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With the newest version of Gaia Fishing, there's definitely bound to be some errors floating around in there, and for those who encounter these errors, you're itching to report them and get the admins' attention.

Well here's your chance! If you come across an error, please answer the two questions. Be as descriptive and specific as possible, and include what you were doing or trying to do before getting the error and the type of error you got(Unable to save, unable to access game, etc.).

Where Were you fishing?:
When did the Game Crash? (While it was loading or In game):
(If applicable) What OS were you running the game on?:
(If applicable) What browser were you using?:
(If applicable) What version flash player do you have installed?:

For fishing instructions, go here:
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Technical Support

Flash 7 Plugin Downloading

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP:
AOL and Internet Explorer

Mac OS
OS X - Internet Explorer/Safari/Netscape/Mozilla/Opera
OS 9 - Internet Explorer/Safari/Netscape/Mozilla/Opera

Linux x86:
Mozilla 1.2

Sun Solaris (Sparc):
Mozilla 1.4

Sun Solaris (Intel x86):
Mozilla 1.4

Currently Glitch/Bug Updates - Updated July 10th, 2005

  1. Unable to access multiplayer (novarren)
    Some people are having problems accessing multiplayer, getting the "Game In Play" glitch in some locations, apparently this is a possible problem if you tend to quit/save and quit in the middle of a game. Its said if you make sure to do a full bucket and let it auto-save, this should not be a problem
    Workaround: Go to the fishing store. If you get a screen beforehand, click the "override" setting. Try again. If it doesn't work, singleplayer fishing should be fine.
    Reporting: If you still are having problems with multiplayer fishing in multiple locations, you may report it here:
    Please read all of the first post before reporting it to that thread.

  2. Multiplayer fishing not saving (novarren)
    Some people have been reporting that playing multiplayer fishing, they cannot save their buckets, however single player seems to save buckets fine.

  3. Fishing Buckets are not always saved (D bait?)
    Users are reporting that when fishing with D bait, although the scores are recorded, the fish are not being saved to their inventory. There have been a few reports that indicate it may not only be D bait as well. There are no known workarounds for this at the moment.

  4. List of older problems
    Sevi Rais
    • ~Buckets of fish disappearing
    • ~Certain buttons not showing up
    • ~Saving your catches? Maybe?

    • Can't use < in a chat room, it will not enter and will block all text after it entered from appearing.
    • The "single/multi player" window and the "Join/create" window wont disappear.

  5. Fish Exchange - Trading In
    Some people are reporting that they're not able to trade in for items when reaching their # of items normal for trade in, such as 100 guppies or what not
    UPDATE: Possibly fixed

  6. General Error
    Upon playing the game and possibly attemting to save, some people report this error:
    Game saved, but
    failed saving user statistics. Table
    'anihq.fishing_stats_0505' doesn't exist

    Game could not be saved. Sorry for the
    Please note that its been said that you still do indeed keep the fish that you made in that game, however it doesnt record it to your fishing stats in the store supposedly.
    UPDATE: Fixed I believe, havnt seen anything on it in a little while.
I had a glich about an hour ago, where after I finished fishing, I went to the store to sell my fish, and I had sold everything but my one tire, and my 4 black pebbo's. After I sold my tire, all of a sudden my black pebbo's wern't there, not to click on, not to see, and I even refreshed.

I'm running Windows XP, my browser if Mozilla Firefox, I have a cable internet connection, wirelessly networked to my laptop... no firewalls.

Edit: One day later, happened again, my 4 black pebbos dissapeard after I sold my two tires... this is not cool...
A short while ago, I deployed a D bait in the Durem Reclaimation facility. I filled a bucket, with several pebbo feeders--three or four of them black--a Pyrite Biter, and various other fish/junk.

After the game saved, I clicked "quit" on the bait selection screen.

The game did not save my catches.

I know I can't get the fish back, probably, but I am running under IExplorer--I'll edit with the version when I find out--run Windows 98, and don't think I have any variety of firewall.
You cant say < in the chatrooms. xd
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Where Were you fishing? biggrin urem.
When did the Game Crash? (While it was loading or In game): It didn't crash, it's not updating my fish/junk stats.
A player 0. Both in the list of players (I had 2 at one point). I think both were in the room at one point (the second one definately was) and the P0 pic shows up off the left side of the screen.
I cant enter in a multi-player game y plz reply
i had the weirdest glitch

i was fishing and i had bought 5 F baits. i had 3 buckets filled up before i left the game window.. then when i went to check how many fish i had caught.. it only registered the last bucket i had caught and 2 buckets of fish before just dissapeared...
so i lost 2 entire buckets full of fish. T.T crying
i lost a bucket of fish from durem crying
i lost a bucket of fish from durem crying

my bucket had so many trouts and pink seekinds.. im so depressed now crying . i would have gone crazy if they had rare fish. i want to scream.
i just started gaia 4 days ago and the only thing i know about this place is fishing and posting. now i cant even fish witout loosing my fish.
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I too am having problems with multiplayer; it comes back after a few seconds from attempting to join a pier in Durem and says that it couldn't connect.
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I too am having problems with multiplayer; it comes back after a few seconds from attempting to join a pier in Durem and says that it couldn't connect.

Divabat and I want to play, and we're also having the same problem. Thanks.
You cant trade in 100 red guppies for a hat.. Maybe this isnt a glitch, maybe you need more, I don't know.. but just reporting it to be on the safe side
Where Were you fishing?: Bass'ken
When did the Game Crash? (While it was loading or In game): It didn't crash. It isn't saving my catches though. I've lost two buckets in the last hour. I was using D bait and it subtracted them from my totals. I'm not so much worried about the fish, but I'm competing for a trophy this month and my scores didn't register either. I can see other people's scores moving though so I know it isn't a system wide problem. It was registering my scores and catches earlier too. It is just in the last hour and a half that I've had a problem.

Help! I need to fish. crying

EDIT: It will save anything I catch with F bait, but not anything I catch with D bait (I have not tried fishing with A bait). I fished once with F and it saved my catch and my scores. Then i went back to D bait and it did not save my catches or my scores.

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