia Name: SOFFISH
LoL Name: The Post Officer
Summoner Level: 17?
Mains: Skarner, Swain, Fiddlesticks, Karthus, Maokai
Anything else? Feel free to add me sometime XD

Gaia Name: name Ninja Rendan
LoL Name: ign Nanaya Shiki
Summoner Level: 30.
Mains: Twitch, Yorick, Jax, & Mordekaiser [hue]
Anything else? jungle twitch all day

Gaia Name: AmberNadira
LoL Name: Nadira94
Mains: Chogath, Malz, Ashe, Yorick, and on occasion Karma xd
Anything else? I have a bit of a potty mouth whee

color=blue]Gaia Name: ~[ K I K O ]~
LoL Name: Hanachio
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Morgana, Ahri, Lux, LeBlanc, Orianna, Caitlyn
Anything else? Pretty much love AP champs... and Caitlyn.

Gaia Name: Kapooki
LoL Name: Kapooki
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Garen, Kassadin, Kog'Maw, Maokai, Viktor

Gaia Name: Feral_Kitty
LoL Name: Valestrazsa
Summoner Level: 5
Mains: Screwing aroun with all champions but is fond with Janna, Galio, Soraka, And Kayle
Anything else? I'd like to thank my beyond epic girlfriend for introducing me to this game!

Gaia Name: Timid Jolteon
LoL Name: xXQuetipXx
Summoner Level: 11
Mains: Leona, Sivir, Ahri, Brand (Haven't bought him yet but hes free right now :3) Annie, Ezreal and Miss Fortune are the ones I usually play as but I'm not sure who to play as.
Anything else? I hate Yi x3

Gaia Name:Exorcist of The Damned
LoL Name:Thcreator10
Summoner Level: 9
Mains: Shaco, Kayle, more once I purchase them.
Anything else? I have problems with their servers and I don't agree with some of their ridiculous rules so I don't play very often.

Gaia Name: Ultimate Opportunist
LoL Name: Hobos Fury
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: TF, Morde, Ryze, WW, Soraka. Have been trying out Noc and Xer to replace WW and Ryze as my jungler and mage.
Anything else? Only have about 400 games under my belt, about 50/50 wins to losses. But I do not consider my self bad, just always learning.

Gaia Name:Silvia Crow
LoL Name:Silus Crow
Summoner Level: 12
Mains: Orianna (Stitched Chaos), Blitzcrank, Volibear, Singed, Graves
Anything else? Not that big into PvP yet, been debating on if I should get to 30 first or if I should perfect my vs AI games (Lots of kills/assists, under 5 deaths).

Gaia Name: Izzy Crownite
LoL Name: Izzy Crownite
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Wu'Kong, Gangplank, and Kassadin
Anything else? I am on A LOT of the time. My elo is currently sucking, but that is because solo queue is a d**k.

Gaia Name: Sir Bacon Kush
LoL Name: Princefoxx
Summoner Level: 12
Mains: Annie mostly.
Anything else? not really?

you havent submited your lol info to the front page? ~_~
Gaia Name: Cynical Penguin.
LoL Name: TheCynic11
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: My favourite to play for every role? AP mid = Malz, solo top = Irelia, Jungle = Nocturne (maybe Rammus), support = Sona, AD carry = Kog.
Anything else? I rarely ever queue with people because solo queueing has destroyed my faith in my own ability.

Gaia Name: surrounDEAD
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Nidalee, LeBlanc, and Cho'gath

Gaia Name: SirTokes/AdventOfSatan
LoL Name:ZigglestheGreat
Summoner Level: 25
Mains: Malzahar, Lux, Zilean, Udyr
Anything else? I'm a good support and a good tank

Gaia Name: O_Renjji
LoL Name: O Renjji
Summoner Level: 24
Mains: Sona, Caitlyn.
Anything else? I love Sona.

Gaia Name: darkrulerbob
LoL Name: darkrulerbob
Summoner Level:30
Mains: any jungler, ahri mid, tryn, jarv, gp solo top, graves, vayne bot
Anything else? i have over 1200 wins and i play a lot. friend me if you want. i also skype under the same name with a group of people usually.

