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What type of charity / non-profit organization below do you support or simply just feel strongly about?

Pet Rescue 0.46658959537572 46.7% [ 4036 ]
Clean Water 0.092254335260116 9.2% [ 798 ]
Homelessness 0.13976878612717 14.0% [ 1209 ]
Organizations that fight diseases 0.14682080924855 14.7% [ 1270 ]
Organizations that deliver meals to senior citizens 0.02393063583815 2.4% [ 207 ]
Charities that help the mentally or physically handicapped 0.13063583815029 13.1% [ 1130 ]
Total Votes:[ 8650 ]
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5,900 Points
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  • Citizen 200
the only charity i support is the non existant one that take kids away from bad parents
FlavoredJoseph's avatar

Blessed Friend

Pet Rescue.
Jenova_Clone_Clover_FFVII's avatar

Distinct Businesswoman

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  • Profitable 100
Anything that does not support homophobia.
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Golden Millionaire

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I usually donate to pet shelters or other animal organizations. yum_puddi
I hate people who mistreat their pets and have rescued quite a few pets so its a cause that's near and dear to me ^_^
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Why..did it have to be a one choice where there were no 'All of the above' QAQ
Anyway,this is a really good poll! It speaks to me! so thank you so much for making it!
Mmhm, totally needs a 'All of the Above' choice ;P
I love charities heart
Sylfea's avatar

Witty Sweetheart

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Animal rescue and nature preservation.
GarnetFae's avatar

Vicious Warlord

Fresh water is life sustaining... Der
GarnetFae's avatar

Vicious Warlord

Anything that does not support homophobia.
you are right being scared of gays is silly unless there bigger than you LOL
GarnetFae's avatar

Vicious Warlord

the only charity i support is the non existant one that take kids away from bad parents

LOL that's child services and it exists just not a charity
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pets and water
cancer and pet rescue

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I feel like most charities are scams.
Tired_mush's avatar

Gracious Hunter

If I could donate I'd try to help as much as the money allows me to. Though money will nver be the answer to any of the problems of our human condition. We should all try to help in the ways we can, after all we are all the same kind, human. How uncivilized we'd be if we just didn't care for our fellow men, women and children? How unhumane could we be?

I'd help with cleaner water. It's alarming how little potable water we have left for the people in this planet and how crooks and companies control said rationing. Want to learn more? Look it up, you'll be surprised by who owns the water, how it's distributed, unfairly priced, how it is unfairly rationed, and disgustingly chemically treated and bottled.

That aside, all the other options are always a prioriy too.

Thanks for the poll!

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