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Who do you like better?

Johnny Gambino 0.5476567312299 54.8% [ 128029 ]
Von Helson Sisters 0.4523432687701 45.2% [ 105747 ]
Total Votes:[ 233776 ]
Your comments count! Please let us know who you like better. The beautiful yet devious Vol Helson Sisters, or the mighty Johnny Gambino???
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Gambino! xp
Johnny Gambino RULES!!!!! 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding 3nodding i've donated to him 3nodding

edited:i stick by what i said
to all those who ask i got my cat from the market place in isle de gambino and it's called a kiki kitty or it's in the march 05 letters SO DO NOT PM ME
if you'd like to be my friend please pm me and ask as i would like to know who you are also if you ask me for gold ONE MORE TIME i will report you so don't just become my friend to leech ofa me! might i add rofl
Gambino 3nodding
Gambino!!! All the way, I love Johnny! heart heart
gonk Go Gambino-san!
<center> The Von Sisters whee
<center> Gambino.
Von helson sisters heart ......... eek
The Von Helsons are horrible....
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whoo first page and yes I like neither
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I'd rather go out with the Von Helson Sisters, but I'll give my money to Gambino cuz he's just cool like that 3nodding
Get rid of the twins...

Gambino all the way!!!
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I went with the Sisters only because I'm still a little wary around Gambino, ever since the Halloween Bash... Hopefully his newfound sense of self will bring out some of those mysteries he seemed to cover up. And hey, I'm sure I'll be back on his bandwagon after he exposes the sisters for whatever they truly are. whee

About Gambino, though... Pride cometh before fall... I hope now he has more a sense of humanitarian in him and will be kinder. Especially to Gino. If Gino were in the poll, I would SO vote for him. xd

Or Moira. ninja

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