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What would you like to see the most from Gaia?

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Weapons would be alright, I could go for some katana... but I think pets would be amazing too. Just not all 'pokemon' style, where you have this pets that fight and you have to give them "TLC" when they're so fake....*rant continues*. Anyways, quests and such would be amazing too. That would be fun to come on and interact with Gaia in so many different ways. Fun stuff. Hmm... so hard to choose...
mini games/quests
minigames/quests would be awsome
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Weapons! Definately weapons....A sword for me! Whee! I think that would be a welcome addition......Followed closely by mini-games and sidequests..That would definately bring the interactivity on Gaia to a whole new level.
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I voted weapons cause I think it would be fun, plus it would make a lot of guys happier with gaia they all really want weapons so um yea. along with some girls aswell 3nodding but if I got anoher vote I would put mini games on there 3nodding
I think more pets,but more chose to get weapons.
I'd like to see another method of earning gold, which is why I voted for mini games/quests.
Definately I think faster servers would be nice, but I chose mini games and side quests because it's so hard to make money by just posting a lot- it would be great if we could play games and do fun little things for maybe little items or gold.
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i really want to see games happening around here and not those roleplaying ones... tht you talk back and forth

and i would love to see more clothes too...
We NEED those cute, adorable pets that you are SURE to make... RIGHT? *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge* wink xd
Quests would be nice because it would give us a chance to get the expensive items!

And pets.. not pets that you fight with, just one stand stand next to your avatar. 3nodding
Mm, .. I don't really like the weapons idea. :\ Besides, how are they going to work on our avatars? .. @_@ The admins would have to totally re-draw the avatars for the weapons .. and I dislike fighting things online. D: And I agree to the 'no pets because we'll look like Neopets' thing.

I chose more shops .. because clothes are awesome. :0~
i would like to see some games and quests so it becomes easier to earn some
gold around here

i mean it should be as easy to earn money on here as it is on neopets

because im trying to get 10000 gold and i only have 2741 gold

and i try to get 500 gold per day and i only have a limited amount of time per day because its my moms work compooper
pets denfinalntly ive been wanting them forver.
Weapons. I would like my avi to hold a katana and rp with the samurai guild in all its glory.

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