Gaia Name: Flashpop
LoL Name:Yllaella
Summoner Level: 30
Mains:Soraka, Caitlyn, Lux, Morgana, Riven
Anything else? I'm looking for a decent group of sane people to form a ranked team with. no such luck
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Questionable Genius

9,400 Points
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  • Tycoon 200
  • Prayer Circle 200
EU Server :

Gaia Name: Fluttery
LoL Name: Psyche
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Nidalee, Katarina, Ashe, Warwick
Anything else? I'm on the EU server. (Might be an idea to add that to the form!)

Gaia Name:Monique Smiling
LoL Name: Monique Smiling
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Ashe, Annie, Gangplank, Caitlin, Sivir, Brand, Sona, Teemo Etc.
Anything else? I'm on the european server :3

Gaia Name: Doragonsuripingu
LoL Name: Arch Summoner
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: I don't have a main, as i get bored easily if i continusely play one champ
Anything else? Don't bother adding me if you're stupid ( I ain't joking )

Gaia Name: Dreamscape lucidity(i'm getting my main back on feb 2011)
LoL Name:WickedHeart
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Don't have a main, i'm pretty good with all the champions!
Anything else? I play on the EU server add me smile

Gaia Name: danielledecay
LoL Name: daniellestarr
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: annie, cassiopeia, teemo
Anything else? I'm on EU server... and I randomly lag - just to warn you -.-

Gaia Name Ayra Matao
LoL Name AyraMatao
[Summoner Level: 30
Mains Twisted Fate, Irelia, Evelyn, Singed, Kogmaw
Anything else? i can play most characters tough i find tanks often boring. Also if you're playing something else then a carry id appreciate if you buy a ward now and then. (especially if you're a support)

Gaia Name: Misterygamer
LoL Name: Mistygamer
Summoner Level: 29
Mains: Miss Fortune, Irelia, Sona, Anivia
Anything else? Still trying to reach lvl 30 before the tribunal gets introduced, also trying to make my computer non crashy before then -_-;;;;. I don't play often anymore but if you send me a message when Im on Im always ready for a game. Feel free to add me.

Gaia Name: TheMagiPanda
LoL Name: Ponyface
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Lux, Morgana, MF, Akali - Generally whatever we're missing wink
Anything else? LAZORSZ BEAMZ, I'm on all the time, come play with meeee ^_^; ALSO I'm EU servers so sweatdrop

Gaia Name: Arwald Stormshadow
LoL Name: Venrath
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Sion, Annie, Tristana, Yorick, Veigar
Anything else? I've never left a single game in nearly 400 played, and i never will. When my brother plays as Taric with me as Annie or Sion, we can't be touched in lane.

Gaia Name: Cliest
LoL Name: Cliestchen
Summoner Level: 30
Mains: Soraka, Sona, Annie, Cassiopeia, Kayle, Cho'Gath, Nasus, Poppy, Teemo
Anything else? I'm playing on West-Eu Servers biggrin

Gaia Name: Emillius
LoL Name: Limefruits
Summoner Level: 19
Mains: Singed, Morgana and Pantheon
Anything else? I play on the EU server

PH Server:

Gaia Name: Defiled MageKnight
LoL Name: Agito Sasaki
Summoner Level: 16
Mains: Lux, Sona, Caitlin, Miss Fortune, Irelia
Anything else?
I'm on the PH server. I play at least once a day, mainly on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Don't count on me too much. I still have a lot to learn.
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Questionable Genius

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Scavanger Hunt Event

Please read all the rules if you wish to participate. This is an on-going event!

1) When doing a task, you must take a photo showing a sign with your user name or yourself in it. (BEING CREATIVE IS ALWAYS A PLUS)
2) You can not find an image online and Photoshop it.
3) You have 48 hrs to submit a photo starting from the time I post a comment on the next task. (I will write the task on this post as well as make a new comment on the thread)
4) If a submission seems suspicious, it can go into review.
5) Completing a task will earn you 1 point.
6) If you miss a task, you will not be disqualified. You just won't earn any points.
7) The scavanger hunt is open to anyone who has already submitted their LoL Information in this thread.
cool The player at the end of the month with the most points win!
9) If you have any questions, send me a pm!

