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Ubers 0.041860465116279 4.2% [ 36 ]
OU 0.15348837209302 15.3% [ 132 ]
UU 0.15232558139535 15.2% [ 131 ]
RU 0.055813953488372 5.6% [ 48 ]
NU when it comes out 0.031395348837209 3.1% [ 27 ]
I don't play competitively 0.31046511627907 31.0% [ 267 ]
Gold! 0.2546511627907 25.5% [ 219 ]
Total Votes:[ 860 ]
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                  gnpl gnpl gnplBANNERS : ASTAROTTE NO OMOCHA x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x LAYOUT : H - HONEKONEKO

            __ : ANNOUNCEMENTS

              " » 11 / 26 / 11 ATTN: Fine a** trainers of the GNPL, Cap here to kick off our late fall tourney! The rules for this tourney can be found here: http://pastebin.com/ctzbXWyU

              And the all important bracket can be found HERE: http://challonge.com/gnplfall11

              Will there be a new Quarterly Champion, or will reigning Champion Jomei take it all again?! Let's get out battles done and find out! Should be exciting and I look forward to beating your butts >:]...

              " » 11/9/11 Hey trainers! It's a little late, but we're going to go ahead and have our Fall Championship tourney! This season the type of battle is going to be.... UU Standard!! Check http://www.smogon.com/bw/pokemon/ for tier information.

              This time around we are going to allow any gym leaders as well as any challengers with four badges or more! So hurry up and send your applications to the GNPL account ASAP!

              " » 8 / 24 / 11 Our first summer tournament has come to a close and after an exciting match Jomei came out as Champion. So congrats to Jomei for being the summer and first GNPL champion. Remember guys try to gather up badges for our fall tourney. Maybe one of you could be fall champion.

              " » 8 / 7 / 11 Good day, trainers! It's now time to begin the Gaian National Pokemon League Summer 2011 Championship tournament! We may only have a few participants, but the competition is guaranteed to be fierce, as these are all badge-holding battlers, hardened by years of training and struggle. Let's cheer them on as round one begins!

              Tournament Bracket

              " » 8 / 2 / 11 Hey Everyone Panic here to tell you to welcome our new gym leader Alagaesha owner of the beetle badge! Also Please sign up for the upcoming tourney winner not only is crowned summer champion, but also gets free art of themselves and a pokemon of their choice!

              " » 7 / 30 / 11 Hi everyone! Cap here with a little tourney update. Since no one seems to be able to get to 6 badges [:<], we're going to decrease the badge count for the tourney by 1, bringing it down to 5! We're also adding a week to the deadline, meaning the final, fo realz dealine will be August 6th (8/6/11). So c'mon everybody, lets get some tourney applications in and make this a good one! n///n

              " » 7 / 15 / 11 Sup. Astarotte here to say that the tournament's entry time frame has been extended. The tournament will now start on Friday, July 29, 2011. Also, the badge requirement has been decreased from 8 to 6. Now start battling some gym leaders and get your apps in. emotion_bigheart

              " » 6 / 23 / 11 H-hello everybody! This is Captaen here bringing you an exciting announcement! I'm here to announce the first ever Seasonal GNPL Champion Tournament! For now its going to be a fairly simple tournament- 5th Gen, OU, Singles battles with no unreleased Pokemon, Hidden Abilities or items. But there's a catch! You have to have 8 badges from any region to participate. Now I know that seems like a lot, but that's why we're giving you time to collect badges! The tournament starts on July 11th, the GNPL's anniversary! The winner of the tourney becomes CHAMPION for the season! So get those badges and PM GNPL to enter if you meet the qualifications. Expect more where this came from! n///n

              " » 6 / 20 / 11 Thanks to all the people who participated in picking our new mascot the GNPL has a new look! We hope you all like it!

              " » 6 / 11 / 11 Mascot results are in !
              N+Zoroark - 2 votes
              Gary and Ferrothorn - 5 votes
              Ingo and Emmet + Chandelure and Hydreigon - 8 votes

              The Subway bosses along with Chandelure and Hydreigon are the new GNPL mascots!

              " » 6 / 8 / 11 Panic here! Due to cheating on mule accounts on both sides for our mascot we decided to do pm voting now. So please send your pm vote to the GNPL account. Voting will end this Friday. That is all!

              " » 6 / 7 / 11 Please welcome two new leaders to the GNPL! Narati Suzuki has been entrusted with the Jet Badge and Ambush Reallity with the Rising Badge! Congratulations, leaders. cool Oh, by the way... to uphold the GNPL's reputation as the premiere Pokemon league on Gaia, we are hereby raising the badge requirement for gym applications to 5 badges. Applications received before now will still be considered, but after this please obtain 5 badges before applying. Good luck!

