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360 is pretty much dead at this point. If there is nothing else you want for it, the computer is easily the best route, bar none.
i would w/o a doubt wait for the new comp, it will be worth it!!
preoccupy yourself in the meantime! wink
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Wait until you get a new computer and Borderlands 2 isn't fantastic imo. You've all got to share the same loot if you go co-op, so everyone dashes for the loot. Good luck.
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Boderlands 2 is not going to be dead in 5 weeks bro.

The Mechromancer is coming out soon as will the 4 DLC's

and give it's been out 3 weeks world plus dog would of "finished" it by now anyway

Co-Op is only fun if your co-op'ing with Friends (real Friends)

Your better off Single playing it than with randoms any day.

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