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When should donation items be released?

Beginning of month 0.73738977178761 73.7% [ 244340 ]
After first week 0.088303285268501 8.8% [ 29260 ]
Middle of month 0.11120298891229 11.1% [ 36848 ]
After third week 0.063103954031591 6.3% [ 20910 ]
Total Votes:[ 331358 ]
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I think in the begining.

but then again

I'm an impatient poll whore. <3
begining of the month.
damn second page neutral
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I'm for middle of the week or third week. Hell, I'm patient enough as it is.
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i'd say around the 15th of each month, that way guilds that do group pics that are only for donation items in a big guild arn't stressed to do a group pic with 30+ users on it, in 6 days.
One week into the month so it would give people the chance to get the last month's items and then..umm yeah...^^

After/During the 3rd week. Because, y'know, 3 is the greatest number in the universe.

/irrelevance dance
Middle of the month sounds good to me. ^^
Middle is fine. 3nodding
I think it should be the last day of the month =D
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Middle of the month seems the best and most convineint
I can only wait a week at the most then i go crazy.
second page!
I'm thinking at the middle of the month.
You have the first week and a half or so to get donations, and Gaia users don't have to wait as long to open up their goodies. xd

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