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When we are wild 0.21694915254237 21.7% [ 128 ]
Sleeping in the dirt 0.045762711864407 4.6% [ 27 ]
Growing like a grassblade, reaching for the sun 0.076271186440678 7.6% [ 45 ]
Jumping like it's 3rd grade 0.091525423728814 9.2% [ 54 ]
Running through the fields 0.072881355932203 7.3% [ 43 ]
Oh my little heart was afraid 0.077966101694915 7.8% [ 46 ]
A servant of the sea 0.13898305084746 13.9% [ 82 ]
We will memorize the sparrow's song 0.10677966101695 10.7% [ 63 ]
We will get down and drink from the river, till it's all gone 0.1728813559322 17.3% [ 102 ]
Total Votes:[ 590 ]
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Thankful Deckhand

I'm sorry everyone, but I won't run this thread for some time. I have things to take care of and will have my focus on them. I still want to run this thread and use Gaia, but right now it's not a good time for me.

Thanks for using my thread, especially those who used it often and have been around for years. Hope to see you all later.

User ImageIntroduction:

Jump aboard my lovely boat! What for? There are plenty of things to do around my boat. You can go into my wheelhouse and trade fish with me. If you don't want to trade fish, you can head downstairs and play some of my games. Oh yeah, you can also climb up to the roof of the wheelhouse and maybe finds some free fish. You can hang around and chat too. It gets lonely out here at sea so the company is always welcome. :]

About the Thread:

I first made this thread as a quest thread in 2008. I enjoy playing the fishing game here in Gaia so I felt like giving me a challenge. I though of collecting 30,000 stripers! That's a lot huh. Well, I shortly changed it to 15,000 stripers instead. 30,000 seemed like overkill. I managed to complete that quest back in January of 2009. After a while of not doing anything with the thread I decided to quest once again. This time I went for 7,500 Tunas and some random items here and there. I finished that up on July 11 of 2010. I also kept track of my attempts of winning a fishing trophy here in this thread. My first trophy was won in June of 2008.

Now I want to use this thread to entertain and help other people interested in Gaia Fishing. Whether your on a quest for specific fish or want to help others, I want to help you by trading fish with you. I was happy to see lots of people donate and help me with my quest, that I decided to help others.

Began Questing Gray Stripers again. :]

About Me:

I'll keep this part short. My name is Chris and I'm 24 years old.
I joined Gaia back in 2006 and got into fishing in 2008. Fishing and the people I met in it are the main reason why I continue to use this website. I have trouble talking to people. I don't know, I lack social skills. I love to draw and I totally geek out over video games.

General Thread Rules:

◆ Label all trades you send me. I can't read your mind. Tell me what you want.
◆ Don't be rude and follow Gaia's Terms of Service
◆ I can add new rules as I see fit.
◆ Do not advertise in my thread.
◆ Trades sent to me without using and posting the form will be canceled
◆ I reserve the right to refuse trading with anyone.
◆ You can not give me fish that you received from me.(Must wait 2 weeks before trading them back in) I may still not accept it.
◆ No mule accounts allowed for games, weekly chance, or contests.


I'm not online all the time, please be patient.
Not selling fish.
Feedback to make this thread better is appreciated.


4/16/08 - The Quest Started with 52 Stripers.
4/24/08 - The Giveaway began with 25g in the Jackpot.
4/28/08 - Rules and Announcements added.
7/4/08 - I changed my quest from 30,000 Stripers to 15,000
8/28/08 - Reached 5,000 Stripers
10/18/08 - Reached 10,000 Stripers :]]
10/27/08 - Added 10k Contest
12/20/08 - Christmas Contest Added
12/25/08 - New Year's Contest Added.
1/02/09 - REACHED 15,000 STRIPERS!!
1/12/09 - New Quests Starts!
3/12/09 - Got my Kitsune Mask
3/13/09 - Got my Kong Sang Scarf
3/26/09 - Got my Logan Vest
3/29/09 - Tuna Quest Starts with 152 Tunas. :]
4/19/09 - Got my Chyuku Norrisu Scarf
4/25/09 - Got my Barton Armor.
5/11/10 - Thread opened once again
7/11/10 - Finished my Tuna Quest. 2,500 of each!
11/01/10 - Thread Changed to a Boat Theme.
12/02/10 - Lures Exchange and Christmas Event added.
03/08/11 - My Birthday celebration giveaway began.
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Thankful Deckhand

Vesi Meres's avatar

Thankful Deckhand

User ImageWeekly Chance:

Once a week (Not on weekends) you will get the chance to win some free stuff.
All you have to do is climb up the ladder and reach into the box up there, on top of the wheel house (Image). You'll get 1 of 6 possible things or get unlucky and just get air.

