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What would you like to see the most from Gaia?

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This poll closed on June 16, 2004.
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weapons are cool, but I need more and/or faster servers to help my Gaia experience.... so tired of could not connect messages crying sweatdrop
Fast servers and weapons. Weapons more than anything though.
I have wanted to have a bow and arrow FOREVER. So definately weapons. blaugh
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Better customer service/support
When you send in a feedback form concerning your account, I think you should at least reply saying you received it/or looking into it, etc. Some of us wait many months to get a reply & some are never sure what exactly is going on.
I'm still waiting on a reply with a serious issue concerning my main account; 21 days since I filled out feedback form, status-NO replies
I would say clothing/acessories/hairstyles but we have enough already.
Pets will make it exciting for me, whee
Pets would be fun surprised
we need games and stuff
every other time i log on to gaia... some "food related item" database is down....

poor gaia... sometimes i just want to give it a big hug.
A pet for my house would be cool!
Clothing/accessories/hairstyles updates and pets. ^^
I say faster servers...I can't stand waiting...especially seeing the breakdown server screens constantly...I hate that...If you keep on adding more systems to Gaia...it'll slow down even more...And more slow loading, and more breakdown server screens.... stressed
Pets ^^! I want a puppy wink

Faster servers and weapons... I want a sword... and sci(sp? sweatdrop )...
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i wanna see a new town and a pet that would be cool . blaugh

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