The Bugs:
1. Binding to Tab (good): Well this is actually a good bug, In the help menu it stats that you can't bind a command to the TAB key, but in reality you can (at least in FireFox). It simply shows a blank box after you bind it, but I use it as my "Select Next Enemy" command and it works just fine.
note: as for the other two "unbindable" keys, F1 gives an error and esc leaves the command unbound.

2. Saving Preferences (bad): When I close and reopen my game, my key bindings are automatically reset to the default, even if I click the SAVE button in the options menu. It would be nice if my settings were actually saved throughout sessions, and I thought I read somewhere that it was supposed to save them.
note: perhaps this may have to do with me binding a key to TAB, as I haven't tried saving without it bound. I tested it without TAB bound to anything and it still didn't save.

3. Re-binding (ugly): If you try to bind a key to the same thing it is already bound to, the game screams at you that the key is already bound to something else and forces you to unbind it or bind it to something else. It should probably just leave it as what it was without any scary messages.

Operating System:
Windows XP SP3

Internet Browser:
Mozilla Firefox v3.0.3

Thank you, and let me know if you have any more questions!