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Pouncing Lion
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I like Joffrey. Many of the characters in GoT spend time covering their selfishness and evil - Tyron, Dany and the Starks included. Joff is a regular sadist p***y, really. Its refreshing to see someone who doesn't preoccupy themselves with ideas of honor and leadership - he's just a fat ginger kid with a magnifying glass, gleefully frying the ants.The only other man like that is the Hound, but even he has some hint of sensitivity. He's in no way someone I wish to know, but as a character he's excellent because of how his existence pushes people to react.

Thank you for sharing your opinion! It's refreshing to read something like this biggrin I must admit that I agree with you on many things about Joffrey, he is something that I would never wish to know or meet, but it is interesting to see someone who doesn't preoccupy himself with honour and leadership.

That's because he's nuttier than a fruitcake. He was raised to believe he deserved to rule the world. Put the two together and you've got one crazy mofo with a penchant for treating people terribly just because he can.

As for the Hound.....there's more to him than meets the eye. He does what he's told. For now. I have to admit, Sandor Clegane is my favorite character in the entire series. I hope the show does him justice, because he downright rocks in the books.

I hope that they do him justice on the series as well. The Hound is such an amazing character 3nodding I didn't know what to think of him at first, but I really hope that nothing bad happens to him (which, seeing how George R. R. Martin is, will probably happen)

I was sad because Stannis didn't win the battle and get to chop Joffrey's head of crying It's... interesting to see Joffrey's personality, but yeah, in the end he's 'nuttier than a fruitcake', as you put it *nods*

smile i agree - Joff is true sadistic character.

other hand - that true sadist is person who is important in scenario ...

but trully ? smile i was sad when grandpa save's him sad ((
and Hound ... is strange character sad but I will be sad if he die ...
cat_stare *Waffles runs away*
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Love to hate the little b*****d.

////////////With Love////////////
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Waffels i have catnip and chicken for you and lanzer wait for you please come back Waffels crying biggrin
I stopped reading for ages because I hate Joffrey so much.
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Not gonna lie, I am so VERY looking forward to Joffery being poisoned. Here's hoping he claws his throat out like in the book. twisted

OMG! I must know who does it! I haven't gotten that far in the books yet (the books for me are EXTREMELY hard to read)

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