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            ; WHAT IS THIS ? )
            x x For those of you who need explanation, this is the Pokemon League of Gaia where you're welcome to discuss the competitive metagame,
            share strategies, and meet fellow battlers while improving yourself every step of the way
            in order to match the ranks of our handpicked cream of the crop battlers.
            Contrary to what the teaches you, you can get these badges in any order.
            This thread is primarily for Diamond/Pearl/Platinum/Heart Gold/Soul Silver/Black/White Wi Fi battles and
            team building/D/P/Pt/PBR/HG/SS/B/W discussion; trades need to be kept to a full minimum.
            Some leaders have Pokemon Battle Revolution, but you will need to ask around if you're expecting a PBR battle.
            Assume that we don't and use D/P/Pt/HG/SS/B/W if you want a quicker response.

            ; HOW DO I JOIN ? )
            x x Just post, introducing yourself and request a battle.
            x x Do NOT flaunt yourself around like you're the next big thing; on top of making a horrible first impression, it can get you a warning as well as a bruised ego.
            x x The easiest way to make yourself known is to be friendly and considerate towards others while still having fun.
            x x Literacy (aka proper spelling/grammar/punctuation) helps, but isn't required.
            x x Many people tend to ignore posts that are borderline unreadable, however.

            ; WHO'S IN CHARGE ? )

            x x GNPL
            x x Jomei_S
            x x Panic_at_the_Tragedy
            x x Captaen
            x x Astarotte no Omocha

            If you are reporting someone, please use the following format with your report and send it to any of the moderators above:

            x x Who you are reporting
            x x Why you are reporting them
            x x Link to the page (a page number won't cut it; if you have the time to fill out the PM, you have the time to get the address from the top of the page)

            ; GENERAL INQUIRIES )
            x x GNPL
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                                  gnpl gnpl ; POSTING RULES )
                                  gnpl Stay on topic with every post you make; if it's off topic take it to the CB or to PMs.
                                  gnpl DO NOT spam/advertise, troll/flame, or feed trolls/flamers.
                                  gnpl DO NOT copy any part of this thread without permission. It’s considered plagiarism or stealing. This is a black-listable offense.
                                  gnpl DO NOT roleplay. If you want to roleplay Pokemon, go to Barton Town.
                                  gnpl DO NOT quote the first page. It stretches out the next page and is grounds for an instant ban.
                                  gnpl Please make an effort to speak with proper grammar, syntax, spelling, etc. Literacy is greatly appreciated here.
                                  gnpl Be friendly and courteous to others. It keeps the thread in a good mood and keeps things running smoothly.
                                  gnpl Regarding posting of pictures: if it's above 500px in either dimension, shrink it or link it.
                                  gnpl Do not ask when updates will occur. We are all fairly busy people, and we sometimes don't have the time to maintain a regular schedule.

                                  gnpl gnpl ; BATTLING RULES )
                                  gnpl DO NOT USE ANY HACKED POKEMON. If they are found in battle, you automatically lose and risk being blacklisted.
                                  gnpl If you ARE suspected of hacking and a moderator requests a hack check, you MUST allow your team to be checked. You are banned from further battling until you are cleared for hacks, and failure to comply results in instant blacklisting.
                                  gnpl The following Pokemon are banned from standard battling: Dialga, Palkia, Mewtwo, Mew, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Deoxys (ALL forms), Giratina, Darkrai, Arceus, Manaphy, Lati@s (both of the twins),Wobuffet, Wynaut, Garchomp, and Salamence. You MAY use one of these, however, if your opponent agrees on letting you use it in battle.
                                  gnpl The following Pokemon are legendary, but do not fall in the above class in terms of sheer power. These Pokemon ARE permitted in standard play: Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Entei, Raikou, Suicune, Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Uxie, Azelf, Mesprit, Cresselia, Heatran, Regigigas, Jirachi, Celebi, Shaymin.
                                  gnpl If you want a battle or a trade, please do not ask anyone to PM you.
                                  gnpl Respect all members; show good sportsmanship. Don't gloat or be excessively arrogant when you win, and don’t be a sore loser or accuse someone of hacking without justifiable reason if you lose.
                                  gnpl If a DC (disconnection) happens, keep the same team and use the same moves that you used previously if both parties decide to re-battle. Also, please do not DC if you are losing. Lose with dignity, don’t be a coward.
                                  gnpl Battle rules are posted on a Gym Leader’s profile or journal. If you wish to challenge a Leader, you must follow their rules.
                                  gnpl If you battle a gym leader and win but fail to specify the type of battle you wanted (friendly or gym), you are not awarded a badge.