How can you climb up the ladder? Well, just post the following form in the thread and I'll generate a random number between 1 and 7. I'll send you a trade if you won something.

Here is what you may get depending on what number comes up:
1. 10 F bait
2. 10 D bait
3. Air (nothing)
4. 10 Crabs (I Pick)
5. 5 A Baits
6. 5 Jelly (I Pick)
7. 10 Koi (I Pick)

[align=center][size=14][color=#A32900]I'm climbing for you, fishies![/b][/size][/align]

People who have done the weekly chance. : Monday-Friday

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Thankful Deckhand

Fish Bids

Hey there fish head. Do you enjoy fish deals? You do? Well then, you are in luck! The fishing boat will now put up fish for bids in the marketplace at good prices (Cheap).
5 day bid

My store's url:

Bids for Week of 12/30-1/04

Orange Guppy x 50
Brown Bass x 50
Berry Balloonfish x 50
Bubblegum Balloonfish x 50
Peach Balloonfish x 50
Ten-Second Racerfish x 25
By-A-Mile Racerfish x 25
By-An-Inch Racerfish x 25
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Thankful Deckhand

User Image
Fish Trades:

Come inside to my small wheelhouse, Lets stay towards the back wall, so we don't accidentally bump into the throttle and head out to sea. Look at the wall here and see what fish trades I have to offer.


◆ You can only ask for a maximum of 3 type of fish (Colors don't matter) per order.
◆ Please look at my "Fish Stock" post to see how many fish I have.
◆ You must use the following order form to trade with me. It makes it easier for me to get through trades.
◆ After you post an order(s) for 3 types of fish total, you must wait until someone else makes an order before you make another order.
◆ Trades sent to me without using the form will be canceled.
◆ You can not trade in fish you received from me in a previous/past trade. (Must wait 2 weeks before you can trade them back in. (I may still not accept it)
◆ Do not ask for more than what I have available
◆ Do not ask for fish you recently gave me.

Order Form:
[color=#00B800][size=14][b] Fish Trading In To Boat[/b][/size][/color]:
[color=#00B800][size=14][b] Fish Wanted [/b][/size][/color] :
[color=#00B800][size=14][b] How Many?[/b][/size][/color] :

Order Form Example:

User Image
Fish Trading In To Boat : Blue Seedkin
Fish Wanted : Ochiba Koi
How Many? : 3 Ochiba Koi for 3 Blue Seedkin . (1:1)

Trades work both ways: Example: "Guppy-Pebbo 1 for 9" also works as "Pebbo-Guppy 9 for 1" etc.

User ImageUser ImageUser Image-------------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image-----------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Guppy-Seedkin 1 for 10----------------Seedkin-Pebbo 3 for 1----------------Pebbo-Bass 2 for 1
Guppy-Pebbo 1 for 4------------------Seedkin-Bass 5 for 1------------------Pebbo-Trout 7 for 1
Guppy-Bass 1 for 2---------------------Seedkin-Trout None ----------------- Pebbo-Biter 8 for 1
Guppy-Trout 1 for 1-------------------Seedkin-Biter 25 for 1-----------------Pebbo-Striper 25 for 1
Guppy-Biter 3 for 1--------------------Seedkin-Striper 40 for 1----------------Pebbo-Boldur 75 for 1
Guppy-Striper 5 for 1-----------------Seedkin-Boldur 100 for 1-------------- Pebbo-Tuna 22 for 1
Guppy-Boldur 14 for 1 ----------------Seedkin-Tuna 40 for 1
Guppy-Tuna 5 for 1

User ImageUser ImageUser Image-------------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image-------------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Bass-Trout 3 for 1 -----------------Trout-Biter 2 for 1-------------------Biter-Striper 2 for 1
Bass-Biter 4 for 1-------------------Trout-Striper 5 for 1----------------Biter-Boldur 7 for 1
Bass-Striper Quest Ratio----------Trout-Boldur 11 for 1---------------- Biter-Tuna 2 for 1
Bass-Boldur 30 for 1---------------- Trout-Tuna 5 for 1
Bass-Tuna 11 for 1

User ImageUser ImageUser Image-----------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image-----------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Striper-Boldur 3 for 1---------------- Tuna-Boldur 3 for 1--------------Boldur-Tuna/Striper 1 for 3
Striper-Tuna 1 for 1

