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think of the most evil and inhuman torture and times that by 30. that is what Joffrey deserves.
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King Joffrey Baratheon

I see your expression has evolved a little bit. Did you have some bad dreams about that cat and her kittens?
King Joffrey Baratheon
Am I the only one that thinks Joffrey is hands down one of the most evil spoiled, inbreed brat ever and just needs to be took out now like a like the mad king? wink

I must agree. I think I hate him more than any other character in the series so far. stressed
Wait until Ramsay Bolton is introduced.

They introduced him in the last episode but they didn't show who he really is yet.

I think that someone needs to roast Bolton on a stick.

He really did a number on Theon. Though, I have little remorse for Theon after he killed 2 innocent children. On one hand, I can understand Theon wanting to take advantage of the situation and get back into his father's good graces. On the other hand, the Starks, while he was their captive, never did anything to harm him. They gave him the same schooling and training that they gave their own children. They fed him at their table and were over all very kind to him. I hated that he betrayed Rob. They were friends, I know he felt a little conflicted about it...but it leaves a bad taste in your mouth.
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King Joffrey Baratheon
FUHK YES!!!!!!!!!!
I hate the ******** out that ******** kid.
Jeeez I just want to drop kick him. lol

Whining little biiiiittccchhhh. D:<
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King Joffrey Baratheon
Voldermort has killed hundreds, mentally raped a boy for 17 years, tortures others/children and has hurt animals.

I am not that bad.

you know what? when i think about Theon Greyjoy's treacheries to the Stark family... I must say... in some ways, i would consider him an equal if not worse monster than you. In your defense, you're 13.. obviously lacking in both wisdom and maturity. Greyjoy? He's probably about 19, and he totally knew better. He's just arrogant, egotistical, and was willing to screw over the people he knew best.

like.. i mean... I could see Your Grace shaming Sansa for her witnessing you being shamed by her sister. Ok. But theon? his treacheries in the north are really dispicable. You wouldn't look for such cruelty from the hands as someone such as him; and yet... he has done them. I almost am afraid to read what further acts of backstabbing he has yet to exact.

Thing is, Theon doesn't enjoy it, and besides backstabbing the Starks his douchiness sort of ends there.

Plus, once you get to A Dance With Dragons, you start to REALLY feel bad for Tyrion, to the point that you may even regret what you just said (I'm just going under the assumption you've not read the last book yet)

If you really, REALLY, want to know what he goes through to become such a sympathetic character, allow me to explain.

(Spoilers in White)

Theon is taken captive by Ramsay, flayed alive, then as the skin around his fingers start to burst out into pain and sores, he tries to bite his own fingers off to end the pain. Ramsay gets annoyed that he didn't come to him begging to lose his fingers and so has almost all of his teeth broken in for it. Then, after losing most of the fingers on his left hand and a great deal of his toes individually, he's trapped in a dungeon for days and forced to either eat rats alive or starve. He's released after a few more weeks, and "trained" to become Ramsay's new "Reek". He is given dirty clothes that he is told he cant change out of or clean on ANY occasion, and you constantly here him mentally "Remind himself" about what his "new name" is. ( "Reek. Reek. It rhymes with weak." ) He goes half mad and is afraid of ANYONE who's kind to him because he's worried it's just Ramsay trying to test if he's loyal.

Seriously, you almost want to give the guy a hug and tell him it's okay after all that.

(End of Spoilers)
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Am I the only one that thinks Joffrey is hands down one of the most evil spoiled, inbreed brat ever and just needs to be took out now like a like the mad king? wink

You know until the most recent episode (shouldn't be spoilers with that) I thought a lot of what he did was pretty jerk like but justified. Now though I've joined the boat of 'man I hope that kid dies'.
I believe this is all that is needed.
User Image
I believe this is all that is needed.
User Image

and this

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loved seeing him get slapped by his mother.
I don't know what will happen, so I just patiently wait for his head to fall off one day or another.
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Am I the only one that thinks Joffrey is hands down one of the most evil spoiled, inbreed brat ever and just needs to be took out now like a like the mad king? wink

No, I agree with you. He is a spoiled brat. And poor Sansa has to agree with everything he says. You can tell that she wants to tell Tyrian the truth. "I hate his guts for what he did to my father. I hope my brother kills him." blaugh
rolleyes Go read the books....I'm not the evilest character.
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At least, I know that he will die and he will get what coming to him. I was kind of gross out of the inbreed thing, which I know that back in the days that royal families actually did that. To me, that still hella nasty. To bad that they didn't know that incest increased risk of death and disability at least in part due to genetic diseases, or defects.
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I can understand being drunk with power, I can even forgive him threatening to kill his mother after she slapped him in the middle of the throne room. Given that he was very suddenly given power, is likely a bit derpy with the incestuous parents, and the basic principle that it takes a very strong person to not abuse his position, he just needs a bit of a beat down for a return to reality.

The true showing that he's a sick pup? How he treated the whores that Tyrion sent him. That's inhumane. She'll likely be scarred for life if there's anything left down there at all.
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It's not that he's the worst... but there are several serious things wrong with him on a fundamental level.

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