                                  gnpl gnpl ; GYM LEADER RULES )
                                  gnpl gnpl gnpl* This only applies to gym leaders of the thread. Credit for the following goes to Jomei_S:
                                  gnpl gn- If you are a gym leader and you challenge another gym leader, your badge is NOT put on the line unless specified. Battles amongst leaders goes in one of these 3 manners:
                                  gnpl gnpl gn1. Battle by Gym Leader A's rules. Gym Leader A's badge is on the line.
                                  gnpl gnpl gn2. Battle by Gym Leader B's rules. Gym Leader B's badge is on the line.
                                  gnpl gnpl gn3. Battle by rules agreed upon by both Gym Leaders. Both badges are on the line. Winner gets loser's badge.

                                  gnpl You MUST post your gym rules and gym badge on your profile. In addition, you must list the winners of your badge.
                                  gnpl A gym leader can include any thread clauses on their list of gym rules; however, if a gym leader wishes to include a unique rule, they MUST have it approved by GNPL before adding it to their gym. Failure to comply will result in a revoking of your badge.
                                  gnpl If you receive a badge from a gym leader and they resign or are demoted, that badge then becomes worthless and void. In this case, please remove any void badges from your profile.
                                  gnpl If a gym leader wishes to close their gym, it may be closed for up to two weeks without any prior notice. If it will be closed for a longer amount of time, a request must be made to GNPL with a valid reason.

                                  gnpl gnpl ; OPTIONAL CLAUSES )
                                  The following clauses (rules) can be placed by any leader at will. These do NOT apply to all battles, unless specified by the individual gym leader. These can also be used in friendly battles. Standard battles are defined as the underlined clauses and playing by the OU tier.

                                  gnpl Sleep/Freeze Clause
                                  Only one Pokemon may be asleep/frozen at the same time as another. Once one unfreezes, that Pokemon or another may be put back to sleep. Pokemon asleep due to the effects of Rest or Effect Spore do NOT count towards that limit.

                                  gnpl Evasion/OHKO Clause
                                  Sometimes grouped together as "No DT/OHKO". The following moves are banned:
                                  Double Team, Minimize, Fissure, Guillotine, Sheer Cold, Horn Drill
                                  Everything else including Sand Attack and the Sand Veil/Snow Cloak ability are legal.

                                  gnpl Species Clause
                                  Each Pokemon must be of a different species. Different Pokedex number means it's a different species.

                                  gnpl Item Clause
                                  By far the most common non-standard rule, item clause states that each Pokemon on the team must be holding a different item from one another. So no double leftovers or focus sash. Items that do the same thing but aren't the same, such as Leftovers and Black Sludge, are allowed.

                                  gnpl h4x Clause
                                  The following items are banned:
                                  Lax Incense, Brightpowder, Razor Fang, King's Rock, Razor Claw, Scope Lens, Quick Claw, Focus Band

                                  gnpl Self OHKO Clause
                                  This mostly only applies to tournaments. It's used to break ties. If both players are down to their last Pokemon and one uses a move that kills itself, such as Explosion, Self-Destruct, Destiny Bond, or Memento, the trainer who used that move is considered the loser in the match.

                                  gnpl Tier Clause
                                  Only the following Pokemon may/may not be used:
                                  OU (Over Used), BL (Border Line), UU (Under Used), RU (Rarely Used), NU (Never Used)
                                  The GNPL follows this tier list for categorizing Pokemon into tiers.
                                  OU battle: Only Pokemon from OU or below are allowed. Ubers are banned.
                                  RU battle: Only Pokemon from RU or below are allowed. Ubers, OU, BL, and UU Pokemon are banned.
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                                  gnpl gnpl ; APPLYING FOR A GYM LEADER POSITION )

                                  DO NOT apply if you do not have a team prepared for battle upon gym approval.
                                  If you don't have 6 Pokemon you can take battles with the INSTANT we give you a badge, then don't bother sending in an app until you do.
                                  However, you will be given a day or two in which you may set up your gym without having to take battles.
                                  If you would like to apply, please PM GNPL with the following:

                                  gnpl Gym Leader Name: (What you want your leader name to be)
                                  gnpl Link to profile: (A url to your Gaia profile)
                                  gnpl Wanted badge: (Please list 3 badges in order of preference)
                                  gnpl Earned badges: (must have 5 or more to be considered)
                                  gnpl Other: (Anything else you want to tell us, ask us, etc.)
                                  gnpl Sprite Code or Image :
                                  (If you do not have a Trainer Sprite, see the Links section in
                                  order to arrange to have one made. You have 7 days if selected
                                  to create/request one and submit it to GNPL/a moderator or your badge is revoked.)

