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that is a good question and so that is even the purpose when in the towns 2 there is a restriction area where you cant enter yet so i wonder what will be the setting for the houses if it will be located in towns 2
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They will be. Codemonkey37179, a developer working on Towns 2 and hangouts said so, he has a sticky towns 2.0 thread in the Site Feedback forum and I think he answered in ATA too when somebody asked this same question 3nodding
As he said, you'll be able to select where you want to put your house within the towns and it will be placed there and he also said it would be faster once it's in Towns 2.
The expanded version of Gambino is planned to be put up sometime later, he mentioned there are still things they are putting in to Towns 2 (in the latest ATA /Ask the Admin/ ).
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Obi Aoi
Still no one has answered my question or even seem to be paying attention to what I asked.

Earlier I posted a link and an info I've read from one of his answers at an earlier Ask the Admin... Check back in this thread.
A dev called codemonkey37179 answers towns 2 regarding questions at ATAs and in the thread I linked. He answered the same question you have, he said you will be able to select a place for your house in Towns 2 and that's it, your house will be there where you placed it and it will be like the same inside as before.
That doesn't answer my question at all, though.

I'm asking if those who already have houses on Towns will be able to keep their placement on the map if the housing map is similar in Towns 2. My example being that I have a house on the front page that's very easy for me to access and have had it since Towns was released.

The zip codes are going away, so is the housing map. Towns 2 housing will be a bit different. It is difficult to explain, but you'll see soon.
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I would think they would add all the towns in and not just barton...

As long as we keep houses I will be happy.

I do want a house in Durem.

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