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When should donation items be released?

Beginning of month 0.73738977178761 73.7% [ 244340 ]
After first week 0.088303285268501 8.8% [ 29260 ]
Middle of month 0.11120298891229 11.1% [ 36848 ]
After third week 0.063103954031591 6.3% [ 20910 ]
Total Votes:[ 331358 ]
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I've always felt that as soon as the letters are released, there shouldnt be any new ones sold. Anyways, I voted for 3rd week or later. Perhaps Mid-month would be okay too

I have bad feelings about opening them at the beginning of the month sweatdrop
I like the idea of having them open in the middle of the month. That way, we have the fun of the suspense, but we have a little more time to donate once they come out. I can't count the number of times I haven't gotten an item because it was too late to donate.

It would be helpful to set a permanent date, however. If a set date (ie, the 15th of every month) doesn't work because of weekends or whatever, you could do something like the second Friday of the month.
middle 3nodding
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I think the middle of the month would be a good time. 3nodding
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Hm. I don't believe the date should change at all, really!

As someone concerned about Gaia's future, I'm aware that the more time that the items are unknown, the more people will invest in them blindly. Otherwise, an unpopular item would be a detriment to Gaia...

And as a fisher, I like it when items come out late because it means I can donate for guaranteed bait money just about whenever I like! domokun


YOU GUYS SHOULD REALLY BE WORKING ON TECHNICAL FISHING ISSUES INSTEAD! And Striper Knight Armor, Tuna Samurai Armor, and Boldur Macho Armor lol
If you release it at the beginning of the month, then more people will be swayed to buy them during that time. The downsine is that their value in gold will be pretty low.
Oh, the beginning. n.n It just seems more ceremonial, and actually makes no difference to how the market/prices go. It's not as if the prices are flushed every month of anything. :3
i think after the third week. i like the anticipation and it helps make the items more desireable. plus it's better for gaia's finances, e.g. if you were to bring the items out at the begining of the moth and no one liked them then no donations, if you wait some people will have donated before they even know.
i guess it depends on how much you need the donations to pay for the site?!
I say the beginning of the month. mrgreen
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I personally do not like the idea of releasing the items at the beginning of the month, it gives no chances to the people who want to make random guesses at what the sparkly letters contain. I say it should remain the same. It gives users ample time to quest if they cannot donate for various reasons be it if they cannot phone their donations due to restrictions*, afford it, or do not have Pay Pal.


Back on topic. The Endof the month gives us time to make conspiracy theories, random guesses, or even quest for a sealed as the market place loves to screw around with the prices of items due to that magical thing called inflation (Fwee! Sarcasim! XD). .-_.-

So I say leave it as it is!

-Rambles on-
i say the beggin of the mouth we all dont want to be sittin here waiting on the all the time evil twisted
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Nooooo, not the beginning of the month. sad
i think the beggining of the month would be best
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Well, I guess three is the magic number, it's a little more regular but people won't be too skint to get the next item. Three is just right.
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I say keep it the way it is. These kids need to learn how to wait insted of this instiant gratification that they are begging for.

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