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What would you like to see the most from Gaia?

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This poll closed on June 16, 2004.
No longer accepting new votes.
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I would say new hair that would be great!
yea i would vote weapons cause yea there kewl i guess emotion_awesome there like kewler than shirts and toys cause like they make ppl look scary emotion_yatta i guess BUT MY TOP PIK IS PETS SO LIKE ITS KEWLER CAUSE UR PET CAN DESCRIBE U LIKE A SHARK DESCRIBES MEH emotion_yatta yea so pets T-T
Games in which you can earn Gaia cash without needing real cash -.-'
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Faster servers, and pets(and ya i already know the poll is closed i just wanted to air my opinion!)
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Dangerous Cutesmasher

It needs more hairstyle updates.
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I'd rather have more games than any of those. Makes it easier to gain more gold.
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Gracious Shopper

i'd like to see the ability to kneel when trying on cloths in a shop, to see how a dress or a skirt would be affected by the kneeling
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More mini games/quest c:
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Quotable Genius

bigger variety and updates
clothing/accessories/hairstyles updates
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Tipsy Hunter

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I would definitely want pets and more mini games.
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High-functioning Lunatic

I would like a wider selection of potions. Fairies,Dragons,werewolfs, Stuff like that. But otherwise GAIA KICKS BUTT!

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