User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image (Driftwood can only be traded in, not out)
Any Junk- Any Old Junk 1 for 1
Any Junk-Guppy 50 for 1
Any Junk-Goldfish 60 for 1
Any Junk-Seedkin 5 for 1
Any Junk-Balloonfish 4 for 1
Any Junk-Pebbo 7 for 1
Any Junk-Crab 5 for 1
Any Junk-Bass 20 for 1
Any Junk-Koi 5 for 1
Any Junk-Trout 75 for 1
Any Junk-Jelly 25 for 1
Any Junk-Biter 75 for 1
Any Junk-Racerfish 25 for 1
Any Junk-Striper 180 for 1
Any Junk-Catfish 40 for 1
Any Junk-Tuna 180 for 1
Any Junk-Ironjaw 80 for 1
Any Junk-Boldur 500 for 1
Any Junk-Hellfish 160 for 1

User ImageUser ImageUser Image-------------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image------------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Goldfish-Guppy 1 for 1------------------Balloonfish-Guppy 17 for 1-----------------Crab-Guppy 9 for 1
Goldfish-Seedkin 1 for 12----------------Balloonfish-Seedkin 2 for 1---------------Crab-Seedkin 2 for 1
Goldfish-Pebbo 1 for 5-----------------Balloonfish-Pebbo 3 for 1-----------------Crab-Pebbo 3 for 1
Goldfish-Balloonfish 1 for 12--------------Balloonfish-Crab 1 for 1--------------------Crab-Bass 8 for 1
Goldfish-Crab 1 for 10--------------------Balloonfish-Bass 8 for 1------------------Crab-Koi 1 for 1
Goldfish-Bass 1 for 2--------------------Balloonfish-Koi 1 for 1---------------------Crab-Trout 7 for 1
Goldfish-Koi 1 for 12----------------------Balloonfish-Trout 17 for 1----------------Crab-Jelly 8 for 1
Goldfish-Trout 1 for 1------------------Balloonfish-Jelly 9 for 1------------------Crab-Racerfish 6 for 1
Goldfish-Jelly 1 for 3---------------------Balloonfish-Racerfish 6 for 1---------------Crab-Biter 19 for 1
Goldfish-Biter 3 for 1-------------------Balloonfish-Biter 24 for 1-----------------Crab-Striper 35 for 1
Goldfish-Racerfish 1 for 2----------------Balloonfish-Striper 50 for 1----------------Crab-Catfish 7 for 1
Goldfish-Striper 4 for 1-------------------Balloonfish-Catfish 10 for 1-----------------Crab-Tuna 45 for 1
Goldfish-Catfish 1 for 2------------------Balloonfish-Tuna 60 for 1------------------Crab-Ironjaw 18 for 1
Goldfish-Tuna 4 for 1-------------------Balloonfish-Ironjaw 27 for 1-----------------Crab-Boldur 100 for 1
Goldfish-Ironjaw 1 for 1-----------------Balloonfish-Boldur 150 for 1-----------------Crab-Hellfish 30 for 1
Goldfish-Boldur 10 for 1-------------------Balloonfish-Hellfish 40 for 1
Goldfish-Hellfish 3 for 1

User ImageUser ImageUser Image------------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image------------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Koi-Guppy 10 for 1---------------------Jelly-Guppy 2 for 1-------------------Racerfish-Guppy 2 for 1
Koi-Seedkin 1 for 1-------------------Jelly-Seedkin 1 for 5----------------Racerfish-Seedkin 1 for 5
Koi-Pebbo 3 for 1----------------------Jelly-Pebbo 1 for 2-------------------Racerfish-Pebbo 1 for 3
Koi-Bass 7 for 1----------------------Jelly-Bass 1 for 1----------------------Racerfish-Bass 2 for 1
Koi-Trout 14 for 1-----------------------Jelly-Trout 3 for 1----------------------Racerfish-Trout 5 for 1
Koi-Jelly 12 for 1------------------------Jelly-Biter 5 for 1---------------------Racerfish-Biter 6 for 1
Koi-Biter 25 for 1--------------------Jelly-Racerfish 1 for 1----------------Racerfish-Striper 15 for 1
Koi-Racerfish 5 for 1-----------------Jelly-Striper 10 for 1-------------------Racerfish-Catfish 1 for 1
Koi-Striper 40 for 1------------------Jelly-Catfish 2 for 1--------------------Racerfish-Tuna 15 for 1
Koi-Catfish 8 for 1--------------------Jelly-Tuna 10 for 1------------------Racerfish-Ironjaw 6 for 1
Koi-Tuna 45 for 1----------------------Jelly-Ironjaw 3 for 1-----------------Racerfish-Boldur 30 for 1
Koi-Ironjaw 11 for 1--------------------Jelly-Boldur 25 for 1----------------Racerfish-Hellfish 5 for 1
Koi-Boldur 150 for 1---------------------Jelly-Hellfish 6 for 1------------------
Koi-Hellfish 40 for 1

