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King Joffrey Baratheon
he's just one of those kids you want to push off a roof
Are you referring to the Stark brat? Shame the fall did not kill him.

No, just you.
Ahahahahahaha Joffery got hit in the face. YES!!!! I loved it!
Ahahahahahaha Joffery got hit in the face. YES!!!! I loved it!

Hummm let me think, that makes it 3 slaps so far righ or was it four. rofl
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I live for Joffery being bitched slapped!! Hehehe.
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Argh! Who in the world can like him?

He's this little proud, arrogant, ulgy especially since his parent's are related by blood, so theoretically he should have a lot of genetic deformatives. That's probably why his face is so deformed, and he probably has multiple sclerosis.

Not to mention his arrogance makes him a weak king.
Especially when he's stupid enough to cut off another lord's head. Only arrogant little b*****d (He is bascially a b*****d child since his parents never married as well) is dumb enough to initiate such a stupid mistake!
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hate Joffrey, he needs 2 die...and is it me,or is there a lot of hatted joffrey forums out there? lol there should be a guild 4the ppl who hate Joffrey.i finished the 1st seson and he is such a doushebag at the end.if it was posible 2 go in2 a show or book or something and kill him i'd sooooo do that.
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I do not want to be a queen.

We all dislike him intensely.

I want to be the Queen.
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King Joffrey Baratheon
R u u l i g a t o r
King Joffrey Baratheon

But I quite like my tongue. So I think I'll keep it. You can have my sense of humility though, as you seem to lack one. Oh, and take my wits as well, your grace, because I have yet to see yours. <3
*Aims crossbow at*

Ouch, Joff. I think you need some Ice for that burn. heart

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