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This happened to me today on an insane puzzle and I just about lost it because I've had it happen before and know nothing can be done.

The one solution I have found is really time consuming and best done at the end when the piece(s) that has been lost is the only one left. I moved my whole puzzle so that the column missing the piece was up against the side where the piece was lost and the bottom row was at the bottom. Then I moved the whole column off beyond the "borders" of the screen. I moved it in tiny increments up until I was almost off screen with it, then I pushed one more column over and moved it slowly down. Eventually, I "caught" the missing piece with the almost complete puzzle.

This method can take forever though and almost isn't worth it unless the puzzle took you forever to almost finish in the first place. The lost pieces haven't totally disappeared though, they're just lost off to one side off screen.
im missing 9 puzzle pieces. ive pressed the shuffle, ive closed the window, ive restarted my computer and nothing is working. crying
my ENTIRE puzzle just went missing. most tragic day of my gaia life sad
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Freeking jigsaw is my fav to play cause I love puzzles but I'm really mad because twice now I have been unable to finish my puzzle due to missing pieces! the first time I accidentally moved pieces off the visible work area. This second time I didn't even notice they were missing until the very end. I didn't do anything with them and shuffle isn't moving them back into the visible work area!!! I want my puzzle pieces and I want my Gaia coins!!! freeking FIX THIS ISSUE by fixing how the puzzle game is formatted or whatever!!!! scream
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I know it is almost as if the moderator doesn't care any more, what the heck are we supposed to do boycott jigsaw puzzles? I love doing them but I don't want to if I lose pieces.
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Press 'Shuffle" if the piece does not show up try changing the background colour so the piece stands out and moving the rest of the puzzle around. (If your playing from a continued game the pieces overlap) rinse repeat, if that does nothing, then I've got no idea.
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I was playing the hardest level for a few hours and the last piece went missing. I want to start new one's, but then I would lose all of that work. The Shuffle button did nothing for me. sad
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shuffle has never helped me either...never
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long live the queen!
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Retracting my earlier reply, recently while completing an insane puzzle the last piece went "missing" and in this case shuffles didn't work I tried multiple times also changing the background and moving the rest of the completed puzzle around. In the end I just gave up and started a new puzzle. The only thing I lost was my faith in shuffle to be the solution. sweatdrop No reason to make a big deal of it.
So what I am getting seems to be a common problem. Shuffle does not work, nor does refreshing the page or anything else. I even tried swearing in the text box to get the Moderates to look. From reading this forum I am also getting that the people to run Gaia have apparently not been reading this.
This has caused me to be rather disappointed in Gaia. I had hoped that it was better run.
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happend to me too a couple of times and shuffling didnĀ“t help...
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i did a puzzle on very hard paused it cause i had to leave came back finish it but when i finshed it i didn't get the money scream
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I have not been able to play on the highest difficulty since each time I get to about 20% completion, the puzzle pieces begin to disappear. I'm not talking one or two. I'm talking every other time I click, POOF another one disappears.

I always start by separating into piles by color and put together the border as i find them. Once I hit 20% and start to attempt to put together the rest of the puzzle, I see flickers and am able to watch pieces disappear out of the piles, or out from under my mouse in a few cases.

This is extremely frustrating. It's also not isolated to the Insane difficulty, I've had it happen on hard and normal as well, but less frequent.


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