User ImageUser ImageUser Image-------------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image-------------------------User ImageUser ImageUser Image

Catfish-Guppy 2 for 1---------------Ironjaw-Guppy 1 for 2---------------Hellfish-Guppy 1 for 4
Catfish-Seedkin 1 for 7---------------Ironjaw-Seedkin 1 for 14------------Hellfish-Seedkin 1 for 25
Catfish-Pebbo 1 for 2------------------Ironjaw-Pebbo 1 for 5----------------Hellfish-Pebbo 1 for 18
Catfish-Bass 1 for 1------------------Ironjaw-Bass 1 for 2-----------------Hellfish-Bass 1 for 7
Catfish-Trout 3 for 1----------------Ironjaw-Trout 1 for 1--------------------Hellfish-Trout 1 for 3
Catfish-Biter 4 for 1------------------Ironjaw-Biter 1 for 1-------------------Hellfish-Biter 1 for 2
Catfish-Striper 7 for 1----------------Ironjaw-Striper 3 for 1------------------Hellfish-Striper 1 for 1
Catfish-Tuna 10 for 1-----------------Ironjaw-Tuna 3 for 1-----------------Hellfish-Tuna 1 for 1
Catfish-Ironjaw 2 for 1---------------Ironjaw-Boldur 4 for 1----------------Hellfish-Boldur 4 for 1
Catfish-Boldur 35 for 1------------------Ironjaw-Hellfish 2 for 1
Catfish-Hellfish 5 for 1
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Thankful Deckhand

User ImageFish Stock:

My fish stock is here to help you know how many fish I have. I'll try to update it as much as I can.

*Side Note* I keep all my fish in boxes. Don't worry, these fish are so awesome that they can survive for ever and ever inside the boxes. They may look like small boxes, but inside there's a huge water world where the fish live very happily.

Updated: 1/2/13

Please use the order form when requesting fish. Thank You.


User Imagex100 ┇ User Imagex100┇ User Imagex0
User Image Buying at 10g each.

Bassk'en Fish
User Imagex0┇ User Imagex50┇ User Imagex50

User Imagex30┇ User Imagex30┇ User Imagex0

User Imagex20┇ User Imagex20┇ User Imagex0

User Imagex50┇ User Imagex45┇ User Imagex30

User Imagex50┇ User Imagex50┇ User Imagex50

User Imagex40┇ User Imagex40┇ User Imagex40


Gambino Fish
User Imagex50 User Imagex50┇ User Imagex50

CoolUser Imagex20┇ User Imagex20┇ FrozenUser Imagex20

User Imagex20┇ User Imagex0┇ User Imagex20

User Imagex100┇ User Imagex100┇ User Imagex100

User Imagex40┇ User Imagex40 ┇ User Imagex40

User Imagex10┇ User Imagex10┇ User Imagex10


Durem Fish
User Imagex0┇ User Imagex0┇ User Imagex0

User Imagex0┇ User Imagex0┇ User Imagex0

User Imagex0┇ User Imagex0┇ User Imagex0

User Imagex50┇ User Imagex50┇ User Imagex50

User Imagex20 ┇ User Imagex20 ┇ User Imagex20

User Imagex20┇ User Imagex20┇ User Imagex0

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Thankful Deckhand

User ImageLinks Out:

Look here, a nice little boat for you to use. Use it to get to a variety of different threads. Plenty of good stuff all over the place. So get those muscles of yours working and grab that paddle to stroke your way over to some of these great places. :]

Want to be on here? Let me Know.

My buying fish thread.
Tossing the Line

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Thankful Deckhand

User Image
Want some Hot Chocolate?

I want to say Thank You to every single person who has donated to me for this thread. You guys and girls have helped me so much! I would still be on my Fish Quest if it wasn't for all the donations I received. I have my list of donation for this thread in my journal. :]

I also want to thank every person who has exchanged fish with me. Especially to those who were trading with me back when I had my fish quests. Those trades helped me a lot in reaching my goals.

