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Dat. Is the idk what it is butit'sthenewarmorforSpartanIVs.

But hopefully this is just a preview of the plain Armor?

Before Halo 3 was released, we didn't know that there was going to Customization to the Armor. We just saw regular Mjolnir VI sporting Spartans.
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I..like that armor. D: Also, I do love that scope hud.
I did a little research and they are adding the jet pack which I'm really dissapointed cuz without it it was a challenge for everyone and that's what I like about the previous games
Anyways I'm really good in halo 1 thru 3 and reach..
Anyone wanna meet up I could help people get better at the game with my strategies
Also In a semi pro so add me if you like!!
Gamertag is my username as of right now >.~
Also excited they bringing back the BR!!
o-o ever since I played call of duty, I haven't played halo. (of course not saying cod is better than halo, this is merely a personal preference) but I'm still in love with the halo storyline and watched almost every halo gameplay walk through on youtube xD. I have high hopes for halo 4 campaign and I do wish that they will not let me down <3
O call call of duty is not the business here!
They may have a great story but halo's story is more visual
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How bout dem reach
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I have odst/ halo3.
If interested, let me know.
I'm down.
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The Pandamic
How bout dem reach
Skrew that game
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Reach is a masterpiece
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This is what GameInformer tells us.

You start as a recruit and rank up like in cod and battlefield

Rocketlauchers and sinperrifles will spawn randomly across the board

unlimited sprint (no perk)

Gain armor parts as rank up

Jetpacks, armor boost, extra gernades etc are perks

costum load outs.

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