                                  You may request a badge once you have received
                                  a total of 5 badges from any 5 leaders.

                                  This shows us that you're skilled as well as dedicated
                                  AND you have a team ready to take battles pending your promotion.
                                  Also, please note that if you are not a thread regular,
                                  you are the least of priorities and will not be accepted
                                  unless you become an active member of the thread.
                                  Do not count on showing up on your first day and submitting
                                  an application with expectations of being hired that day.
                                  If you're interested in a position, please stay around if you
                                  want to even be remotely considered.

                                  We don't respond to applications unless there is a
                                  question about them. So PLEASE, do not ask if we've received it.
                                  We save every application we receive if it has been filled
                                  out correctly, and we will review them once we decide to
                                  make a gym leader update.

                                  As a gym leader, you may request a badge switch.
                                  Once you have been switched, you carry your record with you.
                                  This includes the badges you've earned and who's earned your badge.
                                  Please do not get carried away switching back and forth to different badges.
                                  In addition to the above, you must run any custom clauses
                                  you may have in your gym by mods for approval.
                                  Failure to follow these regulations may result in revocation
                                  of your badge owning privileges.

                                  Listed below are the leaders for Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova.

                                  Gym Leaders do NOT have
                                  to match a type to their badge,
                                  so be wary when battling.

                                  gnpl __ : KANTO
                                  User Image
                                  Boulder Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Brian (Silenced by the man)

                                  User Image
                                  Cascade Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Improv (Mr_Improv)

                                  User Image
                                  Thunder Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Mare (Marekenshin)

                                  Rainbow Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  User Image
                                  Soul Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Mothim (Mothim Claus)

                                  User Image
                                  Marsh Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader TomStar (Teqkilla)

                                  User Image
                                  Volcano Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader E-Lo (E-Lo)

                                  User Image
                                  Earth Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Hikuro (Hikuro Uchiha)

                                  gnpl __ : JOHTO

                                  User Image
                                  Zephyr Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Avalith (Avalith_Gale)

                                  User Image
                                  Hive Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Jomei (Jomei_S)

                                  User Image
                                  Plain Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Dot (Dotaitos)

                                  Fog Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  Storm Badge User Image
                                  Owner : RECRUITING

                                  User Image
                                  Mineral Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Kadaj (kadaj5)

                                  User Image
                                  Glacier Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Cap (Captaen)

                                  User Image
                                  Rising Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Matt (Ambush Reallity)

                                  gnpl __ : HOENN
                                  User Image
                                  Stone Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Neo (NeoDeathAngel)

                                  User Image
                                  Knuckle Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Bustah (Bustaah)

                                  Dynamo Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  User Image
                                  Heat Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Josh (Nightmare Gunner)

                                  User Image
                                  Balance Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Eric (Whomper)

                                  User Image
                                  Feather Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Panic (Panic!_at_the_Tragedy)

                                  User Image
                                  Mind Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Blaarg8891 (blaarg8891)

                                  User Image
                                  Rain Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Cosmos (Kyubii Kitsune)

                                  gnpl __ : SINNOH
                                  Coal Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  User Image
                                  Forest Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Demise (An Elegant Demise)

                                  Cobble Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  Fen Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  Relic Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  Mine Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  Icicle Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  User Image
                                  Beacon Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Kakeyo (Kakeyo Silverton)

                                  gnpl __ : UNOVA
                                  Tri Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  Basic Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  User Image
                                  Beetle Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Alagaesha (Alagaesha)

                                  User Image
                                  Bolt Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Astarotte (Astarotte no Omocha)

                                  Quake Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  User Image
                                  Jet Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Narati (Narati Suzuki)

                                  Ice Badge User Image
                                  Owner: RECRUITING

                                  User Image
                                  Legend Badge User Image
                                  Owner: Gym Leader Runeis (Runeis)
Just out of curiosity, where is the discussion in this thread? This is Gaming Discussion. While it is nicely laid out, it is still a Battle Thread.
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                                  Links In:

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                                  User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.



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lmbo @ a guy with the word "Nihilistic" in his name trying to lay down the law.




I have achieved motion spriting abilities ^_^ God bless Photoshop/image maker. Anyone who might want an overworld sprite let me know. ^_~


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