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What would you like to see the most from Gaia?

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I'd really like to see some weapons sometime soon, but improved servers would be better. It gets annoying having to type in five different server names in the URL before a page will load. xp

Those 'The topic or post you requested does not exist' messages get kind of old too. You've done a good job maintaining this site though, Gaia staff. Kudos to you.
Akane want pets...
We should have weapons....enough said, that's the best choice. Having pets this place may start to be a second neopets, and that would be bad. Mini games would be ok too...weapons and mini games. We should have an arena (Not like the art arena) or something of the sort for those people who really want to fight. I wouldn't devote my time to being undefeatable, i just think it would look better because this an ANIME place. stare wink
either faster servers or a new town...both are fine w/ me.
i voted for the clothing and staff because i llike shopping!!! biggrin and i love to shop and drop.lol biggrin ppl think im a tomboy but ppl say im not. im half tomboy and half girlly girl. eek ppl r like im shocked
I need a Katana... and MINIGAMES MUAHAHAHA! haha thats all I need, that Gaia doesn't have yet.
pets!!! and cheaper clothes -_-
clothes and weapons, of course. wink
gaia merchandise (t-shirts/posters/toys)
MINI-GAMES biggrin but they should give us gold if we win 3nodding
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What would you like to see the most from Gaia?

clothing/accessories/hairstyles updates
mini games/quests
new town
faster servers
better customer service/support
gaia merchandise (t-shirts/posters/toys)
new town
among of the list...i think i choose pets! kyah. i wanna puppy. redface
A little of all of the above, but mostly mini games....yeah.
more stuff to collect, cuz i almost have it all xp

i'd like to collect stuff for the battle system...
like wepons/armour (that u can't get in the stores)
and even 'powers' if there are any xd
Y wuld we need weapons?
we need mor games that gives us mor gold

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