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All the time when I used to play Black Ops a girl would come on and the guys either made kitchen jokes or started flirting with her.
Some even said she sucked or she was a dumb b***h for being better than them.
How being a "gamer girl" was bad. I never really got it, girls are the best people to play with in my experience.

Ever played Black Ops Zombies with a girl? It's amazingly hilarious.

But yeah, have you ever had a bad experience as a gamer girl?
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I wish someone would called me a gamer girl emo
DAMN MY p***s!
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honestly i've never had that happen....though i don't usually go around announcing my gender like i need a special award because i have boobs and can play video games at the same time. (fun fact: i can also walk and chew gum!)
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no one has ever called me a gamer girl, lol
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nah never. i play games and im a girl. so what? enjoy the ******** game.
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only people I actually talk too, on a daily basis, know I play video games so it not a problem plus I don't play FPS so I do not use the headset thing.
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Who gives a s**t? People are almost always assholes in Black Ops multiplayer. Boohoo, someone made an insult at me regarding my v****a! How will I live with myself?!

Get the ******** over it.
No one has ever called me a gamer girl but I wouldn't really care either way.
Though I find girls who flaunt themselves as gamer girls to be quite annoying and attention-whorish.
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I think the whole idea of needing to differentiate girls who play games and "gamer girls" is becoming ridiculous. It's born from a need to defer real gamers from the girls who play games just to be cool, like there's a bloody difference! At the end of the day, if you're in the game to enjoy it or you're in the game to enjoy the title it bestows upon you, it still means we all get to enjoy games and have a common language to discuss, despite whether you truly love games or just play games so you can talk that language. It's no different than someone watching a football match with their friends just so they can enjoy the atmosphere of the room regardless of the person's personal like/dislike of the sport. No one would oust you from a room just because you couldn't name the line-up of the team from memory, so why do we need to feel this stupid requirement that we have to make the few number of girls comfortable being into games even fewer by adding terms so we can keep our ******** sandbox free of "fake gamer cooties"?

You don't need to be a "gamer" to play games. Get over it.
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No, no one calls me that. I hide my gender because I just want to play the damn game.
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I avoid girl gamers in real life because I fear we might actually have something in common. ******** all that, I just need a b***h who can make me a sammich
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User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.Never bin through that... Wouldn't care either... Ppl also call me "man" or "dude" mistaking me for a G.I.R.L. character every now and then... Usually it's just best to respond to it just the same if you don't plan on becoming friends anyway... Just like when you're being called "gamer girl" or "noob" or something like that... It ain't a big deal... cat_sweatdrop

Though I don't really hide my gender (my behavior kinda gives it away anyway), I'm not shouting all around like "hey I'm a girl either"... Usually it just comes out after a good conversation... Or last time I just kinda just spit it out (in terms of typing) when a guy in my guild was mistaking me for a gay guy... And if guys get too interested, they'll just get the cold shower they deserve (links to images like a banana cutter is more then enough for that)... cat_razz

I guess the way you act also has to do with how you get treated... Cause most ppl treat me like they threat any other person out there no matter what game I play even when they know I'm a female (like it's that rare these days anyway) so I can't really complain... cat_3nodding

[******** all that, I just need a b***h who can make me a sammich

Woman can play games AND provide their own cooked food... Who's the winner here? emotion_awesome
Seriously though... You guys seem to have no problem in maxing your cooking skills in a game... Yet it seems like you guys can't even get off your fat lazy asses, march yourself into the kitchen, and make yourself a goddamn sammich that even a 6-year-old could easily make? cat_neutral

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