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I have hughesnet and am in the same boat as the rest of you. I wish they would work together to get it fixed.
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I have HughesNet too, I used to play back when we only had dialup but it got annoying with the really long load times, figured that when i got HughesNet it'd be better but sadly no. I've almost quit Gaia because of it.
so it looks like hughesnet is the biggest problem gaia has faced to far, damn you satalite, i have been looking around and nothing I have found can fix this problem.
I have Hughesnet as well, sadly. sad I can get on to towns, but no rally or Zomg! I haven't tried any other games yet on Hughes yet...I REALLY wanna get onto Zomg!.. I hope this is fixed soon.
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Omg. Someone fix this.
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I don't know what i have but i can't get into Zomg, Virtual hollywood,The Rally,or any of that stuff... oh i just got into Towns hang on...
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Towns is the only chatting place (besides the games) that i can get on.
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I 2 suffer the same with hughesnet I mean their is like a 2k ping but how Gaia's flash games are and so lowed in detail it's bull.... I mean you can play Runescape and all Aeria games just fine might be a lagg from hell and back when your charcter is in a big crowded area but I mean litterly just these flash games alone not able to connect to the server.... My mom even plays facebook games just fine no lag no trouble she just sits their and enjoys life cause she can play her games just fine....
I know these posts are semi-old but has anyone seem to find a cure for the hughesnet problem? stare
I know it's been about month since the last post, but I'm having the same problem. I also use Hughesnet, which really sucks for online gaming. I went to a public wi-fi place and it worked perfectly, but it doesn't work at all here.

Town still works, but it sometimes has longish loading times. The one game that works pretty well on Hughesnet for me is RuneScape, and it only has very minimal lag for commands. (Click cook anchovieswalk here.etc has a lag of around one second.)

So I know that my Internet works great on certain games, so Gaia Online must be fixable somehow. I'd love to be able to go fishingplay pinball without having to drive to the library to use the wi-fi there.
i think that gaia team dont want to help us because they dont know how.i have a 2012 gaming pc
and still cant get on.
glad to know others are having the same problems - helps me know its not my internet smile

for me i can get a game up but after a random short time the i get a 'cannot connect to server' message. reeeally annoying when 1/2 way through a hard puzzle grrrr
I have a feeling that Gaia knows about this problem a long time ago and I'm sure they will NEVER fix it! They don't care about it! I mean, people have been complaining for almost 6-7 years! XD I'll just forget about it...
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Sigh. Another person popping in to say I have Hughes Net and can't connect to the games. So frustrating. Like others said, I can connect to other flash games just fine. I'm pretty sure at this point though, nothing's going to be done about it and we're just SOL.
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I think it is because of Satellite Internet... Such as Wild Blue and Hughesnet. I have Hughesnet. I cant play any Gaia Games, however when I connect wireless at my College, it works. It also works at my friends house when I connect to his DSL... I honestly think it is Satellite Problem due to the lag you recieve when trasmitting your connection from Dish to Satellite.

SOUL. emotion_donotwant
I have hughesnet too..We originally had AOL at first,then AT& T,and before,they worked fine,despite towns never worked razz ,but..pffft,nothing works right on my end..well Gaia anyway,every other site works fine.. emotion_donotwant

I do have something that could assist you hon! I noticed that Hughesnet connects the best and fastest in the morning..from 4 up to 11.If you're lucky it connects until 12 to 1...but after that,it falls down to maybe 15kb per second..if youre lucky. stare And at night,Avoid anything involving downloading,because it's at it's lowest then.

Maybe..if we somehow connect at it's strongest point,it could load better? I dont exactly know..
All I know is,this is a terrible internet service poor people are stuck with because they live out a bit,we live right next to the city,yet..they dont come out here,and it's a main town neighborhood..wow AT&T..just..wow. confused

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