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I Would Have To Go For MGS4, It's Amazing.

They Could Have Done Better With the Online Though...
4th was my favorite.
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I absolutely loved 2. They should remake them like they did with the Resident Evil games.
I rank them in this order

1. MGS
2. Guns of The Patriots
3. Snake Eater
4. Sons of Liberty
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.
Probably MGS4, purely for the bro fight at the end.
wait i needa read that again
Ummmmmm i guess 2
all of them
Metal Gear Solid: Best movie series evar!
I like Snake Eater the best. But I have a soft spot for Twin Snakes and Guns of the Patriots heart

Hell, I have a soft spot for all MGS games
. sweatdrop

2 is okay. I like Raiden.. User Image
Trainer Kaaru
Probably MGS4, purely for the bro fight at the end.

Laughing Octopus Was Too Easy In MGS4 Though.
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i love metal gear solid 4 but wats up with the twin snake is mgs 2 just a continuation of the 1
MGS1 is still the best. ninja

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