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User ImageUser ImageTheir are 2 ways to get to towns. First you can mouse over the "World Tab" and then click on "Towns" and GAIA Towns should load in another window (See right image for an example). The other way you can get into towns is by clicking the sign on to the left or found on the top right of the screen. After you do that click the down arrow and the click on the group of towns to open towns in another window. Once GAIA Towns is open, Ian will tallk to you in the "train station". Here you will be able to talk with the NPC's. To talk to one, simply click on the one you wish to talk to. To move around you can use the arow keys ( ← , ↑ , → , ↓ ) or click were you want to go.

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Image Options - Here you can change your Image quality here. This option is rarely used but it helps if your are lagging bad.

Sound - Press this button turns GAIA Towns anoying music on and off.

Your GAIA Gold - This shows how much GAIA Gold you have

GAIA Online Time - This shows the curent time on GAIA. This time is based on GAIA GST not yours.

Info - Press this button to hide all the buttons on the top of the screen.

Directory - Click this to go to the Map, more on this will be talked on later on.

Smilies - Click this to open/close the smily box. To use a smile, click on it.

Chat Log - Click this to open and close the chat log.

Report a GAIA User - Click here to report a GAIA user, for a guide on this click here.

Change your Pose - Click this to go back and fourth between sitting/standing. When sitting you can not walk around.

My Items - Click this to see the items you have found in GAIA Towns. To actualy have the items in towns, click the robot BOGGIE on the bottom and he will ask you if you are sure you want to save, just say yes.

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My House - Click this to be sent to your house if it is set up.

Navigation - Use this to go to the next map in the direction seected. (This is needed to go to areas other than 001000)

More Info - Click this to find the house location of your favorites or recent topics.

Remove Favorite - Remove this house from your "Favrots" List.

Recent Topics - This is a lost of topics made by users, click this to go to that area.

Close - Click this to go back to your previous screen

User ImageUser ImageThe navigation is quite simple. You will first see a list of areas. Click the one you wish to go to then an "Area Map" will come up. Since each town is split into 9 areas. Their will be 3 or 4 areas with houses, and a fountion area found in the middle. Once you find the area you want to go to, click the house/sign and you will be given to options. (See image bellow) Click "Enter Town" or "Add to favrots" depending on what you want.
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User ImageUser ImageTo start off, you need to go to the housing registry. To do this you can click the image on the left or go to the "My GAIA" tab then go to the "My House". If you do not have a house you will need to choose one, dont worry this is free. After this, you can place your house in towns in one of two ways. You can find a empty plot and town and move in for free (see image on right to see what an empty plot looks like and on the bottom to see what the button looks like). If you are to lazy or can not find a slot, you can get her to find a spot and place it for you for 1000 gold.

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Q: Towns is not working
A: Checklist to fix towns:
  • Have you tried reopening the window?
  • Have you cleared your cache? (info can be found here)
  • Do you have a firewall enabled?
  • Do you have the latest version of shockwave or Flash?
  • Do you have Javascript enabled?
  • There are other unknown reasons as well. gonk

Q: Why is ____ have a colored usser name?
A: Their user name is bassed on their forum rank.
  • Developer
  • Mod/Mod Assistant
  • NPC

    Q: Why am I taking forever to load? gonk
    A: I hate when this happens. You must close your towns window, and reopen it. If that doesn't work, then sit it out and wait, or go to a less common area and walk your way to where you want to go.

    Q: What can I do with my bugs?
    A: Right now you can sell them in the marketplace, or mix them into inks to make flower bouquet wrappers/ribbons or tattoos.

    Q: Do people buy at these prices?
    A: Not always, there is a massive supply and a small demand.

    Q: Only a certain amount of avatars load for me and the others are shadows, why?
    A: This was announced here.

    Q: What is the point of this thread?
    A: To inform people.

    Q: Trash? how do I pick it up?
    A: Just click on it

    Q: My avi is not changing
    A: Walk out of that square and then back in, it should change.

    Q: Any tips for getting a rare bug?
    A: Get a horse shoe, a four leaf clover, and any other good luck trinket, they are RARE. Certain bugs come out at certain times, though, read on in this guide to find out.

    Q: How do I get a house?
    A: first get a free house and a permit from the Aekea Housing Commission To place your home you need to find a lot that has a vacancy, go to that lot, and walk up to a plot of land that has a for sale sign on it. When you click the sign, you're given the option to place your house there. You can buy items to put in your house at The Faktori. Note: Many of the towns are reserved and you will not be able to move in there, keep looking.

    Q: I can't see vacant signs
    A: If you can see vacant signs make sure you have a house and permit from the Aekea Housing Commission If that does not work, you are most likely in a reserved area. you can not build a house in a reserved area unless you are on the reserver's friends list.
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