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Dragonborn DLC

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more boop.
When I first got the game at launch, I was wandering around Whiterun and I came across mammoths for the first time. I was all like "coooooool, let's kill it!"

I went all stealth and nailed the mammoth in the a** with an arrow. My eyes popped when I saw that I did pretty much no damage to it. I decided to hide behind a rock and shoot him in the eyes until he died, but that plan was soon shattered when another mammoth snuck around and slammed into my frail level 3 body. He killed me so hard, it literally launched me flailing into the stratosphere. I don't remember how high I got exactly, but I thought I was becoming one with the clouds it was so high.

I could never replicate this experience, but I could get close with giants. However, they could not even get close to how high that mammoth sent me.
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I got my horse stuck on top of cloud ruler temple
I got my horse stuck on top of cloud ruler temple

Lol that's upsetting.

more boop.

booping intensifies.
Can't remember whether I've posted this one here before, but whatevs...

You know those clubs the giants are carrying? Well, these is one which your follower can pick up and use. So, naturally I had to make that magic happen.

Then one day as I was wandering around Solstheim with my gaint club, carrying companion, we met a dragon. I charged in with my stalhrim hammer raised in the air, ready for some epic dragon action... I hit the dragon a few times and them, out of ******** nowhere, the dragon flies up into the air (not like fly like flapping is wings, but as someone sending it flying) and chrashes down a mountain. I was so shocked I aske if the dragon was okay, and turning around I see Cicero, with his smug little smile, running towards me with the club raised in the air. It was hilarious.

And then there was another time, less epic and more terrifying. I was fighting a dragon, and as I am aiming my arrow at it, it flies straight above me, straight towards the ground, and really thought the dragon would squish me to death with it's head, heading straight towards me.

Oh, and another epic moment was when I had Ralis Sedarys with me as a follower, and I had given him some sweet armour and he was dual weilding two daedric daggers. Anyways, you know that cocky orc by the name lf Mogrul who wants your money? Well, I got so fed up with him, I just cut him open right then and there at the street, and then the pary started. Every guard, including that orcs bodyguard, wanted to kill me, but I was to busy raging at Mogruls dead body ( by continuing to hack away uselessly at his already dead body, while repeating "die" over and over again) to care. After a few more moments of released, pent up anger, I heard the fighting music calming down. Curious, I looked up and saw that every last guard was dead (except the captain of course, since he can't die) and Ralis just casually walking towards me like he had not just killed all the guards on his own. Ralis can die too, so it wasn't like he went down on his knee a few times, no, he just straight up owned those bitches. (In fact, Ralis can apparently kill my summoned dremora in two hits...) I ******** love Ralis, man, the only non-essential follower I actually feel is competent enough to not die on me.
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I was walking out by the Lake House Manor in Falkreath when I saw a dragon that was flailing madly about but the only part of it that was visible was it's head and neck because the rest of it was under the ground. It then died and I absorbed it's soul.

Another time was when I finally saw the townspeople "honoring" some guy that had died, but he was a thief and they were petting his butt.
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A lot of people here are going to look back at their encounters in Skyrim mainly because people probably never played the games prior.

Mine however is the same situation that a lot of people new to the series years ago who played Morrowind encountered and really was the first time I was like "Holy s**t! That can happen?!"

Out of the first town that you're in, if you go a certain way you will come across a dead mage. You rob him of his robes and a spell book that increases your acrobatics by a ton. Then you decide to jump only to set yourself up to a likely demise from fall damage.
I really enjoy how much this thread has grown
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Random moments I've screencapped:
Lydia getting the killing blow on a dragon
A dragon landed in my front lawn, and my housecarl Gregor snatched an artifact off one of the display racks inside to use.
The very first aurora I saw was on the way up to High Hrothgar to meet the Greybeards. Since I'd never seen one in Skyrim before, I thought it was scripted scenery.
This happened in Oblivion, just started a stealth character, and since no perk was needed to steal items off of their body, I stole their clothes.

Once noticing their lack of garments, they said, "Hmm, must have been the wind."
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aww i sooo gotta get it... sounds like so much fun


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