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So, who is your favourite?

Cercie 0.048128342245989 4.8% [ 9 ]
Dany 0.27272727272727 27.3% [ 51 ]
Arya 0.2620320855615 26.2% [ 49 ]
Sansa 0.10160427807487 10.2% [ 19 ]
Ygritte 0.010695187165775 1.1% [ 2 ]
Brienne 0.15508021390374 15.5% [ 29 ]
Melisandre 0.016042780748663 1.6% [ 3 ]
Margaery 0.074866310160428 7.5% [ 14 ]
Catelyn 0.021390374331551 2.1% [ 4 ]
Olenna 0.037433155080214 3.7% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 187 ]
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Margaery actually turned out to be really interesting, which is a bit different from how I saw her in the books. Tbh, I think Margaery is the one character the writers of the show managed to improve. That being said, I'm also a huge fan of book Shae and Daenerys as well.
Well, my favorite was Shae.

But then I read the third book. And, well.. burning_eyes
Unfortunately I'm not yet caught up in the books, so I can't judge that yet, but in the show it's a close tie between Daenerys and Brienne.

But that said, both of the Stark girls are great, all of the wildlings- and Melisandre- intrigue me, Mergeary and Olenna are a joy to watch, and though Cersei can be a little annoying, I love her too. Honestly, there's not many female characters I don't like in this show.
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Sansa and Brienne
Lady Olenna all the way.
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Lady Olenna all the way.

across the sky, oh yeah! yea-a-a-ah!
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I voted for Brienne in the poll, but GOT just has a lot of really interesting ladies
Honestly I love watching Cercie, Sansa, and Arya too.
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Arya has been my favorite since day 1 smile
Danny is a very close second.
I should say Melisandre but I think she's misguided about Stanis and she's too ruthless to be really likable. Still I think she has good intentions
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Arya's only a kid. But she can still use a sword and kill people and survive on her own. Which is just AWESOME. And Dany has her dragons as well biggrin
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I have such a hard time choosing between Olenna, Dany, and Arya. emotion_facepalm
I love them all so much.
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That's difficult because I really love Dany, Melisandre, Margaery, Olenna and Arya.
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I am wondering if people loved Olenna before she did 'the thing' or because of 'the thing'.
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Brienne definitely!!!
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I have such a hard time choosing between Olenna, Dany, and Arya. emotion_facepalm
I love them all so much.

I agree, it's a tie between Arya and Dany for me! heart
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Dany and Brienne.

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