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What would you like to see the most from Gaia?

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This poll closed on June 16, 2004.
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mini games
I wanna see more clothing stuff but at less price.
Definatly weapons.
weapons! lol
Weapons!!! xd
A new town that has weapons, pets, ect ect.
I'd like to see cheeper nighmare wings 3nodding . Actualy i think wigs would be realy cool. That way you can wair some thing realy wild one day and go back to you normal hair stile the next.
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i would love to either have pets or a new town. biggrin That would be great!
If people want weapons they should go to runescape or wut ever sites are like that. . .
pets and clothes
Errr.. Weapons. Possibly a battle system, where you could kill other players...>>;;
hurm *can't decide*
I'm very against the weapons choice.

Weapons shouldn't be legal IRL or online... it's stupid and immature of us to want weapons on our Gaian characters.
Faster servers. Definatly.

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