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What would you like to see the most from Gaia?

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This poll closed on June 16, 2004.
No longer accepting new votes.
new games...quests...whatsoever...ive had enough fo fishing!
dante needs weapson! lol
I voted weopons although I doiubt I would but them.
Heck, I havn't bought a shirt!
I would like to see polls where you can ask more than one question simultaineously and then correlate the results.
It would give us something to chew on in ED.
Weapons would be cool, but new hair and stuff would be a plus too, that way I could have long hair like mine, without it being a mullet like my avatar has xd
i voted for weapons but i would really like to see everything
we need more games like card games and stuff
I think we need all of it, but the sever should come first.
What would you like to see the most from Gaia?

clothing/accessories/hairstyles updates
mini games/quests
new town
faster servers
better customer service/support
gaia merchandise (t-shirts/posters/toys)
While I'd like weapons... I'd also like faster servers, and maybe a new town... possibly an end to the pg-13 rule. ^_^ I'm evil like that.
mini games, quests, and pets
I want weapons!!! he..he.. domokun domokun
Oh, and gorgeous clothes!!! blaugh
cloths. a lot of cloth!!!
Mini Games/quest pets weapon AND a new town! I've only been here for a while but I'm already tired of the same places and nothing to do but post, fish and spend you money

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