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When should donation items be released?

Beginning of month 0.73738977178761 73.7% [ 244340 ]
After first week 0.088303285268501 8.8% [ 29260 ]
Middle of month 0.11120298891229 11.1% [ 36848 ]
After third week 0.063103954031591 6.3% [ 20910 ]
Total Votes:[ 331358 ]
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Meh, keep it the same I guess o_o
I like the current time.

It gives anticipation, and if people didn't like the donation items that month... you would still get the dosh!
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Middle of the month. heart
Beginning of the month...
I like it where it is, though I wouldn't complain if it was a touch earlier. I actually like the anticipation of waiting for them to open, regardless of all the OMG WEN DOES MY LETR OPEN threads in Q&A. (that's what pre-made responses are for.)
Beginning of the month! 3nodding
I think the middle of the month, but it doesn't really matter cause you still have to wait a whole month for the next one...so i mean really....moving it at all doesn't make anysense....
Don't change it! heart You came up with it, the users can put up with it or not get any. Their choice.
I hate the idea of the beginning of the month! No fun in waiting for them to open!! O: Keep it the way it is!
End like on the 30th, 29th. Last day of the month. Pwease! Because then people see that they are "cool" and horde them. Makes the value rise and help fix the market! cool
First of the month.
Maybe it should be at a random time each month.
Everbody would be freaking out: "I can't wait until I can open mine!" and then they will check it every five seconds....
That sounds like something I would do.
I still like end of month ):
Middle of the month.
1) If you have the money, if you've got everything, if you're starting to get bored, and the announcement shows up that the new Donation Items are up... You get 'em.

2) If you're tired of last months items, and you feel like you have some bulge in your wallet that makes it uncomfortable to walk around with, then... Bam. You get it first, and equip it before anyone else... (o_o)
I quite agree with the beginning of the month. Having the items then would give people more time to decide whether or not to donate that month... but... then again, I'm a person who donates $5 every month anyway, regardless of the items... mrgreen

*can't wait for the May items to be released* whee

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