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The bug
When trying to join a server or play alone, a message pops up.
Either it says "The server is not responding" or " Server security error"

Screenshots from another thread (http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/bug-report-technical-support/jigsaw/t.80717645/) :


Operating system

Windows 7

Interner/Web browser

Google Chrome

Flash Version

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Same prob here :/
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Same here, been trying more than once. No result stare
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been having this issue for 2 days now. I think it's the servers themselves, since no computer in my house can play jigsaw.

Tested OS's:


google chrome
Android browser
Skyfire for android
Safari 4.0

flash version on all is as high as I can get it. I even tried installing the older versions of flash, starting with flash 8, but it doesnt seem to make a difference. Maybe the servers are just down? The number of players is always 105 for server 1, and 107 for server 2, and hasn't changed yet, so I dont know what the hell's happening. Guess I get to do tiles until it's back up.....
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Im having the same problem too... It worked earlier this week. Im running windows 7 and chrome
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Same problems and I'm on a mac Lion OS using Safari. I tried looking for any official feedback about this issue and haven't see anything. If anyone comes across a mod responding could they please link to it. I'm hoping there will be an eta of the games return as I have seen a few people mention this has been an issue for days.
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I'm also having problems, it was just on and off, then it's been "Sever not responding" everytime since yesterday morning.
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Same issue as well. As another poster said, it's likely the servers themselves...unless all of our computers are broken. xp
It's wierd because even though i try clicking 'play alone' it still says the servers aren't responding even though i don't want to join a server. And my laptop is being unecessarily slow today, which is strange because it's never this slow. so i don't know whether there's something acting up on my laptop or whether it's gaia. The other games i've played seemed to work fine... stare

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