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Well, it's all this nostalgia time and I've recently thought to pose the question: How did you exactly find Gaia?

I myself was in high school at the time and a friend of mine told me about it. Honestly, he told me how cool the "Battle system" was, something that didn't come out many years later, but I was hooked by the community.

I'm heading off for the night, but I will read everyone's posts of how they came to join our little community. Night!
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A friend of mine was always posting here....I kind of followed him. smile
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I always saw it mentioned in deviantart. Then someone at school made an account and was talking about it. So I tried it out. I kept my avatar naked because I thought I was saving for a nitemare scarf. Lol.
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I was in high school at the time too. My self-proclaimed otaku friend forced me and some of our other mutual friends to sign up lol. I have never regretted that decision. :3
At the end of the 8th grade, a bunch of my friends were here and said I should join, so I did. Nine years later and I'm still here. Not very active, but still pop in from time to time. This event definitely has made me want to be more active though.
I ran across Gaia while doing a Google image search and I saw my friend had an account. I didn't join until several years later when I saw a forum I really wanted to post in. I'm not sure if I actually posted in it but I am glad I made my account. smile
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My best friend at the time introduced me to Gaia in 2006. I think she'd been part of the site since 2004 or so. I made an account and never left. xp
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Back in 05, I was in my mid-teens and still on Neopets, my friend forced me to join.
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Three years ago, I was just browsing (and this was back when I was beyond obsessed with anime) and I saw the ad and my reaction was basically
"Ermahgerd dis is liek mega kawaii - I has to join, ya!" (yep, that's how pathetic young british teenagers used to type)

Needless to say that roleplaying on this site has seriously helped my writing skills and has sworn me off text-talk for the rest of my life. And I've been on the site almost every day for about two years altogether. I just love roleplay!
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Back in 03 a friend introduced me to the site.
I've been here ever since. Though I did change accounts. xD;
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One day I was bored in this teen chat room and I ended up asking a random person if they knew any cool websites, so they recommended Gaia, and I've been addicted ever since.

Oh and I didn't know what a forum was, since I was always in chat rooms. So needless to say Gaia was my first ever forum. lol
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I used to make anime wallpapers and I was looking around the web for more character screenshots when I saw this little icon on some guy's page. I clicked it, looked around, thought "hey, this looks fun!" and created an account.
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how did i find gaia?
it was 10 years ago when i bought a Street Fighter comic book. Gaia Online happened to be advertised in the last few pages of that comic book (the link was go-gaia at that time)
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I was looking up some anime sites at the time and I did pass by Gaia when it was Go-Gaia, I didn't join until 2004 when I tried to look for the site again and saw that you can dress up some avatars. Then eventually told my friends.
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Oh man, I think it was through another forum either neopets...or runscape back in the day.

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