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When should donation items be released?

Beginning of month 0.73738977178761 73.7% [ 244340 ]
After first week 0.088303285268501 8.8% [ 29260 ]
Middle of month 0.11120298891229 11.1% [ 36848 ]
After third week 0.063103954031591 6.3% [ 20910 ]
Total Votes:[ 331358 ]
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I like the system now, or the middle of the month. It's nice having it as a mystery for a while. There's plenty of time to buy one for those that are waiting for them. Plus people will still wonder just as much even if it is at the beginning of the month, just dureing the middle of hte previous month. Plus if the item is unpopular it'll mean gaia would have lower donations for that month.
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The middle of the month sounds excellent. This way, people can gather some gold for the sealed letters AND it can create some suprise for gaians. :3
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The items should be released around the 21st of each month -- Reason being, If it's a bad donation item, people still would have bought the item.

Profit wise, it's ideal to keep it where it is... Unless you're planning on making OUTSTANDING donation items every month.
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What are the chances I'd see a GDer here? xd

I think between the 15-20 would be best, the middle.

Otherwords, anything but the beginning.
beginning of month!!!!
i hate waiting scream
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I like it towards the end of the month, gives more suspense waiting all month. So after the third week I guess.

Plus change scares people, and scaring people is bad. pirate
beginning of month!!!!
i hate waiting scream

Anything but the beginning!
It would ruin the suprise! D":
I like the end of the month it gives me a chance to actually get gold and to buy a letter.
Middle of month would probably be best because that would allow everyone to get a sealed envelope and then wait for the surprise items. Waiting is part of the fun of donating to Gaia. surprised heart
thrid week or so. It's fine the way it is.

After the third month please! It't not broken, so please don't fix it.

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I think that they should be released about the third week, so there is ample time for the (actual mail) letters to get there.
End of the month. That way you have the time to buy a letter.
Middle of the month
Either the middle or the beginning of the month. Those are my choices, but I voted for middle.
BEGGINING OF THE MONTH PLEASE!!!! heart heart heart heart

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