Thanks also belongs to everyone who has posted. Every post not only keeps my thread in the front page, but also makes me want to continue running this thread. I want to help others, so every post helps me keep it going. This thread would be no where near as fun to me if it was just me in here by myself. Thanks for keeping me company.

User Image
Striper Quest Complete!--Tuna Quest Complete!
User ImageBlue Striper x5000--User ImageDicy Tuna x2,500
User ImageGray Striper x5000 -User ImageSpicy Tuna x2,500
User ImageGreen Striper x5000-User ImageIcy Tuna x2,500
User ImageGray Striper x5000 - for a Bass'terd Belt (2012)
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Thankful Deckhand

User ImageGames and Contests:

Welcome downstairs of my boat. Watch your head as you walk down, it's a tight squeeze.
Here we play games from time to time. You can win gold and/or fish. I'll try to have some sort of game going at all times.

Limit X-2 has ended
Limit X-1 has ended.
Fish Game Board #6 has ended
Fish Game Board #5 has ended
Fish Game Board #4 has ended
Fish Board Game #3 has ended
Fish Board Game #2 has ended
Fish Board Game #1 has ended

User Image

14 Day Fishing Contest.
The February (Feb 1-14) Contest will take Place in Durem Reclamation Facility .
Contest is Open for Entries (Last Day to Enter Feb 2)

Some Notes:
● Goal of the Contest is to get the highest score while catching no more than 2,000 fish.
● Gaia's Scoreboard and point system will be the one used.
● Each contest will only focus one 1 lake at a time.
● 8 Contestants Maximum.
● Junk will not count towards the 2,000 fish caught count. (Maybe later it will)


► Participants will have to send in a Entry fee of 5,000g. The fee is implemented to ensure participation.(Fee will be return at the end of the contest as long as at least 1,400 fish were caught by participant).

► Failure to catch at least 1,400 fish will result in disqualification and no prize reward.

► You will use your own account to fish.

► Only one account can be used by the participant for the contest.

► Scores will be obtained from Gaia's Fishing Scoreboard (Participants will have to take a screenshot of their fishing stats to show their fish count and score).

► Contest will take place at the start of the month. Day 1 of the month will the first day of the contest.

► Participants must submit a screenshot of their fishing stats by the 14th, before midnight (PST Time).

► No screenshots pass the 14th day will be accepted and any participant that fails to submit a screenshot on time will be disqualified.

► Screenshots can be submitted at soon as you catch 2,000 fish.

► Send Screenshots to me in a PM or you can post them in the thread.

► Any rod and bait can be use. (You will have to buy your own bait and rods)

► Type "New Year" for the passcode.

► Fill out Entry Form and send the 5,000g to enter the contest.

► I can remove you from the contest at any point if I want. I will give you the 5,000g back.

► I reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone.

► The Prize (gold only) will be reduced by 20% for each position if only 4 or less people enter contest.

► The Contest will be cancelled if only 2 or less people enter it. The 5,000g will be given back to anyone that might have entered.

Example of screenshot ("My Statistics" )


Entry Form

[b]Username[/b] :
[b]I've read and agree with the rules[/b]
[b]Passcode[/b] :
[b]What Small Fish* would you like if you win some:


1st: 140,000g + 200 Small Fish of Your Choice*
2nd: 80,000g + 100 Small Fish of Your Choice*
3rd: 30,000 + + 50 Small Fish of Your Choice*
4th: 15,000
5th-8th: 5,000g

*No Guppy or Goldfish



I've thought about having such a contest for a really long time, but never sat down to think it through. The main reason I wanted a contest like this was to give people who don't have the time to compete in Gaia's month long trophy competition a chance to participate in a small version of it.
It is not same thing, but I wanted to provide a small taste of the real thing. Filtering will be important in this contest, but it won't be a hardcore filtering contest. Aiming for a perfect bucket each time would be a bad strategy for this contest. I've participated in several filtering contest and loved them. I've always wished for user run contest to be made constantly, but sadly there aren't many. I thought of putting this contest up in the main fishing forums, but for now I'll only post it in my thread.

I have thought of ways to run this contest at any point of the month but for now it will only be done at the start of the month.

Anyways, I hope this contest is liked by you fellow fishers.
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Thankful Deckhand

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Thankful Deckhand

Vesi Meres's avatar

Thankful Deckhand

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Thankful Deckhand

2984 bucket count in durem when caught rare

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