Prizes will be put into a randomizer and given out. Only 1st and 2nd place will get prizes.

Thank You Letter March 2007
Thank You Letter April 2007
Thank You Letter April 2009
Thank You Letter September 2010
Monthly Collectible Letter for January 2011
Frontier Skies Bundle
Antique Shop 2nd Gen/5th Gen
250,000 gold
$10 RP card

more may be added in the future.
(If you want to donate to the prize pool, send me a pm.)

Round 1: Take a picture of an orange that has been peeled. (ended)
Round 2: Take a picture of 5 empty bottles. (ended)
Round 3: Take a picture of the triforce symbol made out of anything. (ie:pencils, sticks, rocks) it can not be drawn~ (ended)
Round 4: Take a picture of an animal. (ended)
Round 5: Take a picture of ketchup & mustard OR peanut butter & jelly (ended)
Round 6: Take a picture of a road sign (stop, yield, ped-xing, etc...) (ended)
Round 7: This round will last until the end of the month. You can have ALL or PARTS of the list. Each item is worth 1 point. You must have the items in 1 picture. Here is the list of items you need:
1.) 6 Eggs
2.) Spam
3.) Frying Pan + Pot
4.) Baking Soda
5.) Empty Paper Towel Roll
6.) Striped Shirt (vertical or horizontal)
7.) A Baby Picture
8.) Drawing of anything from League of Legends (you have to draw it!)
9.) Your Computer Area (desk/bed/etc)

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Questionable Genius

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Screenshot Highlights:

Gaia Name: Prince_Roan name - pentajax
Kwagamon: Akouma - And this is why you don't play all physical DPS characters.
Gaia Name: Prince_Roan - i should seriously be banned for playing jax
Gaia Name: l The Night Sky l - Pantheon, all but one loss -sigh-
Gaia Name: RedWingMoon-This is why you buy wards <3

If you'd like to submit a screenshot, please send me a PM filling this out

[b]Gaia Name:[/b] name - [url=http://]Webpage Title[/url]

(P.S. : If you submit SS's, they may or may not be posted!)

Please submit if you have something COOOOL to show....enough of these SS of your score and item build and stuffs
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Questionable Genius

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Links :

League of Legends Official Site

Leaguecraft - Awesome community and offers several tools

LoL Role Play on Gaia

search your name and get all your stats!

roarchat - chatroom to meet and talk with other League of Legends players!

League of Legends GuildS on Gaia


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Super Genius

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  • Elysium's Gatekeeper 100
Gaia Name:Kwagamon
LoL Name:Akouma
Mains: Ryze, Cho'Gath (if tanking), Evelynn, Tryndamere
Anything else? While I'm not awful, I'm also not that good. Don't invite me if you're looking to cash in your First Win bonus.
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Questionable Genius

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sweet, cool you posted here : )
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Super Genius

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Yeah I figured that getting a thread with an owner who's active would be good. smile

So, after looking at the categories for the Valoran Video Contest, does anyone want to work together to make one? I'm willing to work with anyone, mostly because I honestly have no idea how to edit a video. (My one YouTube video I just trimmed the first few seconds of recording, that's all the editing I did.)

Categories are "Choosing a Game Type" (the easiest one, probably), "Summoner System" (runes, masteries and summoner spells both in and out of game), "The Shopkeeper" (recommended items, navigating the shop, item selection based on opponents), "Ganking" (performing and avoiding ganks, probably the easiest besides choosing a game type). And there's 5000 Riot Points for the winner in each category.
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Questionable Genius

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naw not my thing....but i have a suggestion for the shopkeeper one as it JUST happened to me...

while running back to spawn to heal (after enemies have pushed to your nexus)...
try to AVOID clicking on the shop....opening shop stops your character from running and in turn, you're F'd.
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Super Genius

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  • Elysium's Gatekeeper 100
So I've decided that since I get easily bored, I'm going to take up a little bit of skinning. Once I start making them, I'll link!

Edit: Quick question to all: if I had hit the loading screen of a game and went to add some wood to the wood stove while I waited and burned my mouse hand on the stove, does it make me a bad player when I suck that entire game? Because my team except for one guy seemed to think so.
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It seems meh to me

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